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9 Fast Food Menu Designs to Make Customers Crave for More

9 Great Fast Food Menu Design Examples

November 11, 2020
Stefanija Tenekedjieva


Working on your fast food restaurant menu design? Check out these examples for good layout reference and using the right images to make your customers crave for more.

Compiling dishes that you can cook amazingly is one thing. Creating a good fast food menu layout is another. Your customers need a simple and effective overview of the items on your menu because they are most likely in a hurry and aren’t in for a slow dining experience, and good graphic design is here to help.

So, unlike other types of menu design, a fast food menu should be short, simple to understand and visually rich to work up an appetite in people who are ordering. We’re here to help you come up with a great layout, by showing you some cool examples, from simple restaurant flyers to bifold, trifold, or brochure style menus.

1. Good Taco

This youthful and hip layout for a Mexican restaurant includes just enough dishes to make your mouth water, without being confused. The menu includes a total of eight items and four sides. Normally, it fits for this menu to be a one-pager, and the simple solution is in the brand’s colors and features the cool illustration and custom typography logo of Good Taco.

A single-page menu with a flyer layout is perfect if your business is a food truck on the move, or in a central location where there are many people passing by.

good taco.jpg Design by Emily Capling

2. Indigo Burger Project

What is a burger menu if it’s not featuring photos of the stars of the show? This one-page retro newspaper layout menu features photos of the different types of dishes and their custom burger logo and is in a fresh yellow and indigo (duh!) color scheme. It is crafty since it’s more than a burger, pasta and pizza menu, but still looks neat.

This is pretty obvious, but it really helps if you separate your dishes into different categories. If you need to accentuate something in particular, you can always put it in a box with a different color or add a banner or icon that it’s new on the menu or currently on a special discount, like the examples on this burger menu.

indigo burger project.jpg Design by Alvina Rajendran

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3. Taqueria Illegal

This unique fast food restaurant concept in Porto, Portugal changes up every now and then, and the menu isn’t a fixed deal, which makes the dining experience all the more unique and elusive. The visitor can assemble their own taco or play the “illegal taco” game, a Mexican roulette of tequila and tacos in which one of them is extremely spicy.

The menu design, however, isn’t as risky as you’d expect it to be. It is a minimalist black and white, brochure-style layout, that includes all the deals and ingredients you can choose to build your own recipe, as well as a cocktail menu.

taqueria.jpg Design by Mano a Mano

4. Manty Est

If your restaurant is offering ethnic food that’s usually hard to find in your location and brings something new to the table (excuse the pun), you want your menu items to be explained in detail so your customers can learn something more about the cooking process and ingredients.

This East Asian fast food restaurant in Russia has a far more detailed brochure menu with different food categories explained in detail and shown in big photos that help you eat with your eyes first. It is fairly easy to find good stock photos with popular fast food menu items, so you shouldn’t worry about food photography.

The last page of the brochure quite clearly shows that the restaurant also does takeaway and delivery, which is extremely important to pinpoint, especially now when most restaurants aren’t open for visitors.

manty eat 1.jpg manty eat 2.jpg Design by Ekaterina Romanova

5. Chalkboard style restaurant menu template

If you can’t afford to hire a graphic designer, there’s plenty of design templates available online, both free downloads or for affordable prices. This fast food menu template by Freepik checks all the marks for a burger restaurant, since it has a one-line illustration that looks like an old-school blackboard doodle with a very hip color scheme, and it comes in an editable EPS vector format. You would need an elementary knowledge of Photoshop to be able to edit it and save it in a PSD or PDF format before printing.

3339384.jpg Available on Freepik

6. Dirty Dogs

This Canadian restaurant creating innovative toppings for poutine, hot dogs and other classic comfort foods, has a minimalist menu board with a clear outline, and an additional drink menu in a popular lobster red color. Check out the full branding project for inspiration on signage and business cards as well.

dirty dogs.jpg Design by Deidre Driscoll

7. Food Adda

This design is very similar to something you’d be able to get from a bifold food menu flyer template. However, this custom work features some hand-drawn illustrations of an element that is close to the restaurant’s branding story.

food adda.jpg Design by Nishant Kharecha

8. B Ā O ²

As far as customization goes, the cute illustrations and pastel colors used in this menu design make it a very valuable piece of branding, not just an effective way of presenting the menu items. Apart from the specialty dishes, it includes a useful cafe menu showing the way of preparation and strength of the beverages. And, as an additional attempt to build a regular clientele, the menu features the social media accounts where customers can follow the social media posts and probably remember to come back.

bao.png Design by Eve Lyn Lau

9. Eggsauna

Finally, we have another cute menu with line illustrations. However, the innovative approach here is that this restaurant included a scannable QR code sticker that leads to a digital menu online, that is still branded, as you can see from the mockup below. It is a very important approach to take, especially now when you want to reach out to potential customers before they get a chance to actually go to your restaurant.

eggsauna.jpg eggsauna 2.jpg Design by Studio Pull Pool

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Stefanija Tenekedjieva

November 11, 2020

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