46 Beautiful Examples of Church Logo Designs

If you are looking to create a church logo that will inspire a sense of community, we’ve compiled 46 amazing church logo examples to help you.

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May 14, 2024

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The most important aspect of running a church or a religious organization is connecting with your community. A symbolic and beautiful logo can help you strengthen a sense of belonging and reflect the values of your congregation.

From a design point of view, a simple cross is just two straight lines combined into a symbol. For any Christian, this symbol represents so much more.

Of course, your church logo design will not have the same weight as a religious symbol (and naturally you shouldn’t attempt to compete). But it can be very useful to create a sense of identity around a logo that churchgoers will love and recognize easily.

Here are 46 great examples of church logos to help create a brand identity for your church.


Cross logos

A cross is an obvious choice for any Christian church. It makes sense and of course, it can make a great logo if paired with some interesting typography or colors.

1. First Baptist Church North Port

This elegant design form combines a simple church cross together with a stylized book (another prominent element in Christian imagery).

north port first baptist church

Disclaimer: the artworks in this article are not the works of ManyPixels, and are only showcased in an educational capacity.

We hope these examples will inspire you to create a unique logo concept for your church. Be sure to think about what makes your congregation unique: whether it’s a historic church building or a sense of community.

Design by Alex Eiman

Design by Sandeep Roy

2. Foundation Church Temple

This church logo carries a similar idea, but the blue and green elements give this logo a more abstract and modern look. (it looks like a crown which is another prominent element in church logo design).

foundation church logo

3. Christ Church United Methodist Louisville

This ornamental cross is a wonderful symbol to include on business cards and any printed materials, like flyers or event posters.

christ church logo

4. Christ Church Fort Lauderdale

The Christ Church in Fort Lauderdale has a wonderful, playful take on this ancient symbol: the finger painted cross is a great fit for a community church that includes youth groups and programs for children.

christ church logo florida

5. Lakeside Church Folsom

This great logo pairs an elegant serif font with a cross and a simple wave which gives a more dynamic feel to this logo.

lakeside church logo

6. Episcopal Church in Connecticut

The simplicity of the church cross symbol makes it a great option for different types of minimal designs. The following two examples: Episcopal Church in Connecticut and Christ Fellowship Church in Florida have two beautiful logos centered around the symbol of the cross.

episcopal church conecticut logo

7. Christ Fellowship Church

christ fellowship church logo

8. Grace Church St. Louis

Grace Church has a powerful church logo with a triple cross; and the number three has an especially important place in Christian doctrine.

grace church logo

Logos with church buildings

There’s no better church branding than representing the place of worship itself. This is the place that church-goers associate with practicing their religion and, in many cases, a symbol of community and togetherness.

Of course, if your town or city church is located in a historic building or is considered a landmark, a logo showing its unique architectural style can be a perfect choice.

9. St John’s Church Washington

This church is one of those historic landmarks, so the logo style with elegant serif letters here seems to be a natural choice.

saint john-s church logo

10. First United Methodist Church Fort Worth

Here is another lovely example of incorporating the historic church building into the logo. It’s bold, simple and very memorable.

first united fort worth church logo

11. Islamic Center of San Diego

This institution has got an elegant, modern logo that still depicts the two distinct features of a mosque: the dome and the minaret.

islamic center of san diego logo

12. Central Synagogue New York

A similar example is this sleek logo which features the distinctive two domed towers of the synagogue. Although in real life this architecture is quite intricate, the simplified design perfectly captures the distinct look.

central synagogue NY logo

13. St. John’s Downtown Church Houston

If the church building isn’t distinctive or unique, stained glass church windows are a fantastic feature to help you create a unique logo. This great logo uses beautiful colors and creates a unique brand identity with the city’s skyline incorporated into the logo.

st john-s downtown church logo

14. Grace United Methodist Church St. Louis

Another wonderfully decorative religious logo design which uses the ornamental window as its focal point. The gorgeous rose window is both intricate and simple enough to make a perfect logo.

grace methodist church logo

15. Forest Hills Baptist Church Nashville

This powerful design is an interesting example, as it keeps that the church cross is rather small, but nevertheless the font and an interesting color scheme make it a very memorable and unique logo.

forest hills church logo

16. Beth El Synagogue Minneapolis

This synagogue has one of the most interesting architectural designs out there, so it’s no surprise a part of the building (a unique glass roof) is featured on this elegant logo.

