Time Is Money: Solving a Tech Startup's Design Problem



Chango is a Toronto-based company founded in 2018. A finance startup, they educate people on matters such as budgeting and spending habits. The company does this through its mobile app available for both iOS and Android. Their ultimate goal is to raise financial literacy in an easy to learn, simple and interactive way.

The Problem

Many startups face the same challenge: balancing a growing workload within a small team. This was the problem Alfred Junco, the CEO of Chango had identified as well, when he decided to approach ManyPixels for help.

What we were trying to solve with ManyPixels was the overhead on our design end. A new design request would be needed, and we'd constantly have to tell the designers to reprioritize their tasks. So we were losing a lot of time.

It came to a point the existing team could only do so much and the prospect of hiring more designers seemed costly and time-consuming.

The Request

At first, Chango reached out to ManyPixels for help in designing marketing images for their mobile application. Over the next months, they placed more than 30 requests.

This included a vast range of designs such as:

  • Landing pages and other website sections
  • Ebooks
  • Social media visuals
  • Infographics
  • Print materials, such as flyers and posters

Most startups have diverse design needs and so it’s important to know that your design service of choice can step up to any challenge. Alfred chose ManyPixels after checking out our portfolio.

I'm picky when it comes to my design and how we represent ourselves as a brand, but I used ManyPixels, and it's perfect.

The Solution

ManyPixels' designers consistently stepped up to the task and delivered top-notch quality designs for Chango.

On the other hand, Chango has really grasped the potential of ManyPixels’ service, as they’ve submitted a wide range of design requests over the last year. Our team regularly created fun social media posts eye-catching print materials: we loved pairing Chango’s witty content with photographs and soft colors that look great in print.

Finally, we helped Alfred and his team polish off 3 amazing ebooks, which combined the serious nature of the topic (finance), lots of data and playful designs that made all this accessible and appealing.

Alfred also points out that ManyPixels’ easy-to-use platform was a major component in influencing his decision to go with our service: being able to see the progress of the work as well as timely results.

I would say what has exceeded my expectations since working with ManyPixels is, of course, always the quality of work that is being delivered, but I would really have to say it's the efficiency. Submitting something, hearing back the next day, and being able to see the result is perfect.


Chango is a free personal finance management and budget Tracker app.



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