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Codeless is a content production company founded by Brad Smith. They’ve been around for six years and have grown very quickly in that time. Codeless produces about 250 long-form articles a month for companies of different sizes and often needs graphic design to accompany their content projects.

The Problem

Before using ManyPixels, Codeless often worked with designers on a one-off basis. They constantly had to juggle different projects in their queue and adapt according to the designers’ availability. It was problematic for them to test ideas and find designers specialized in different areas. Being too busy with logistics, it took a lot of time from their actual work: producing content, and took a toll on their own branding.

They needed a graphic design service that was easy to manage, provided more ideas and solutions to iterate with, and most importantly, provided consistent branding.

The turnaround from freelancers was slow and that dragged the process of delivering to clients, causing them to tap out if they’re not seeing progress as quickly as expected.

The Request

Codeless produces different types of content for their clients: from social media marketing, social ads, websites, landing pages, presentations, and documents, to podcasts and videos. Oftentimes their clients need interactive design, animations, or mockups for bigger projects. So they also request design for landing pages or website elements that would ease and speed up the work of developers that work with Codeless as well.

For the needs of all of these different deliverables, they work with different MP designers who often go above and beyond to provide multiple design ideas and solutions to translate their creative ideas into the design they produce.

ManyPixels has been really helpful even in just being able to come up with concepts and ideas. Even if it’s just a Photoshop file that our team can use forward and change things like background or text, the actual design is thought out and consistent, and that’s usually helpful. It gives us the raw material to build forward and manage a lot of those things now in-house. Those assets are already created and it makes it a lot easier.

The Solution

The ManyPixels designers provide a range of options and alternatives when the Codeless team doesn’t have a specific vision in mind, which helps them reiterate and crystalize some ideas and get their projects across the finish line.

Brad enjoys the diversity of the ideas and options they get and says he’s surprised by the quick turnaround.

We work in different time zones, so we submit a request, and log in the next day already having something to actually look at. If we’re not starting with a finished project in mind, it helps to be able to work on an idea in the course of a few days and then get that final product that we’ll all be super happy with.

He recommends ManyPixels for the affordable price and good return of investment in time and cost of alternatives. By using ManyPixels’ services combined with developers’ services, they managed to do website projects initially budgeted for $20-30 thousand, for just $10 thousand.

That was a huge benefit because now we’re able to do a lot more. We’re able to build a lot more than I thought we would initially, based on other budget constraints. The cost to alternatives compared to that is a pretty massive ROI increase.


The Codeless team produces hundreds of articles each month for the most competitive spaces on the Internet.


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