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ManyPixels User Guide

FAQs and Tips

What's inside:


Your Account—Learn how to set up your account, how to deal with forgotten passwords and emails, which information is crucial for managing your account and other important details.


Our Design Process—Learn how to use the ManyPixels web app, how to create a request step-by-step, pausing, resuming, completing, canceling and prioritizing your requests, as well as making a brand profile with your brand guide and assets.


Scope of Service—Read in details about ManyPixels’ plans and pricing, all the different graphics our designers can create for you, exceptions in our scope of graphics, softwares we work in and supported files, our money-back guarantee policy and terms and conditions.


Hot To Be Successful with ManyPixels—Discover our guide on how to write effective and easy-to-understand design briefs, as well as how to give design revisions to your designated designer.

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Whether you need help with setting up your account, managing requests, communicating with designers or writing the perfect design brief, this handy User Guide holds all the answers. Download to learn more about our scope of service, design process and many other FAQs.

  • Actionable tips on writing the perfect brief
  • The ins and outs of using our service
  • How our design process works
  • Tips on asking design revisions