What Makes Successful Packaging Design?

A good packaging design is more than visuals; it drives sales. Learn how to make the right balance between innovation and brands' signature design.

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October 3, 2023

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Online shopping is bigger than ever these days, but still, you can’t ignore the importance of a good and quality packaging design.

Does a physical display of a product matter in today's digital world? In short, yes, it does. The majority of consumers purchase a product because of its visual appeal and if your design packaging looks great, customers will more likely buy it for the second time.

What is the importance of the packaging?

It is simple; good packaging design is what sells your product. Every year, many new products fail because they did not put enough time and effort into brainstorming a high-quality brand design. There are a few things you need to understand to be able to acknowledge the importance of good packaging design.

Those are the following.

Good packaging design boosts sales

Unique packaging design will create a  buzz for your product. There is a simple example: if your food does not look edible, you will not be tempted to eat it. The same goes with the product design; if it doesn't look good, you will rather pass it.

It is known that packaging design affects consumers' perception of the quality of the product, which impacts sales. Seven out of ten customers decide which product they will purchase according to their visual perception - the one that has an eye-catching design ends up in the shopping cart.

Good packaging design differentiates you from the competitors

Packaging is the first impression that your customers get of your brand. Ingenious packaging design will help you to achieve a shelf impact. Packaging should be designed with a targeted audience in mind and it is okay if not everyone likes it.

Put yourself in their position; for example, what will make you choose a box of chocolate among the large array of the same products with a similar price range? What wow factor will make the product stand out for you?

Good packaging design builds brand awareness

Having original, and easy to recognize packaging will enhance brand awareness and drive revenue for your company.

A unique packaging builds your brand identity, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your packaging design must be something extraordinary, simple and effective will do the job as well. Let’s take Tiffany & Co. for example, every girl dreams of getting that bright blue box, because they all know that inside a beautiful piece of jewelry is awaiting.

Screenshot (106).png
By Tran Ngoc Bao Tran

The goal is to make your consumers think about your brand and company first when they are in need of a product like yours. If you score this right, your customers will love your brand packaging design so much that some of them will share the product image on their social media, and in this case, your product design becomes an effective online marketing tool.

As said, packaging is a convenient tool when it comes to increasing brand awareness. You can display your logo and other brand elements on your packaging, but you can be creative and make the package itself an element of your brand.

Screenshot (107).png
By Gökçe Yiğit

There are many similar products like yours; find a way to make product design communicate why you’re different.

What factors make a good packaging design?

A well-balanced combination of design elements like:

  • Logo
  • Suitable copywriting content
  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality

It would be best if you thought about whether your customers will like how your package opens and closes if they will enjoy the sturdiness of the packaging. Should you make it travel-friendly, should you consider sustainable packaging as well? There is a lot to think about.

Keep in mind that great packaging designers always know how to incorporate excellent copywriting components. Try to grab buyers' attention and assure them that your product is what they've been looking for and fit all that in the small label space. Don't forget the legal requirements like ingredient lists, possible allergen warnings, safety cautions and advice, product weight or volume, and expiration date must all be included.

Let's cut to the chase

So how do you design a product packaging that will help you boost sales? Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Your audience:  Understand their preferences, interests, and their expectations. Read the feedback and ask for their opinion, and you will learn a lot.
  • Your brand: Your packaging must display your brand's personality so your customers can identify your products at first glance. If your brand is sleek and modern, a lot of people will notice it and remember it.
  • How to protect your product: You should also think about how and from what you need to protect your product so your customers will receive it in its best condition. Some products require a material that keeps moisture and oxygen out, so using a foil, metalized, or transparent barrier is necessary. Others need protection from the heat or cold so acquiring thermoformed containers is vital. For example, most electronic products need protection from electrostatic discharge.
  • Standards you need to comply with: Also, an essential factor to consider is package-related standards, rules, and regulations you need to comply with according to the legal requirements of the specific market.
  • Your budget: You must balance all of the factors with your budget. You'll need to keep in mind the costs of materials, design services, production, distribution and find a reliable partner who can provide quality services and meet your requirements at a price in your budget range.

A good packaging design is more than visuals; it drives sales. Learn how to make the right balance between innovation and brands' signature design.

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