8 Well-Built and Effective Gym Flyers

Take a look at these examples of good flyer design for gyms and fitness coaches that will help you bring in new trainees.

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June 15, 2024

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Looking for inspiration to create a flyer to promote your gym? Take a look at these examples of well put together and informative flyers.

As a small business, keeping your gym subscriptions and attracting new customers should be one of your priorities. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic made things complicated, a lot of gyms and personal trainers either focused on ensuring the cleanliness and security of their spaces, or are now offering online classes and training.

Whatever your strategy might be, having flyers, both printed and online as banners, should be on your mind. Here are some designs that will inspire you to make your own.


1. Trifold Brochure Design

A trifold brochure design gives enough space to pack a lot of information, without it looking too noisy. This design uses hero images in all three pages, and the leftover space allows you to include crucial information, such as the location of your gym, details about training programs and disciplines, and of course, adding your gym logo and business name on the front.

The colors chosen are sleek and noticeable, but not too colorful, so you can rest assured that your own branding assets will fit well with the overall design.
Template by Nazmul Hasan

2. One Page Flyer Template

Need something minimalistic and simple? A one-page flyer with a gray background checks the boxes, in that case. By using only a hero image of a woman in perfect physical shape, and a subtle background paired with orange lettering, this flyer is simple, but super effective in sharing the idea of why you should go to a gym.

It is also a smaller format and since it’s only one page, you’ll save some on printing.
Template by MD. AL-AMIN

3. Grayscale Single Page Flyer

Here’s another one-page flyer that is completely toned down with the use of a grayscale effect over the design. It’s a nice solution to make sure the design isn’t oversaturated, even though it contains an image, a lot of text and three blocks containing information about the different types of training that the gym offers.
Template by rajdeep craft

4. Modern Gradient Design

Gradients are still in! If you want some color and pizzazz in your flyer’s design, this is the template for you. It comes in three different color variations: blue, magenta and orange gradient. Keep in mind that the image is not included in the template, but that means you can add your own photo and customize it more. The design is in an A4 format with a bleed area and CMYK color scheme, meaning it’s print-ready.
Template by Md. Ziaul Haque

5. Landscape Format Design by ManyPixels

Our designers have previously created this landscape format design for a gym flyer that consists of a hero image, as well as a minimal space for body text. Big images are great to help you show the atmosphere and vibe in the gym.
Design by ManyPixels

6. Dramatic Black and Red Design

Want an elegant and dramatically-looking flyer? This template is perfect to draw the attention of any person who is handed out this flyer. The use of a black-and-white effect on the photography accentuates all the right things (yes, I’m talking about the muscles), and makes the design elegant and toned down. Paired with a burgundy-red frame and simple white elements, the overall design is as good as it gets.
Template by Nickita Bhardwaj

7. Gradient and B&W style

Not just one, but two effects? Sounds like too much, but the B&W effect on the picture balances the design out, and the gradient bubble looks better that way.

As you can see, this mockup has a button, so it's safe to presume it’s a digital flyer that leads you directly to the website or social media profiles of this gym. In Covid times, it’s a smart strategy!
Design by Tohidul Islam

8. Minimalistic & Modern

Finally, we have this simple flyer that has a three-dimensional feel to it because of how the text is positioned behind the model’s foot. The choice of colors is very contemporary and doesn’t look tacky at all, and even though the flyer feels like there’s nothing on it, it consists of all the important info.
Design by webduckdesign

Take a look at these examples of good flyer design for gyms and fitness coaches that will help you bring in new trainees.

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