12 Realtor Slogans to Inspire the Trust of Your Customers

Discover realtor slogans and taglines perfect for any real estate agent, sorted into 3 categories: Success-oriented, Short and Sweet andAiming for the Heart.

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September 22, 2020

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A great realtor slogan is like a diamond in the rough—difficult to discover, but extremely valuable. Keep reading to find 12 examples of great realtor slogans that will help establish you in the market of connecting customers to a perfect home.

A slogan is a catchy, effective and straight-to-the-point phrase that captures the main message, key value proposition and what you stand for as a business to potential customers. The key is to keep it short, genuine, and try to stay away from the overused cliches as much as possible. To make a memorable tagline that will stay in customers’ minds while setting yourself apart from the competition and capturing what is key to your business practice can be a challenge.

Before we jump into the examples of great realtor slogans, here are some tips to aim you on the right path to creating a catchy slogan.


Tips for creating a great real estate slogan


If you’ve gathered some good ideas for yourself through these examples, jot them down and step away for a day. This will give you a fresh pair of eyes to see if the slogan is truly something that works and that highlights the best aspects of your real estate firm.

The Boutique Real Estate Group slogan highlights their passion for the people they work with, as well as asks back a question to the client, demonstrating straight away through the slogan they have genuine interest for the needs, wishes and desires of their customers. Sometimes, caring for clients can make a not-so-experienced realtor do a better job at finding the perfect house than someone who is highly experienced but does not care much to listen to what the customer really needs. This fact is demonstrated well in this slogan.

Another great example of a slogan that cooperates with the real estate firm name, this Compass tagline is short and sweet, yet assertive and inviting.

The Noble Black Team under Douglas Elliman establishes their “extraordinary” service status with their slogan. With over 113 offices across the U.S and over 7,000 signed agents, the leading real estate company is able to use its manpower as well as their reach spanning across many states to help their clients find their dream home.

Speak to customers’ fears and desires: Just like in any job serving customers, knowing the needs and wants of your clients in and out will let you know what will truly entice them, as well as what position and aspect of their lives you can help fill and improve. Highlighting this in your tagline will show not only that you are able to give your customers what they really want, but also that you are listening to and care about their wishes and desires.

Use active verbs and avoid ambiguity: You have one sentence to make a statement— this is not the time to be humble. Be confident, show that you know your worth, state things clearly and don’t say something will be done, say you will be the one to do it.

Utilize the rule of three: Information that comes in threes is more easily comprehensible, effective and digestible. For greater effect, use this power of grouping words together to highlight the three things that best describe your business.

Use puns sparingly: Sometimes, a great pun presents itself without you even looking for it, and when it’s that obvious, it is almost an offense not to use it. A great and witty pun can do wonders for your real estate slogan. Overdoing it, however, can make your tagline tacky and make you seem like a try-hard.

Be authentic and genuine: It’s ok to be different from the competition. Being authentic to your brand identity and what your business stands for will do way more for you than trying to adjust your slogan to be similar to that of other real estate agents.

Point out what you do that’s different from the competition: Every industry has something that customers just wish would work better or simply wouldn’t exist. If you are sure that that aspect is something you have perfected, feel free to state it in your slogan to reassure customers that they will not have to deal with that inconvenience with you.

Approach through the heart: Hiring a realtor is not cheap, and customers want to feel that you care about them and have their best interest at heart. Capture this desire to go above and beyond for your customer in your slogan.

Avoid cliches: “Home is where the heart is” is a perfect example of something that is extremely overused, and using something this generic will send the message to customers that you are lazy and unoriginal.

Now that we’ve covered the basics tips for creating a great realtor slogan, let’s move on to some examples of great taglines to inspire your slogan-creating process.


In many ways the real estate business is a cut-throat one. Realtors not only have to convince clients that they are the best real estate agent for them, but also prove that clients will not regret investing into their services and get a result which meets their expectations. To prove their ability to do so, a great track record and a success-oriented slogan are a must for a realtor. Here are some great examples to motivate you.

1. “Ready to sell? Call team Cornell!”

Wendy Cornell

A rhyme makes for a catchy slogan, as it is memorable and fun. Wendi Cornell uses the word "sell" that rhymes with her last name to show her customer what she’s really about and that she is ready to close any deal that comes her way. The slogan also includes a call to action, to call her team in times of house hunting trouble, coming to their customers’ rescue.

2. “Fulfilling the dream of home since 1906.”

Coldwell Banker Slogan 1

This Coldwell Banker slogan is a double threat, as it not only promises its potential clients to fulfill their dream of finding a home, but also having a century-long track record of fulfilling it. This serves as a highly effective sign of experience, making customers more certain of the expertise of their real estate company, with over 100 years of experience under their belt. This also emphasizes Coldwell Banker’s position of being the oldest real estate business in all of North America. Wouldn’t you trust someone with that title to take care of your home?

