Good Graphic Design Increases Efficiency for a Real Estate Agency


Citi Habitats

Founded in 1994, Citi Habitats is a full-fledged real estate rental company in New York City, focusing mainly on the Manhattan market. With an insider’s understanding of NYC that can only come from decades of deals done in its near 375 neighborhoods, Citi Habitats is connected to the city like no one else.

The Problem

Before they started working with ManyPixels, the real estate company would seek out creative talent and go through the entire recruitment process. Citi Habitats’ main issue was that they were spending a lot of time on administrative tasks, without knowing whether things were going to work out in the long term.

Bringing on a new person, onboarding, it's a huge time consumer. We’re paid by our time, and we're always looking for ways to save time because obviously we have to work on the business.

The Request

Citi Habitats needed help designing graphics such as social media assets and flyers. But most importantly, they were looking for a long-term creative partner for graphic design.

They wanted to find a simple way of requesting graphics without too much back and forth, and our platform turned out to be a great solution for requesting and planning visuals.

I think ManyPixels has a really straightforward platform that is easy to understand and navigate. You can easily understand what the timelines are, how to request and prioritize certain graphics. ManyPixels offers ease of service that, quite frankly, I haven't seen with other platforms and other sorts of creative services.

The Solution

This client-oriented business set some very exciting and creative tasks to our designers, including party invitations and prints for umbrellas! However, Sean and his team also utilized ManyPixels service to streamline their design day-to-day, with requests including:

  • Presentations and presentation templates
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Digital ads

The new, efficient process helped CitiHabitats not only save time, but also a considerable amount of money.

In terms of ROI, we've probably gotten upwards to $10,000 in value of design, and that's just showing the amount of projects, data completed, and amount of revisions. It’s a really simple math equation to see that if I were doing this project by project, it would likely cost a lot more.

But it wasn’t just the short-term ROI that Sean and his team were thinking about. With ManyPixels, CitiHabitats was able to develop a design strategy to help their business grow in the foreseeable period.

We have assets that are literally going to help shape what our company is going to be doing for the next couple of years. We wouldn't have been able to do that if it wasn't for ManyPixels.


Citi Habitats is a residential real estate brokerage firm in New York City that specializes in the rental market.


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