The Importance of Conversational Marketing

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Humanizing Brands: Why Conversational Marketing Is the Next Big Thing

June 24, 2021
5 minutes


Conversational marketing is a great way to put a human face on a brand. It makes potential customers comfortable talking and interacting with the brand they are interested in. That is why this type of marketing is the next big thing in the digital world.

In this digital era, customers are constantly bombarded with articles or blog posts offering information and solutions that often feel impersonal and so far away. In fact, as there are more and more options they have online, they prefer to interact with brands in a more casual, friendly way.

This is where conversational marketing comes in handy in today’s digital marketing field.

This type of marketing helps businesses humanize their brand so they can connect with their potential customers in a more meaningful way. When a business successfully creates solid connections with its potential customers, what comes next is an increased conversion rate.

Keep reading to discover why conversational marketing is so critical for a business to stand out among its competitors.

Humanize Your Brand

In today’s noisy marketing world, you need to make sure that your potential customers feel heard, understood, and listened to. That is how you win their heart and generate more trust.

One of the best ways to help you make those potential customers comfortable is to show that you are a brand that talks like an ordinary, usual person. In this case, conversational marketing is one of the most powerful strategies to help you humanize your brand.

Humanizing your brand means that you allow your brand to communicate better and make it easier for your potential customers to align and connect with your values. As a result, potential customers can truly share their concerns or simply ask questions that are beneficial for your brand growth.

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Offer One-on-One Conversations

Conversational marketing focuses on creating 1:1 conversations with potential customers in real-time across multiple channels. You can say that this dialog-driven marketing strategy is effective when you aim to engage and retain potential customers in no time.

It’s basically like talking to your old friends. You help and interact with your customer with casual conversation so that they can feel familiar and get closer to your brand right off the bat. Not only will 1:1 interactions with your customers create a solid bond, but it will also improve the overall customer experience.

But, of course, catering to all customers and having a one-on-one dialog with each of them 24/7 via email or phone calls seem like hard work for your marketing and sales team. That’s why technology is involved.

In today’s digital era, live chat, chatbots, and instant messaging apps are used to enable these personalized conversations. Your potential customers can easily ask a question and the bot will immediately respond to it within seconds. That is why potential customers prefer to use live messaging apps and chatbots.

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Provide Quick Adaptation to Crisis Situations

Now you understand that conversational marketing allows you to give a quick, real-time online response to your potential customers. In these uncertain times after the pandemic strike, it has become more crucial than ever.

Chatbots, live messaging apps, and other online communication methods provide an effective and safe way to build relationships with customers around the world. In other words, it gives you a winning position in relation to those businesses that stuck to traditional marketing strategies.

While online communication methods somehow limit you to give further information within a short period of time, you can also opt for personalized content like explainer videos to help you give further information to potential customers. Such content helps both your brand and potential customers to save time. If you have no design skills to create stunning videos, you can hire professional explainer video companies.

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Move Customers Through Your Sales Funnel Faster

It’s only getting more and more crowded in the digital world out there. For marketers like you, it means that keeping your sales funnel filled has now become a bigger challenge.

That being said, conversational marketing offers you a light-hearted way to create trust so that you can help move more people through the sales funnel. And you know the thing: the fuller your sales funnel is, the more opportunities for sales you will create.

When you create a personalized message and solution, your potential customers will feel valued and understood. This, in turn, will convince them to engage with your brand and convert into paying, loyal customers.

Conversational marketing tools like chatbots or business messaging apps can easily send qualified leads directly to your sales team on live chat, as well as booking a consultation or product demo with sales in real-time. A customer relationship management (CRM) system will come in handy to help you keep track of customer information.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When you ensure your potential customers engage with your brand in a more convenient manner and not asking them to wait for callbacks or email replies, it naturally follows that their experience will be better.

Conversational marketing is mostly about listening to your customers when they’re in need and talking to them in a way that they’re most comfortable with. In this case, the aim is to make sure that you provide what you need and prefer to make them feel fulfilled and satisfied.

It should come as no surprise that marketers choose customer satisfaction as their most important measure of success in customer service.

2.jpg Image credit: Super Office

The more you have happy, satisfied customers, the higher your chances to keep them coming back and loyal to your brand. Satisfied customers also tend to recommend your brand to their friends and families. And that’s how you become a trusted market player with a better brand image, making it much easier for you to outstand your competitors.

Final Thoughts

In this digital world, when you’re not talking to someone face-to-face, where do most of your conversations happen, after all? Even if you have a well-structured website with a flashy design, but when you can’t talk to your potential customers in a friendly, meaningful manner, you will lose them. That is why you need to leverage conversational marketing to your overall business strategy.

Conversational marketing makes your business feel personal and humanized. It makes your potential customers feel like they are talking to a person instead of a brand. The key in conversational marketing is assessing and understanding your customers’ needs and wants. Then, you need to find out what their preferred channels are and adjust your tone of voice accordingly.

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

Twitter: @breadnbeyond Email: LinkedIn: Andre Oentoro

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Guest Writer: Breadnbeyond

June 24, 2021

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).