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Stickers are fun, versatile, and everywhere: from water bottles to car bumper stickers. So how do you find the best sticker design ideas? What type of stickers can you create? We decided to compile some of the best designs we found in our own database, as well as around the Internet, and create a catalog that will inspire you and teach you the ins and outs of sticker design.

  • Different shapes and cuts
  • What sticker sells best and where
  • Best stickers from around the Internet

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Table of Content


Custom shaped stickers—Discover sticker designs for brands that went the extra step and created something uniquely fun and great for brand recognition.


Circle and oval stickers—Cool and versatile circle stickers, applicable on anything, from coupon cards to mobile cases.


Square and rectangle stickers—Designs to adorn laptops, mobile phones, business cards and perfect to add extra details and print in bulk.


Which sticker is best for you?—What to design and where to sell it?







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