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In this guide, you’ll get some quick tips on creating a good business card and plenty of unique designs for inspiration. Additionally, we’ve compiled a bundle of amazing free business card templates that you can use, in different styles and templates that can be used across industries.

  • Five different styles
  • Free template bundle included
  • Advice for different industry professionals
  • Size, color and print practices for US businesses cards

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Table of Content


Black and white business cards—Timeless and classy designs that are appropriate across industries and titles. Simple design solutions that will effortlessly impress.


Business cards inspired by geometry—Discover the versatility of geometric shapes applied on these intricate and modern business cards designs. Find real-life examples of creative professionals using geometric patterns in business cards.


Abstract and modern cards for cool professionals—Eclectic and fun designs that will leave you in awe. Watercolor, geometric patterns, or three dimensional looks that fit a business card perfectly.


Illustration business cards for quirky creatives—Learn how illustrations can be applied on business cards without overpowering the look and still be appropriate for a professional persona.


Business card design tips: best sizes, colors and print practices—Learn everything you need to know about making a business card, from bleed and safe areas, to color schemes and fonts that are legible and stylish.






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