Graphic Design Trends for 2022 - Modern Methods and How to Pursue Them

Ready to level up your design skills? Let’s welcome this year’s graphic design trends! Find out what’s new and use them as inspiration for your next project.

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Graphic Design

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Graphic design is in a constant state of flux. And just like in any other industry, new technologies and techniques are discovered, which leads to fresh and innovative trends. However, we all know that trends come and evolve faster than we can say “Happy New Year!”, so if we want to stay on top of the game, we must adapt as quickly as possible. Let’s look at some of the leading graphic design trends that will be relevant in 2022.

It is hard to keep up with all the incoming trends. Still, any positive change in your web design or on your social media account will boost the brand's recognition and enhance your marketing strategy.

Inspirational graphic design trends for 2022

Graphic design is not only about visualizing your brand’s identity; it’s also about educating, informing, and pursuing your potential audience by transmitting your brand’s message and policy through visually appealing images, typography, form, and colors.

Here are some of the graphic design trends you should keep an eye on and implement in your creative work in the next 12 months.

Now open - the 3D design season!

As I already mentioned, trends come and go. Until recently, flat design was the ruler of the graphic design world, but after years of domination, it finally paved the way for 3D design to take that crown.

The fabulous 3D design is everywhere now, and thanks to technological advancements, designers can create astonishing 3D masterpieces that allow us, regular mortals, to explore new dimensions and environments through their point of view.

Screenshot (179).png

Designed by Julia Webber

Designed by Very Well

The need to stand out in the highly competitive business world pushes designers to go above and beyond. That is why big brands are now enhancing their authenticity by creating custom typefaces.

It’s simple: when the bold font is used, it should be made a primary element in designs. They quickly capture the viewer’s attention and make them involved with your story.

Designed by 行行珂 HunkXing

As the graphic world embraces realism, there is no surprise that 3D design has slowly tiptoed into VR and AR technologies, opening up many new possibilities for graphic design to evolve. Is there any better way to get your audience's attention?

But the most simple example is 3D typography. Any font can be rendered in 3D, from the script and serif fonts to bold and skinny fonts. Therefore, if you are struggling with finding a new and modern type of font for your project, why not let us lend you a helping hand?

They can now showcase their ideas in depths that we could’ve never even imagined before. For instance, look at how poly CGI modeling makes the new generation of video games look vivid and realistic.

Designed by Artur Tenczynski

Is anyone up for some geometric shapes?

Do you know what the majority of the most popular brand logos have in common? Look at the Adidas, YouTube, Windows, Olympic games, Red Cross, Instagram, Spotify logos; what do you see? The answer is geometrical shapes.

This year we will witness the rise of geometric shapes in graphic design. If you pay attention, you’ll find these forms replacing the abstract ones that were popular before.

Consistency is one of the rules in graphic design that never change, and consistency is one of the most significant advantages of geometric shapes.

You can use geometric shapes to showcase data facts and display content to create easy-to-understand copy and eye-catching visuals.

Embrace the colorful minimalist design

What is minimalist design?

Minimalism has been present in graphic design for ages. It's all about prioritizing the essentials, and usually, designers use it in the form of dark-colored text on a light-colored background and vice versa. Nevertheless, this style became dull, and the world is more than ready for some colorful revitalizations.

Luckily, designers are aware of that, and they redefined the definition of minimalism. We have the new minimalism where brands use colors and only the necessary components to create a storyline that makes sense.

Graphic designers now use neon colors and neutral and muted color palettes to create copies or a logo design that jumps out of any web or social media page.

To tackle minimalism as one of the headliners among all upcoming graphic design trends, you must play smart and combine adequate colors, futuristic elements, bold fonts, and simple gradients to achieve the perfect balance.

Of course, you will use neon and bright colors to get the younger audience's attention and use neutral and muted colors to target the baby boomer generation.

What is minimalist web design?

Minimalism is also known as an art of less, and it is a wildly popular style in the field of design. Minimalism can be implemented in various ways, and the goal is to simplify the user interface by removing all the excess details.

