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ManyPixelsJun 10, 2019

Our favourite design requests: May 2019

So what did our designers work on in May 2019?

They worked on more than 500+ design requests for our clients and here are some of the coolest work they’ve done, curated for you!

1. T-Shirt design “Ben Franklin”

(by Christian)

Christian is a talented illustrator that joined us as a freelancer a few weeks ago. The request was simple: Design a T-shirt with Ben Franklin drinking a pint of beer. The objective was to sell this t-shirt on Amazon Merch.

Amazon Merch T-shirt design

Great result, isn’t it?

2. Pitch deck / Investor presentation design

(by Juan)

One of the most popular requests we have is powerpoint presentation redesigns. Whether it is sales decks, pitch decks, or simply an internal presentation, designing it with the correct branding is really key in order to pass the right message.

Here are a few slides of the deck:

Slide deck design

Slide deck design

Slide deck design

Slide deck design

3. Explainer infographic

(by Nurul)

Infographics are a powerful way to communicate a message. Once your infographic is done you can also ask to have special versions for posting it on LinkedIn, Slideshare, Instagram, or Facebook to make sure the right message is sent in the right format to your audience. This request was not an easy one for Nurul: Lots of data and specific branding guidelines to respect but the result is beyond awesome!

Explainer infographic

4. School poster design

(by Evgenia)

This request is one of my personal favourites: I really love the level of creativity (and it wasn’t an easy one as Evgenia used multiple fonts).

School poster

5. Custom illustrations on our gallery

(by Wis)

Earlier this year we released our royalty-free, 100% editable SVG illustration gallery.

Each week we update our illustration gallery with 15-20 new illustrations.

Free illustrations

6. Coverage map for a car-sharing startup

(by Japhet)

This request wasn’t easy either - redraw an entire map with the branding of the startup and add precise locations of the coverage. The result turned out excellent!

Coverage map car sharing

7. Flyer with illustrations

(by Alexander)

This request was for a crowdfunding e-book promotion: Design a beautiful flyer with custom illustrations.

Flyer with illustrations

8. Infographic for a SaaS

(by Japhet)

This request is for a SaaS infographic. The request had a lot of data point so it wasn’t an easy feat for Japhet.

Infographic for SaaS

9. Email marketing banner

(by Deddy)

Email marketing banner design

Another request we have are email marketing design materials: Newsletters mostly! This project was very fun to do for Deddy: Design a custom illustrations and follow the branding guidelines of the customer.

10. Dashboard UI design

(by Kevin)

a Dashboard design for an upcoming car sharing startup. Dashboard designs are usually very demanding and demand a strong eye for a great user experience and Kevin did a great job at this!

Dashboard design

11. WINNER: Sales brochure illustration

(by Evgenia)

And the winner is… This sales brochure illustration by Evgenia. I thought the result was so beautiful aesthetically yet conveyed a lot of important information. Great job!

Brochure illustration

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ManyPixelsJun 24, 2019

June 2019 Design Ideas

Each month, we're doing a small round up with design trends and ideas for your next requests. Here are 7 ideas for what you can request in June. 1. Blog post illustrations The currency of internet is content. Great content will help you get ranked on search engine, but also educate customers. One way to make your content more interesting and engaging is by creating blog post headers / illustrations. Here's a simple blog post header by Alex: Blog post header Another request idea is to request multiple blog post headers at once. This is useful if you want to plan this along your content calendar: Here's an example done by Alex: Blog post header 2. Custom illustrations Another popular request is custom illustrations. You can use them for practically anything you want! Custom illustrations Custom illustrations 2 3. Landing page illustrations Another request you can make is landing page illustrations. They will capture the visitor attention and reduce bounce rate. And as an added bonus: This makes your branding more unique! Landing page illustrations Here is another example done by our team: Landing page illustrations 4. Pinterest image design Another great source of leads for your business is Pinterest. Here is an example of design made by our team: Pinterest image design 5. Logo and brand guide One of our most popular type of request is logo and brand guides. Here is one our team made for a fin tech startup. Finin 6. Banner design Banners are a great way to catch the attention. Whether they are to display on your website (to ask customers to download an ebook for example) or for advertising, having a well-designed banner will improve conversions. Banner design 7. Display ads Another popular request you can order is display ads. Whether it is for Google or Facebook, you can make one request and ask them to have them designed for multiple platforms. Here are some examples designed by our team: DisplayAds DisplayAds2 DisplayAds3 ... Read more
ManyPixelsMar 08, 2019

