The SaaS Design & Branding Guidebook

How To Achieve Commercial Success With Effective Design

What's inside

The ultimate guidebook for a Software as a Service business owner or marketer. Learn all about achieving fast growth and impressive branding of your SaaS company by utilizing good design, through examples of successful startups and their marketing strategies.

  • Actionable design tips for SaaS founders
  • Logo design trends in SaaS companies in 2020
  • Tips to reduce churn with great UX and UI
  • Free resources to step up your design game

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Table of Content


Why do SaaS companies need outstanding design? We look at the problem of customer churn and how design choices can affect SaaS companies more directly than other small businesses; we propose 3 key ways in which design can help you grow your customer base.


How to set up your business for design success: We cover the minimal number of design projects needed before launching your SaaS business and discuss the design process in more detail for a clearer understanding of what to expect and how to communicate this with your designer.


How much does design cost and how much is it worth? We create a brief overview of general hourly rates and project costs for key pieces of design and exploration of the ROI of design. Additionally, we suggest a simple 3-tier framework for measuring design performance.


8 SaaS marketing stories to learn from: We look at 8 success stories from different SaaS companies and explore the key aspects of their strategy such as market positioning, content marketing, or product design.


The ultimate SaaS design trends of 2020: We complete the picture by referencing the biggest current trends in the industry, from types of logo design to the standard landing page layout. We suggest ways in which these trends can be viewed as a long-term investment and become a timeless element of your design strategy.


Illustration ideas: We use our SaaS illustration package to showcase mockups of different ways you can use it for your startup.





The SaaS Design Guidebook

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