Strategies To Attract Customers and Nurture Customer Relationships

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How to Reach New Customers by Using Informal Communication

Communication strategies that will humanize your brand

What's inside:


Using emojis for casual communication—We explain the relevance of emojis, why they resonate with people, and good examples of emoji usage in brands.


Hosting AMAs and livestreams to let audiences meet your business and team—We share how brands can get closer to their customers through a non-scripted information session.


Utilizing social media to create a community—We give insight into the relevance of nurturing followers on social media and replying to their comments.


Using the right tone and conversational narration in your content marketing—We teach you how to find your tone of voice and why talking directly to the reader matters.

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In this guide, we’ll give you some of the ways to involve in informal communication with your audiences, as well as humanize your brand through simple techniques. You will also learn how to utilize emojis, social media, AMAs and other tactics to pull more people towards your brand:

  • Emojis and how to use them
  • Live streaming
  • Moment marketing
  • Community management on social media