7 Types of Presentation Design to Grow Your Business (+ Design Examples)

Having a great presentation is an effective way to explain and communicate your ideas: But what are the different types of presentation and how can you use presentation design and translate that to actionable objectives that drive your business? We have compiled various types of presentations, along with examples we loved and key tips to nail them which will hopefully give you inspiration to go ahead and apply this to your business. 1. Sales deck presentation design Let's face it - no one knows your business better than you. While your product / service might instrinsically be great, at the end of the day it's really up to you to sell it (while being honest about it for course) and put the word out there. Here are some examples on how to do that with a sales deck (that you can email to your customers or place on your website to get leads) salesdeck by Plato Design Another great example is this one by LightBoard : customervaluepresentation customervaluepresentation Another example is this one by Daniel Thomas : customerdeck customerdeck salesdeck by Metro Another example is this one by Brella: salesdeck salesdeck by Katya Kovalenko salesdeck by Jan Losert Here are some great tips on how to do an effective sales deck presentation: Focus first on the benefits of your product / service and nothing else. Always have the audience in mind. This means that you must understand who your customer is and what problems they care about. Show testimonials. Let the results speak for themselves. Focus at the end on the features. Ask for a call to action: Your phone number, website, or email so that users can contact you. 2. Case study presentation design Another popular way to convey information is to send a case study to your customers. casestudy by NOPE Creative Here are some of the best practices on how to do a great case study presentation: Show to your customer you understand their problems really well. Some questions you may include are: Why is the problem important? Why does it matter? Why are we uniquely positioned to solve it? Show what steps you took to come up to the solution: Which questions did you ask yourself? What choices did you have to make to come up to the solution? What was your decision process like? Show them what the final solution looks like. How does it to actionable benefits for that particular customer you helped? Any numbers to share? 3. Brand guide presentation What's the difference between a coffee you buy off the street and a $7 Starbucks: Perceived value! Especially for designers making logos or packaging which can be abstract, a great way to increase perceived value of your work is to present it well, such as doing a brand guide by placing the logo on mockups or explaining your thought-process. presentationshowoffwork by Alina Keehl brandguidepresentation by Andréa Crofts Some of the best practices to make a killing brand guide presentation: Place the logo on mockups Show the use cases of the logo Show to the customer what was your thought process like 4. Ebook excerpt presentation Another unique type of presentation is to do an ebook excerpt, showing a preview of the content of your ebook which you can then sell more effectively. ebookpresentation by Lightboard Some best practices to do an ebook excerpt presentation: Show which chapters you will be covering Use illustrations 5. Pitch deck presentation slidedeckdesdign by Nguyen Le pitchdeck pitchdeck by Eugen Eşanu pitchdeck by Brian Athey Some tips on how to do a great pitch deck presentation design: Show who your team is Focus on showing what problem you solve, and your solutions and benefits Include a lot of pictures from your product 6. Coaching / workshop presentation A great way to gain customers is also to show you are an authority in that field. When people think of you as a thought leader of an industry, they want to learn more and you become a content creator. coachingpresentation By El Passion coachingpresentation by James Frewin coachingpresentation by Christopher Reath Here are some tips to nail your coaching presentation: Include agenda of presentation Include deliverables: What you will achieve or what you request from your audience Show your past results / performance 7. Employee onboarding presentation employeeonboardingpresentation Here is how to do a great employee onboarding presentation: Explain them what your company is about: Mission, vision, values ... but make it genuine: Come up with values that made sense for the company as a whole. Explain them what's in it for them: That's what employees will care about. It's not about you, it's about them. Show them rules / regulations. Further resources and tips: Use tools such as Slideshare to spread the content of your presentation easily It's all about content and value first, then design second. Tell a story. The core idea of a presentation is to keep the user wanting to know more about you and that there is a "What's next" in his mind. Focus on telling a story and most presentation. Make it short. Unless it is a case study, people attention fades away after a few slides. If you need to include more resources add a last slide with "Want to learn more?" Focus on improving your speaking skills : There are countless videos on YouTube about this but it is mostly about: Speaking clearly, not using jargon, making pauses, using repetition. When sending a deck (to investors, clients) always send it in PDF format (or via a link) so that they can visualise it from anywhere. ... Read more
ManyPixelsMar 01, 2019

7 Ideas for Your Next Facebook Ad Campaign (with Design Examples)

Good performing campaigns come with three things: a good strategy (what is the campaign seeking to achieve?), good copywriting (catchy copywriting that accompanies the ad - do not put too much text on the creative!), and good, capturing design. Here is a round up of Facebook Ads campaign ideas you can run (with our favourite design ideas) : 1. The Webinar Ad reddit_ad.pnghe webinar Ad by Connie Ng Get more people to watch your webinar by running a Facebook ad. 2. The Social Proof Ad socialproofad by Lihi or socialproofad2 by Raphael Menesclou Another type of popular ad is adding social proof for your product. 3. The Interactive Ad interactivead by Julien Perriere or interactivead2 by Steve Kovo Another famous type of ad that draw a lot of attention are interactive ads that show the benefits of your product. 4. Ads with illustrations illustrationads by Matt Anderson or illustrationads2 by Jenna Carando or illustrationads3 by Chiara Mensa Another good way to capture attention is to add illustrations (unique to your brand if possible!) 5. Educational Ads educationalad by Janna Hagan Another way to convert visitors is to show them how easy it is to get value from your product by educating them. 6. The Free Trial Ads freetrialads by Alex Banaga or freetrialads2 by Katie Powell Often used in remarketing, this prompts visitors to start a free trial of your product / service. 7. Content giveaway ad contentgiveaway A very good way to get newsletter subscribers is to create content (reports or handbooks) and spread it via Facebook ads. ... Read more