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Marani Consulting

Marani Consulting is a professional executive coaching service run by Itamar Marani. A former member of Isreali special forces, Itamar uses his 15-year experience in the fields of special forces and international counter-terrorism to help executives and their teams manage crises, become better leaders and gain mission clarity.

The Problem

Itamar explained that while he had a very clear value proposition, he found it difficult to convey in a visual manner. Moreover, he realized that poor design could become a stumbling block in scaling his business.

If I offer a very high-end product to bigger companies or conferences, or whatever it may be, it needs to look the part. I recognized there was a gap there and it was a problem. I understood that my value wasn’t coming across well because it lacked the visual component.

The Request

The first step was to create a brand guide and a logo that would properly reflect the Marani Consulting brand and its value proposition. Moving on from there, various other types of visuals were needed to help strengthen the brand image across different marketing channels.

The Solution

Since there was no clear visual identity to begin with, we started by developing a brand identity for Marani Consulting. .

The thing is I wasn’t really aware of how much I could get. So, the building of the whole brand guide was not just the colors, but also the fonts, the logo and how everything was cohesive.

After that we created a sharp, professional logo that Marani Consulting could use across all its marketing channels.

From there on, ManyPixels created social media visuals (covers, posts) as well as a book cover for the upcoming publication Mitigate Stress The Special Forces Way. An important part of our work was creating compelling and professional infographics and presentations, which Itamar regularly delivers in a corporate context.

We also created a fun hero illustration of Itamar to be used in presentations and social media, for a more playful twist to his branding efforts.

Our branding mission was a success. So we asked Itamar how he would advise someone having second thoughts about our service.

The potential upside is so big. Your stuff could look good, it could land you bigger clients, and you could just have your entire brand be better. It’s a very low risk - high reward, so go ahead and just do it.


Itamar utilizes his background in the special forces and international counter terrorism to help executives and entrepreneurs.



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