Free Guide to Coffee Shop Design & Branding

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Coffee Shop Design & Branding

How to Build a Brand that Fits with Modern Coffee Culture

What's inside:


Coffee shop logos—Examples of good logo design and the importance of leaving a good first impression. We teach you how to make a versatile and applicable logo design that is both trendy and shows your company's core values.


It’s all in the package—Packaging, menu design and good collateral materials make all the difference. In this chapter, we show you examples of creative, sustainable packaging that is in line with the branding identity.


Marketing—Learn how to hone the power of good digital marketing, especially on social media, to attract the attention of key target audiences: Millennials and Gen Z.


It’s all about the experience—Stories of unique interior design and unusual concepts that helped small businesses become staples in coffee shop branding.

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As a small brand that nurtures coffee culture, you can provide an experience with your product and service, as well as your unique brand. From good logos and packaging, to cute and Instagrammable presentation and interior design, this inspiration guide will help you create a loved and respected brand for audiences with the biggest affinity towards coffee culture.

  • Actionable marketing tips from unusual coffee shops
  • How coffee-drinking is an experience rather than a need
  • How to make modern and eye-grabbing logos
  • How to make unique packaging