Why React Native Is the Best Mobile App Framework

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Reasons Why React Native Is the Ultimate Mobile App Framework

Why to Choose React Native for Hybrid Mobile App Development

Here’s why you should use the JavaScript-based mobile app framework for your mobile app development projects.

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June 28, 2021
7 minutes


When you want to grow your business smartly or upgrade your talent exposure, the best move is to add technology into your strategies. Create a mobile application and bring your business planning to the next level. For that, React Native could be your choice for building software or hybrid apps.

React Native is a JavaScript-based mobile app framework developed by Facebook. It works on the principle: write once, use it everywhere. It eliminates the need to create different programs for different platforms such as iOS or Android.

Not a surprise, but if a person spends their time on mobile phones, then 90% of this engagement is due to mobile applications. Furthermore, mobile apps downloads will cross the limit of 310 billion worldwide by 2021. There are 3.5 billion active mobile users globally. So, you can imagine the market share of app creation and the worth of React Native applications ideas.

What is React Native, and how is it beneficial for hybrid app development?

React Native allows you to create a mobile application using only JavaScript. One of the critical points about React Native is that it uses a single JavaScript codebase for both platforms. The aid of platform-specific APIs and modules compiles the JavaScript code to Native components such as Images, Text, and View. By compiling codes to Native components, software developers can build new applications.

Using JS coding and Native, React Native mobile app development creates a connection between an app and a target platform. When you run JavaScript with specific Native codes, the connection allows you to use React Native’s library and send components’ hierarchy to the mobile device view. Use services from React Native application development companies to get more clarification.

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Advantages of React Native for mobile app development:

  • React Native is cheaper than Native when it comes to building a mobile application. This programming language allows developers to write code once only.
  • Another plus point is that it uses Javascript. According to a Statista report, 68% of developers use JavaScript for development.
  • React Native has hot reloading and provides the best experience to developers. This most attractive feature is responsible for boosting its market share. It also ensures easy file saving and checking the changes even if the app grows.
  • It doesn’t need more development time. With the help of readymade components, this framework speeds up the process of mobile development. You can save up to 40% time for building the same app for iOS and Android.
  • Due to intuitive modular architecture, it gets easy for a developer to upgrade apps. You can reuse modules as you use codes to build both mobile and web APIs.
  • As you know, React Native is an open-source framework and ensures developers use its libraries and framework for free. Also, it works under the MIT license that offers React Native developers legal protection.
  • Some people assume that it is hard to beat the Native app performance. Developing a mobile app in React Native provides nearly similar performance to those Native apps.

Hybrid Application Development

Hybrid application development allows users to check a single app into different operating systems. To build hybrid apps, developers use a single code for all platforms. It signifies that you only need to write the code once and then can run it anywhere. By using web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML), it gets easy to develop hybrid apps.

Hybrid apps offer an excellent user experience through the agile development cycle and controlled costs. It also supports code reusability across all mobile platforms. Indirectly, it reduces development time and costs by writing codes once. Some say the user interface of hybrid apps is not seamless.

5 Reasons to know why use React Native for mobile app development

Come to the main point, let’s explore why React Native should be your choice for mobile development. Top 5 reasons to explore for 100% assurance while hiring React Native app developers.

1. Seamless Support for Cross-Platform App Development

It is a hectic job to create the same application for iOS and Android using different programming languages and different platforms. However, it gets easy with React Native when React components use Native code and communicate with Native APIs through React’s declarative UI paradigm and JavaScript.

2. Faster & Budget-Friendly Development

Comparatively, app development with React Native is less costly than Native cross-platform app development. It is possible with code reusability, unchallenging migration, and better support for third-party plugins. Apart from that, it takes less time to develop React Native mobile apps.

3. Lower Development Complexity

Thanks to Facebook, React Native can use the UI library to create easy to interpret codes. It makes this platform simple to implement React JS. One prime function is “Hot Reload,” which allows React Native app developers to check code preview and its impact.

4. Better Compatibility with UI/UX Design

A more noticeable point in mobile app development is how an exemplary user interface/user experience application is created. Using JavaScript coding, React Native framework provides mobile apps that top the communication with UX/UI design. Users can get a more personalized experience with this framework.

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5. Huge Community Support

Things go easy to tackle if you have a great support system. Similarly, React Native has had excellent support from Facebook ever since its development in 2015. Currently, many contributors, from individuals to companies, support this technology globally, such as Microsoft, Expo, Software Mansion, and more. Furthermore, because of an open-source platform, documentation of this framework is also readily available and accessible for everyone.

There is more to uncover if you go deep in the development of mobile apps using React Native. If you read the survey report of Statista.com, you will find that 42% of mobile app developers like to use React Native to build cross-platform app development. Let’s explore their technical expertise in the form of some famous apps:

Final thoughts

Choosing React Native is a remarkable open-source framework to use the benefits of popular technologies such as JavaScript and decrease the time for overall software development. It is good if you divert your mind to this framework for seamless mobile development.

Hire React Native app developer or outsource React Native development if you want to build mobile apps as per your choice. Bring your business planning to the next level using exposure to the latest React Native application development services.

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June 28, 2021

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