12 Creative Marketing Agencies to Follow on Social Media

Find out who to follow on social media if you work in the creative industry or simply love advertising.

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December 22, 2021

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Social media has become a new digital field for sharing ideas, showcasing projects, and B2C communication. Companies have learned that social media channels are a perfect place to deliver effective and cost-efficient marketing.

Offering marketing services is no longer restricted to traditional channels for creative agencies. Many, if not all, creative marketing agencies are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms to promote their work and attract new clients.

While many of them use social media to showcase the work they deliver for their clients, others tell their own stories through game-changing creativity and design skills. In a way, they treat their company as a client and use social media channels to promote its business philosophy, imagination, and design skills.


Here are 12 of our favorite creative marketing agencies you want to follow on social media:

MOM (Mad Over Marketing)

“The good, bad, and ugly of advertising. We applaud the best, and make fun of the rest!” is the statement one of the most influential and award-winning creative agencies from India has on all its social media handles.

Founded in 2012, MOM has generated consistent growth on all channels with its storytelling approach, engaging messages and fun, yet value-driven content. What started as a small business run by a student at Xavier School of Management has grown to be one of the top names in the media and marketing industry.

With an incredible 1.6 million followers on Facebook, MOM has proven that content is the best tool for growth on social media platforms. A global audience follows the page because of the pure value - fun, entertaining, and informative mix-media content.

Without a doubt, some creative marketing agencies are reinventing social media. If you are in the business of ideas, creativity, and marketing services, it's wise to learn from the best. Learn all about marketing to elevate your game and become a top player in the industry

This conceptual feed narrates every campaign in three images. However, to enjoy this concept, one must visit their handle to see the entire feed.

MOM has created templates for its visual content that guarantees brand recognition. The color palette of the content is instantly associated with the brand.

Turquoise, white and black is even more striking on MOM’s Instagram feed. One can’t help but wonder if their art director consciously chose neon turquoise as the dominant color to create a distinct and easily recognizable brand identity.

In our opinion, the watermarked logo on the bottom of every post might have been necessary for brand recognition at the beginning of their social media presence, but today MOM is a colossal brand. They can certainly do without it.

What we love the most about this handle is how it uses Instagram carousels to take the viewer on a journey through storytelling. Every image carries a bite-sized piece of text that encourages you to swipe for more information.


360I is behind the seriously creative Oreo Instagram account. This agency does incredible work for their clients, and they put that same creativity into their social media account.

What we admire the most about 360i’s Instagram (besides their creative work for some great brands) is how much fun they have at the office. They regularly post intriguing photos of their employees and working environment. Looking at those images, one can’t help but feel a bit envious of how much fun the creative team has at the office.

Red  Antler

Check out Red Antler's Instagram if you like graphic design with tasteful simplicity and minimalism. Every post on their feed is a graphic designer's gem.

Iron Roots

If you are an aspiring influencer or digital marketer, you have to follow Iron Roots on Facebook! Their content is full of helpful tips and tricks for the most effective dollar-in-dollar-out campaigns on all social media platforms.

Iron Roots is a data-driven, creative agency that has worked with global brands like Netflix and Warner Bros, and they are generously sharing their experience and insights with the rest of the world on Facebook.


BSSP’s Instagram feed is a mix of candid photos of employees in their day-to-day activities and a tasteful presentation of their work. BSSP is a people-centric company that supports and celebrates its creative force, while at the same time, it has a lot to show about what they do.


Check out this Instagram handle if you like creative and inspiring ads, promotional videos, and graphic design. AKQA's is using Instagram as an extension of its fantastic portfolio.

Razorfish Health

This digital marketing agency provides advertising, medical communications, and digital marketing strategy for its clients. One look at their Instagram feed, and you are immediately drawn into their world of innovative design, clever use of colors and typography, and messaging infused with optimism and hope.

With locations in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, and a pretty large creative team that delivers tremendous work for their clients, Razorfish Health has a lot to show on Instagram, from award-winning work to big smiles on the faces of their happy employees. Even the interns are in the spotlight with their own hashtag #RFHIntern.

If you have a creative block when you work on your projects, just scroll through Razorfish Health's Instagram feed and get instantly inspired!


If you're looking for the best insights from the creative marketing industry, just follow Huge's Twitter handle. If you want to burst into laughter in the middle of a business meeting with your client, again, follow the Huge on Twitter.


At Cohere, design is everything, and that passion is easily spotted on their Instagram handle. On Cohere's meticulously managed profile, all posts come in three images, making the feed very organized and clean.

Their Instagram account is an extension of their portfolio where they curate their proudest projects and team highlights.


With 6000 people in 60 offices worldwide, this award-winning PR agency delivers communication strategies for some of the biggest global brands.

Their motto, "Impact is what we deliver. Quality is how we deliver it." is reflected on their Facebook account, but that professionalism is not presented in a forced, formal manner. Their company announcements, job posts, and other usually dull corporate news are anything but boring.


This global ad agency behind some of the most talked-about campaigns for Nike, Google, and Samsung is "killing" the Twitter game. With a lot of pop culture references, industry insights, and humor that hits all the right spots for their target audience or anyone in the industry, no wonder this account has 176.2K followers.

COTW (Campaigns Of The World)

We saved our favorite account for the last. While COTW is not actually a marketing agency, it is an account dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the world's best campaigns and advertising projects delivered by ad or social media marketing agencies. If you are working in the creative industry or simply love advertising, you need to follow this profile.

"A scroll of quality in the age of quantity" is their motto, and they stay true to it on their Instagram feed.

An experienced creative talent with a demonstrated history of working in the advertising industry for more than 18 years. A strong creative writing professional with a special focus on creating content for marketing and social advertising projects. I have a Master's degree in Theater Directing. I love hiking, enjoy obscure music and European cinema. I am an avid fan of UFC!

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