Remote Job Board Attracted More Visitors and Signups with a Redesigned Website


Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite Jobs is a Texas-based remote job board with a fully remote team. They have been helping connect candidates with remote companies since 2009 and created a platform in the past years so users can easily find a remote job or the right people for their remote team. They also produce the TMBA Podcast and have a few other brands under the Dynamite Circle umbrella.

The Problem

While developing the Dynamite Jobs brand and creating additional services, the team needed to create more pages for their website. It was hard for them to nail the aesthetic side because no one in the team had a designer eye. Lina Castro, Head of Operations at Dynamite Jobs said:

We were creating pages ourselves and every single page had a different design. We weren’t so uniform, and it was looking disorganized”

Their main concern was that the website’s user experience was great, which didn’t make it easy for visitors and resulted in high bounce rates.

The Request

The main reason Dynamite Jobs subscribed to ManyPixels was the website design. They needed to come up with a uniform and user-friendly solution that would attract users and make it easy for them to navigate. But they needed a lot of other designs, from logos and podcast covers to shirts and stickers. The wide variety of services ManyPixels covers was precisely one of the reasons they subscribed.

They also needed a mascot and friendly face that would help their users with customer issues, so they requested the design of Dino the Dynamite Alpaca.

It’s awesome and it’s been working great for us. People have it in mind and they feel more familiar to reach out to us. Instead of ‘Hey Dynamite Jobs team’, they have a name to call, and the name is Dino.

The Solution

Through ManyPixels, the team created many assets for Dynamite Jobs, as well as their other brands: Dynamite Circle, Dynamite Deals, and the TMBA Podcast. They also designed a whole new website with the help of a ManyPixels designer. Since then they’ve seen an increase in companies who post jobs on the platform, and the number of visitors increased. The bounce rate, Lina adds, is also lower.

The quick delivery and the possibility of unlimited revisions are also features of the service that they benefit from.

For us, this is very important because we are constantly adding things to the pages, constantly improving and moving things around. In 24 hours we have a design and idea, or we have someone working on a task.


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