The principles of minimalist web design are:

  • A simplified and user-friendly interface
  • An increased amount of empty space
  • Never use more than three colors
  • Implementing bold and innovative fonts
  • Avoiding texture, shadings, and color transitions
  • No extra buttons and hidden navigation

Minimalist design not only looks simple and beautiful, but it also makes the website very responsive since it loads faster with fewer details on the page. Another noteworthy thing to mention about minimalist web design is that the focus is solely on your product or service.

The only concern regarding minimalist web design is not doing it properly, in which case your website can look unfinished and poor.

2022 is all about the symbols

Symbols are a mighty weapon for communicating your brand's messages without any lengthy and descriptive copy involved. The age of minimalistic design allows symbols to flourish and take the leading stand. Symbols are the best example of how you can create an outstanding design by using the principle “less is more”.

When you see McDonald's logo, you instantly think about fires and burgers; that is how their simple "M" symbol affects your brain and triggers emotions (in this case, hunger). The main task of graphic design is to make your audience instantly think about your brand when they see a simple symbol image.

Also, a great thing about symbols is that they are a universal language that overcomes all the language and cultural barriers.

Typography at its finest

Creative images, bold fonts, and long text were heavily used in many campaigns, creating a big creative mess without a distinctive focal point. The good thing is that this formula is changing, and now designers have decided to focus on one visual element at a time, applying the principles of minimalist design. This year brings focus on bold and custom typography.

Screenshot (176).png

Team monochrome or duotone?

Many graphic designers experiment with creating image layouts using monochrome and duotone effects in search of the true brand layover identity.

You might think that the duotone trend is outdated and is “so last season”, but you are mistaken. It evolved with time, and now with the return of the gradients, you can see its true potential. Duotones are slowly taking over the role of whites and blacks and create visuals that feel colorful and futuristic.

On the other hand, monochrome effects have also become increasingly popular. The creation of monochrome effects can't be more straightforward; just use the monochromatic filter, and you are good to go.

Hand-drawn illustrations? Yes, please!

Most brands use generic illustrations, and since we entered the new era of minimalistic graphic design, authenticity and simplicity is what you are looking for. But how will you achieve that?

Well, incorporating unique visual assets in your brand's identity is the key.

Hand-drawn illustrations are the best thing you can do for your brand. Why? Any hand-drawn design is complicated and hard to imitate, so you can be sure your hand-drawn illustrations will stand out no matter if someone tries to replicate them.

Screenshot (177).png

Data visualizations as a must

Visualizing your data simplifies the presentation and makes the data sets reader-friendly to your audience. When you remove the unnecessary complexity of data sets, you allow your readers to get what a specific graphic represents. Remember that complex data tends to be ignored since people have difficulty comprehending them.

Grab your viewer's attention by using simple pie or bubble charts, or spice things up by creating a visually appealing infographic. Make it clear to your audience that you wish to simplify their user experience.

Screenshot (178).png

Authentic photography

Staged photography that is too polished, professional, and clean is something people don't like to see as much as they once did. It seems like there was a saturation point that designers needed to break, and they did that by using genuine and authentic photos.

Give up trying to find the perfect looking picture for your content, and focus on finding the photos that are unique, authentic, and feature a semi-pro look.

Viewers love seeing good amateur photography on-brand campaigns. This way, they see how their favorite brand actually pays attention to their users and give kudos for their efforts and feedback.

Storytelling with social slide decks

A presentation slide deck is a common need in almost any industry, especially in design. Customize your presentations using social slide decks and make your presentations more engaging.

These social slide decks work the best for social media posts on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. By using the slide decks, designers can turn blog posts into a more condensed form and attract more attention on these platforms since they are more about the visuals than a copy.

Make videos or images that will boost audience engagement with your content by making fun and simple summarizations of your blog text.

It’s time for key takeaways

As you can see, graphic design constantly evolves to meet modern consumerism's demands and the ever-increasing need to simplify and optimize the user experience.

Staying authentic and relevant is not easy in the brand industry. That task is hard to tackle on your own. That is why having a reliable and creative professional graphic designer is a blessing.

If you want to improve your brand's visual aspects yet you're experiencing a creative blockage and can't see how to approach this burning problem, you need guidance.

Why not let us do our business and take care of your business? Let’s have a quick chat and get you started on a new (and trendier) chapter for your organization.

Ready to level up your design skills? Let’s welcome this year’s graphic design trends! Find out what’s new and use them as inspiration for your next project.

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