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Moxie Marketing

Moxie is a marketing agency founded in 2014 by CEO Jeanette Knutti. The California-based agency’s mission is to help businesses and nonprofits share their passions and grow their tribes through digital marketing. They do this by providing digital marketing services and online courses.

The Problem

At first, Moxie didn't have an in-house design team, so Jeanette was taking on graphic design herself through do-it-yourself programs like Canva.

Doing my own designs ended up taking a lot of time. As a business owner, I shouldn't be focusing on doing design mockups.

They tried to solve this by hiring freelancers on various platforms but weren’t getting consistent quality.

It was really the case of sending a design request out and not knowing what kind of graphics we were going to receive. We wanted to have a reliable source for graphic design where we weren’t hiring a bunch of different people to get the quality we needed.

The Request

When Moxie initially reached for assistance with their graphic design, they only issued requests for social media graphics—things such as YouTube thumbnails, and Instagram posts.

Since Moxie also creates a lot of educational content, many of the design requests later on concerned visuals for their Youtube channel, as well as fun and informative brochures and booklets.

Jeanette saw ManyPixels as an opportunity to delegate design tasks that she had struggled with and focus on what she does best.

The thing that surprised me the most is the quick turnaround time and the actual quality that comes back. The designers make it look just so good. It's better than what I thought of or could’ve done myself, or even other people that I've worked with in the past could have delivered.

The Solution

Ever since ordering their first designs, the two companies have been working closely on delivering top-of-the-shelf graphics for all of Moxie’s needs. Apart from numerous social media graphics, some of Jeanette’s requests also included:

  • Business reports
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Display ads
  • Brochures and booklets

Coming from the world of marketing, Jeanette is great at giving detailed briefs, including preferred color schemes and fonts. Together we were able to make the best use of our platform for quick feedback and prompt revisions, getting to desired results in as little time as possible.

Moxie has used ManyPixels mostly for their internal needs, but Jeanette feels like there is still a great deal of potential to uncover in terms of delivering designs for their clients.

We’ve mostly used ManyPixels for the company internally. However I can also see opportunities to have some of our client work fulfilled through ManyPixels. So when I think the potential that I’m going to tap into there’s probably going to be an ROI where the money that we’re spending per month we can actually charge our clients.


Moxie is a marketing solutions agency that expertly delivers technology-led ideas to transform the way people interact with brands.


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