Flyer and Brochure: Graphic Design Inspiration

Create effective marketing assets in small format

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We still need print marketing materials, and the better their design is, the more effective and lasting impression they leave. In this Inspiration Guide, we’ll show you great examples of longer and shorter forms of hand outs in different styles, and go through the differences between brochures, pamphlets and flyers.

  • Three styles of flyers and pamphlets
  • Three styles of brochures and booklets
  • More information about different kinds of handouts
  • Inspiration by ManyPixels’ designs and curated works from across the Internet

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Table of Content


Flyers and Pamphlets that Attract Customers—Find traditional handouts in three different styles: minimalist, colorful and effective, as well as classic handouts that guarantee effectiveness.


Classy Brochures and Booklets With Perfect Layouts—Discover different formats of brochures and booklets in this chapter, such as catalogue style, magazine style and innovative and quirky formats you’ll easily remember.


Other print advertising tools—What kind of advertisement handouts can you use, beyond pamphlets, flyers and brochures? Learn what rack cards, magazines and newsletters are, how to use them and what their formats are.








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