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How to get clicks with enticing thumbnails in 2020

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Content creators on YouTube have some tough competition to beat. One way to make sure their videos attract the needed attention is by creating compelling and eye-grabbing thumbnails. With this guide, we’ll teach you how to make good thumbnails and inspire you with captivating and attention-grabbing examples.

  • Famous YouTube channels’ tricks
  • Inspiration from ManyPixels’ clients
  • Latest size, format and ratio guide for thumbnail design

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Table of Content


Create captivating visuals using photography—We show you examples that will teach you how a simple photo can make a thumbnail you can’t resist clicking. Most applicable for travel, food and DIY channels.


Professional and classy look with collages: Learn how to exude professionalism and reach the right audience with minimalist layouts. See examples from prime tutorial and webinar channels, such as Hubspot and the Futur.


Quirky, cute and unique: tell a story with illustration—Master the art of sharing a glimpse of your video through illustrated thumbnails. Useful in abstract, commentary or comical YouTube channels.


Relay the power of human emotion with screenshots—From Cut’s epic lineups to reaction videos, learn how thumbnails make us click on a video because of an authentic emotion.


Perfect size, perfect result—Additional size, color, format, ration and channel art tips to ensure you have the perfect look and performance for your audience.






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