21 Best Personal Logo Designs to Inspire Your Own

Get an idea of what a personal logo design should look like with these terrific examples in 4 categories: Wordmarks, Illustrated logos, Monograms and Minimal.

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December 26, 2023

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Coming up with your own logo for your personal brand can be hard, but these examples will help you define your concept to elevate your brand identity.

If you are a content creator, graphic designer, illustrator, or any other kind of creative professional or freelancer that needs to present themselves in the best possible way on the market, personal branding is a must. A unique logo is the basic element of your brand, but it’s often hard to think of a concept for yourself that sheds great light on your brand, doesn’t look pretentious and above all, looks impressive.

Here are some important things to consider:

  • Your logo should suit your expertise and industry;
  • It should say what you do and what makes you unique;
  • It should be truthful to your personality: if you’re a colorful and temperamental person, use vibrant colors and distinctive shapes; if you’re a trustworthy and patient worker, use calm tones and clean shapes;
  • Your name should be in the logo, the logo helps it make visible and memorable;
  • A logo maker or free Canva template won’t suffice. A custom and unique logo makes all the difference.

If you're stuck in the brainstorming phase for your new logo, check out some of the examples of personal logos we’ve chosen to inspire you.

High quality monograms for a fancy look

A monogram, or logo consisting of the initials or first letters of the business name, is a classy and timeless solution. Check out these stylish logo ideas that will show you all the reasons why.

1. Keller Biolo

This professional designer, publicist and art director obviously has enough experience in branding for clients, since his personal logo looks impressive, modern and suitable for his expertise.

The cool geometrical pattern forms the letters K and B, the designer’s initials, in the negative space. The color palette of purple, black, dark and light gray, is both modern and classy, infusing a sense of trustworthiness and class in the overall design.

keller biolo

2. Regina Julian

For someone working with graphic design, a logo is a testament to their skills. Regina Julian thought so too and decided to infuse her initials, as well as her love for bringing design elements together with love and creating this cute monogram. If you look closely, you’ll see the letters R and J, as well as a paperclip and heart: bringing things together.
Design by Regina Julian on Behance

3. Giuliane Cerón

This creative monogram uses circular shapes to form the lowercase letters g and c, the artist’s initials. The tagline says: “Design that transcends”, and fittingly, the monogram looks like a moon in different lunar phases.
Design by Giuliane Cerón on Behance

4. Joanne Mac

This simple and very trendy monogram belongs to the graphic designer Joanne Mac. The semi-circular shapes form the negative space around the letters J and M, and her full name is added for extra visibility.
Design by Joanne Mac on Dribbble

5. Amanda Marie

This gorgeous classic serif lettering makes up the base of Amanda Marie’s monogram. The initials, paired with the industry i.e. Graphic Design, is a logo that makes it perfectly obvious what this professional works with, and also looks amazing.
Design by Amanda Garza on Behance

6. Ingrid Delgado

This cool monogram that is a combination of the lowercase letter i and uppercase G, makes a beautiful mark for this young and creative designer. The color scheme is rich and youthful, and the logo itself is a very versatile and simple mark that looks fittingly on all sorts of assets and brand materials, such as a personal website and these beautiful business cards.
Design by Ingrid Estefany Delgado Torres on Behance

7. Julia De Belli

The last monogram on our list belongs to yet another graphic designer, and naturally, it’s as creative and versatile as it gets. Depending on the angle from which you see the abstract form, you can see both a J and a B!
Design by Julia De Belli on Behance

Illustrated logos for creative professionals

A custom logo for a freelancer or creative professional has to relay their expertise and brand story to the target audience right away. For example, a graphic designer that is best at illustration design deserves an illustrated professional logo. Here are a few examples of illustrated logos.

8. Geraldine Nunez

As this logo designer and illustrator says in the concept description for her own logo, the main goal when creating it was to show her skills, likes and personality in one logo, and build a solid and consistent brand that represents her.

