How To Prepare Your Business for the Holiday Season

Learn to set up for success ahead of the busiest season of the year

What's inside

In this guide we'll teach you how to create a great marketing game plan for the period between October and December. Learn how to optimize your marketing efforts during the busy holiday period with tips on:

  • Planning your calendar and setting up
  • Running a campaign on different channels
  • Designing effective visuals

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Table of Content


Learn how to choose the best dates for your campaign calendar and discover some of the most creative examples of holiday marketing.


Make sure you are set up for success with our checklist of things you need to do before launching your next campaign.


Learn why an omnichannel approach is the best choice for your campaign and how to implement it. Create a positive ecommerce experience and make sure you’re using your social media to the fullest.


Design beautiful holiday marketing visuals with our three golden tips on how to make sure your designs are unique and festive.







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