Making Catchy Digital Ads 101

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Digital Ads Inspiration and Guidelines for 2021

All about design, trends and specs for ads that will get you noticed

What's inside:


Size guide for digital ads in 2021—We share all the sizes, formats and tips for creating ads for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Creative ad designs from around the world—How to use photography, photo manipulation, illustration and typography to make unique and memorable ads.


Best social ads designed by ManyPixels—Inspiration taken from our design library.


Affordable and easy-to-use tips to make your ads—Royalty-free design libraries, tips and tools you can use to make quick and easy social media posts.

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In this guide, we’ll give you the basics of creating social ads, as well as great designs to get you inspired. Finally, you will learn how to create your own social ads and unpaid social media marketing content, by making designs yourself.

  • Size and format guides for all social media
  • Creative and inspiring digital ads
  • Designs made by our team
  • DIY tips and tools