3. “Client focused. Results driven.”

Dolly Lenz Slogan

Focusing on the client and delivering the best results are two very different things that are hard to accomplish together, but not for Dolly Lenz. Being one of the most famous and successful realtors in the luxury market of New York, she makes sure to let her clients know that no matter how high their expectations may be, with her team she can deliver the results. Only a realtor with a great deal of experience and a successful portfolio like her can achieve such a strong and powerful effect from a slogan using only four words.

4. “A Higher Form of Realty”

Saunders & Associates Slogan

This Saunders & Associates slogan has a philosophical touch by applying a play on words of the phrase “a higher form of reality.” Just as this phrase refers to something beyond and better than the norm, a higher form of realty promises real estate services that are out of this world.

This slogan not only sets their real estate agency apart from others, elevating it through the choice of words, but also makes a statement and shows off confidence in their ability to meet their clients’ expectations.

5. “Extraordinary reach. Extraordinary results.”

Douglas Elliman The Noble Black Team Slogan

This slogan works because the message is clear, as only by having an extraordinary reach you can expect extraordinary results. They promise nothing less than extraordinary, ready to deliver on the results, which they have decades worth of experience doing, and expect the client to settle for nothing less.

For further advice on real estate branding and making sure you are able to represent your business in the best way possible, check out our Realtor branding article.

Short and sweet

The ‘less is more’ phrase is applicable to so many industries, and real estate is not an exception. A slogan is already short enough as it has to be one sentence or less, however being able to shorten it even further to just a few words can oftentimes increase the impact of your message and make a more powerful statement.

6. “Expect better”

Better Homes Slogan

A good slogan works best when connected with the business name. The Better Homes & Gardens real estate tagline incorporates the word “better” from their company name, tying the two together. The two-word slogan is very simple yet effective, as it lets potential customers know they don’t need to lower their expectations when using their services. Expecting better means expecting Better Homes & Garden real estate.

7. “A smart move”

EXIT Realty Slogan

Sometimes a great realtor service consists of helping customers get out of a negative living situation. Exit Realty captures this aspect in their name with the word “exit”, implying that once customers pick their real estate services they will be able to upgrade their current living space. The slogan takes a common phrase out of the original context and applies it here, with the word “move” taking on a double meaning, in this case referring to moving to a better place. It is also consistent with the company name, tying the concept together and making Exit realty the best destination for someone looking to have a fresh start in a place called home.

8. “You move us”

West + Main Slogan

This West + Main Homes logo changes the focus of the slogan from them to the client, implying that they are client-focused and put great importance in meeting their expectations. In an industry where the customers’ satisfaction makes or breaks your career, this choice of a slogan is a great move. The shortness of the slogan also gives it greater impact and makes a strong statement, convincing clients if they choose West + Main Homes their needs will be met and their desires will be given great attention.

Aiming for the heart

Being able to pull on potential customers’ heartstrings and painting the dream picture can be just what will buy them over to your company. Taking the focus away from the transactional nature of the business and redirecting it to the more personal experience of caring for the needs of your clients is a great real estate marketing strategy. Below are some examples of great slogans that manage to do just that.

9. “Where dreams come home”

Coldwell Banker Slogan

Coldwell Banker realty proves to be a professional at making great slogans as two of their slogans have made it on the list. All people dream of having a dream home, and while most know that’s a difficult one to fulfill in reality, many still hold it in their hearts, hoping one day it can happen. This slogan is a great example of how a play on words can work well to express the message that their mission is exactly that—bringing clients’ dreams of a home into fruition, speaking to customers’ deep wishes and desires.

10. “Live who you are”

Corcoran slogan

Corcoran Group—a luxury, New York-based real estate firm is guided in everything they do through a simple principle that is also their slogan, “live who you are.” They hone in on the personal aspect of finding a home, which is the ability to express oneself through the kind of home you live in. This shows that they not only care to find their clients a home that they’ll be satisfied to live in, but go above and beyond to find a perfect place that customers can feel is an extension of their identity, a place where their inner self can feel whole and complete. And that’s a big promise to make.

11. “Let Us Guide You Home”

Compass Slogan

Just as a compass that leads people to the desired destination, this firm uses this concept to insinuate that they will bring clients to the desired destination of a perfect home. Taking the initiative of approaching the client and offering their services first with the words “let us”, Compass shows that it’s in their firm’s interest to ensure that their customers are satisfied and have a place they can call a home.

The slogan also puts the real estate company in an assertive position, claiming they are the ones who can, so to speak, guide and lead their clients through a labyrinth of unsuccessful homes to one that will truly meet all their expectations.

12. “Our Passion Is People. What’s Yours?”

The Boutique Real Estate Group Slogan

Looking to also create a logo for your real estate agency that will speak to potential clients? Look no more: check out our compilation of realtor logo ideas for inspiration.

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