ManyPixels Affiliate Program Case Study: Geoff Cudd

Learn more about the ManyPixels affiliate program through the experience of website owner Geoff Cudd.

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January 21, 2022

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Are you interested in joining our affiliate program? One of our most successful affiliates, Geoff Cudd, shares his experience.

Affiliate programs are a type of performance-based marketing whereby businesses award affiliates (usually financially) for each visitor they bring to their website or customer the business earns through the affiliate.

Business or website owners, as well as content creators, can be great affiliates, so the most important thing is to choose someone who is in a field related to your business. If you’re a SaaS company, a fashion blogger probably won’t make the best affiliate!

Our own affiliate program at ManyPixels invites people to review our service on their website or simply place an affiliate link. Commissions are paid monthly for each new customer that signs up for our unlimited design service through the affiliate and remains an active subscriber for a minimum of 14 days.

One of our most successful affiliates is Geoff Cudd, owner of a website called (Don’t Do It Yourself), where he reviews small businesses tools, graphic design and freelance websites. For that reason, Geoff’s website made an organic choice for our affiliate program, so we approached him two years ago, and since then, he has been a part of the program.

Recently, we’ve decided to interview Geoff about the experience from his own perspective, and these are some of the insights he had to share.

Which decisions or actions you took were fundamental to your success in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is usually a no-brainer in the sense that it requires very little effort to get started. However, if you want to be successful and actually earn some money this way, you might have to make a little more effort to stand out from the crowd. Here’s what Geoff had to say on the matter.

Geoff: Constant learning will make the biggest impact on your success. Affiliate marketing and SEO are continually evolving, and you must stay in touch with the latest trends because tactics that worked a year ago (or less) don't always work today. Watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, and read, read, read to stay in tune. I've devoted a few hours every week for the past 14 years to reading and studying, and that makes all the difference.

Beyond that, persistence is key. We continually try a lot of experiments with different types of marketing tactics. Many don't work, but that's ok because eventually, you'll find some that will work that you can scale. The trick is not to be discouraged, keep experimenting and pour gas on the fire when you find a tactic that works for you.


How much time do you need to devote to this monthly?

No one is an affiliate full-time, so while it goes without saying that the more effort you put into your performance, the more revenue you can expect, this type of collaboration allows you to focus on your business completely if needed.

Geoff: One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that most of the work is done up front. If you create great content, it can live forever with just minor refreshes over time.  While we work full time on the business, we spend most of our time expanding into new areas and very little time maintaining old content that continues to drive recurring revenue.  Overall, the revenue compounds over time.

Why do you like to work with Manypixels?

It’s important for us that affiliates understand what the service is all about so that any information shared on affiliate websites is genuine and up-to-date. Of course, Geoff had a lot of experience researching and reviewing sites like ours, so we thought he’d be a great fit to provide a useful overview of the service.

Geoff: The primary reason we like Manypixels is the quality of design work. This results in one of the highest retention rates from all graphic design companies, which means more revenue for us in the long run.  Plus, Manypixels is quite supportive of their partners and Quentin, the founder, is a stand-up guy who has become a friend.  


Do you have any advice for people new to affiliate marketing?

Although it requires little effort and no financial investments up front, affiliate marketing is a competitive arena, so if you want to be good at it, it’s important to keep improving and learning.

Geoff: For those looking to get into affiliate marketing, focus your efforts on newer media channels. Google search traffic can be competitive, particularly for graphic design companies. However, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitch, and Pinterest are much easier platforms to compete, especially if you are genuine. You've got to be yourself to attract an audience.  Also, conversion rates coming from warm video referrals are significantly higher than organic Google SEO.

Interested in becoming a ManyPixels affiliate?

Help us spread the word on great and affordable design whilst also earning money for yourself. Becoming a  ManyPixels affiliate is much easier than you’d expect!

Just make sure to read the full terms of service and sign up for our affiliate program today!


Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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