And it successfully does that; you can see a cute and well-designed illustration and a few elements such as a pencil and a coffee cup shape that represent her likes.
Design by Geraldine Nunez

9. Kristen Mah

This logo was created for the illustrator’s personal branding and logo, and even though it looks like the hand is gesturing the peace sign, it’s actually the letter K in sign language, for her first initial. It represents the artist, it’s young, fun and passionate and portrays her style the best it can.
Design by Kristin Mah on Behance

10. Alana

This graphic designer went with a simple portrait illustration of herself as her logo, in bright colors and a style that is specific to her skills. Talk about telling everyone you’re a master in Adobe Illustrator!
Design by Alana Boeira on Behance

11. Lorik Khodaverian

This illustrator has a very specific and unique style of drawing, especially female portraits and their eyes come to the viewer’s attention. She made a portrait of herself as well, and created an emblem by framing the portrait inside her name as a frame.

lorik khodaverian

12. Lina Figueroa

Lastly, this cute illustrated logo depicts a cat, because the designer likes them for their strong and independent personalities. The pen speaks of her illustration skills, the North Star on the kitty’s forehead of determination and following her goals and keeping focused, while the simplicity of the whole design communicates her style altogether.
Design by Lina Figueroa on Behance

Classy logotypes to help with name visibility

Simple typography logos that consist only of the business name, also known as logotypes and wordmarks, are great for brand recognition. Not only that, but they can have more variations and can go through redesigns without a drastic change in looks.

13. Juan Leite

Juan Leite, who specializes in graphic and web design, has a colorful, piercing and youthful brand that is hard to forget. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, art, cinema and the 90s, he created a logo that is catchy and modern, but also a testament to the versatility of the simple wordmark: different color schemes go well together, but don’t harm at all the consistency of the branding.
Design by Juan Leite

14. Joaquin da Silva

This designer opted for a dynamic logo that covers all his skills. The logo represents a frame, and on the inside the designer puts all of his personal works, as well as projects for clients, turning his identifier into a highlighter of all of his skills.
Design by Joaquín da Silva on Behance

15. Gabriel Santana

If you’re considering a simple logo with a serif typeface, the example of Gabriel Santana is a great idea to follow. With a simple brand mark of a plant and all lowercase letters for his name and industry, this logo immediately shares his expertise and is a very suitable application to anything, from stationery sets and business cards, all the way to social media posts.

gabriel santana

16. MaPa

This logotype came to be as a combination of the first syllable from the artist’s names: Maria Paula. It’s a very techy and modern solution, that is also very fluid and dynamic.
Design by Maria Paula Nucamendi on Behance

17. Julieta Sorgen

As far as logotypes go, this might be my favorite. The tilted Os give this logo a chic dynamic, but it’s still very simple and applicable on anything, as you can see from the mockups below.

julieta sorgen.jpg
Design by Julieta Sorgen on Behance

Minimalism for an unforgettable first impression

Minimalism is at the peak of its popularity, and it definitely helps that it is a style that is so flexible, versatile and impressive. Check out these logos to see the true effect of minimalism.

18. Facundo Samman

When a designer that loves surfing searches for a concept that will reflect his style and personality with a simple visual, this logo comes to life. It is a depiction of his initials but also has a wavy shape, showing his love for the sea and surfing.
Design by Facundo Samman on Behance

19. Tara Nisha

This logo is almost brutalist in its simplicity and directness: the letters T and N are interlacing into a simple logo mark. If you want stripped-down minimalism, this is the idea for you.
Design by Tara Nisha on Behance

20. Daniel Rotter

This German designer also has a very simple and impressive design for his emblem logo. Inside the circle that has pleasingly proportional forms, you’ll see his initials. It’s a testament to his style and a very modern design solution.

daniel rotter

21. Dunja Milosev

This interesting logo looks like a rune, but it’s just the artist’s name in a square frame. It’s not her officially adopted logo, just an experiment. But definitely a successful one!
Design by Dunja Milosev on Dribbble

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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