WP Buffs Achieves 400% MRR Growth with a Better Website



WP Buffs is a 24/7 white-label WordPress support and maintenance service, founded by Joe Howard. Since 2016, they’ve been helping out small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups manage everything WordPress.

The Problem

WP Buffs has recently rebranded and created a new website. Even though they had a steady clientele and a lot of content produced, they were lacking a design strategy and a cohesive aesthetic. They were working with freelancers and contractors but found it difficult to manage all the processes, onboard and train people, and still be able to have good design all across the board. So they decided to step up their design game.

I think that our old website and the way we used to do things didn’t really have design as part of the core value structure of what we did. We needed things that are designed well because that helps with conversion, with the trust factor, and helps pretty much on every level to get people to book calls.

The Request

Looking into ManyPixels’ impressive portfolio, WP Buffs decided to start a subscription. They requested a variety of different designs, such as ebook designs, background designs for the new website, icons, featured images for blog posts, etc. The most important factor was having a coherent design across all their platforms.

They are using ManyPixels on an ongoing basis and create designs that fit well with the new aesthetic direction and match the branding guide.

The Solution

After launching the new website, WP Buffs saw more than 400% MRR increase in the first 10 days. Combined with the new website and branding done by an agency, and using consistent design for all their assets, Howard says they’ve seen a big change in good blog metrics, pages per session, decreased bounce rate and increased discovery calls.

It’s been super easy to just plug in and work with ManyPixels. I probably spend 5-10 minutes a day in the ManyPixels dashboard, just talking about different projects, we’ve got 1-2 projects at the time. We just skipped the pain points of working with a freelancer and went straight to getting work done.

Since working with ManyPixels, they redesigned and created a few ebooks, continued to create helpful content, and managed to keep a recognizable design aesthetic for all their needs.

Yes, we can provide the value and the content that we give to people, but we want people to enjoy reading the ebook and say ‘Wow this is super cool I’m feeling good about this ebook’. That’s the hard part a lot of times, it’s just that really warm, positive, good feeling from folks: when people feel that way when reading our ebooks and I’m super proud about that.


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