Beth el synagogue logo

Church logos with nature-inspired elements

Most major religions observe the importance of the natural world and how one should live without disrupting it. That’s why elements found in nature can often make the perfect logo.

17. The Avenue Community Church Memphis

This great logo prominently features a gorgeous stylized dove, which is also the symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian doctrine, and hence a common element of Christian church logos.

avenue community church logo

18. Wesleyan Church

Another wonderful modern version of this religious symbol is this church logo. The sleek design certainly stands out from the crowd and this symbol is perfect for a wide range of uses (e.g. it’s perfect to include in business card design).

wesleyan church logo

19. Lutheran Church of Hope West Des Moines

This church has an intricate nature-inspired logo. The clever design of the letter O combines the image of a bird, sun and sea and represents the idea of a cycle, in line with their mission of Christian growth.

lutheran church of hope logo

20. Change the Map

Buddhist doctrine is closely related to being in harmony with nature, so if you’re looking for logo ideas that are closely connected to the natural world, some of these temples can provide a lot of useful inspiration. Change the Map is a platform for Buddhist prayer and has a beautiful lotus flower against the yellow (perhaps rising sun) backdrop.

change the map buddhist logo

21. Emmaus Church

This is another beautiful nature-inspired logo concept that could fit any number of uses: from flyers, to business card design and t-shirts.

emmaus church logo concept

22. Yorba Linda Church of Christ

This colorful design is another one that inspires a sense of serenity and hope with the rising sun imagery.

yorba linda church of christ

23. Oak City Church Birmingham

This church’s wonderful modern logo with sleek graphic design makes it really stand out from the rest.

oak city church logo

24. Cedar Bluff Baptist Church

Another similar, tree-inspired example is this logo from Cedar Bluff Baptist Church. It’s a little more traditional, with the cedar tree both prominent and stylized so that it looks good in digital and print media.

cedar bluff baptist church logo

25. Rose Church Portland

This church has one of the most beautifully designed logos. The simple rose seamlessly incorporates a Christian cross symbol. The logo has an appropriately serious note with a simple sans serif font.

rose church logo

26. Edgewood Community Church Waupun

This community church has a modern, versatile logo design that fits its mission of engaging the community and providing support for those who need it.

edgewood community church

Flame/fire logos

Fire and flames are common religious symbols that hold several different meanings. Used in church logo design, they usually symbolize the passion of religious faith, enlightenment and hope.

27. Living Hope Church Fayetteville

This wonderful custom logo symbolizes light emerging from the “good book” (Bible). The unique font is elegant and the tan and grey color pallet also found on their website helps create a strong brand identity.

living hope church

28. Lichterfront Langemark

This evangelical church went with a bold, modern design which represents the message of enlightenment and finding one’s path through religion.

lichtfront evangelical church logo

29. Heart of David

This unique logo serves as brand identity for a movement called Heart of David that brings together Christian worship and music: two things that are clearly represented in the harp and the fire.  

heart of david religious logo

30. Lakemount Worship Center Grimsby

There’s also a wordmark portion of this logo found on their website, but an emblem logo is perfect to use, for example on social media. It’s a gorgeous custom logo which again uses fire as a symbol of religious fervor.

lakemount worship center

Modern church logo ideas

Traditional symbols and more classical fonts certainly fit this type of brand identity, but  sometimes it’s good to be bold.

Modern and abstract logos can be tricky to get right—a simple wordmark can often come across as DIY logo maker work. But with good graphic design, these abstract symbols and bold lettering can truly create a unique logo for your church.

31. Jubilee Church St. Louis

This church uses a slick, stylized initial which is great for their diverse areas of work including disabled people and children.

jubilee church st louis logo

32. College Church Wheaton

This stylized sailboat makes an elegant, memorable logo and gives the Christian journey a more creative visualization.

college church wheaton logo

33. Park Street Brethren Church

Although this logo might seem too “generic” in some cases (I can picture it in a number of contexts), as a church logo this one works very well. The ornament resembles a rose window and the teal isn’t a color that is overused.

park street bretheren church logo

34. Houston’s First Baptist Church

A similar example is this logo from Houston’s First Baptist Church which is elegant and versatile is. The abstract logo and elegant font could fit any number of uses, but makes a particularly good church logo.

houston-s first baptist church logo

35. Northrock Church San Antonio

If you’re looking for a cool church logo, look no further than this awesome logo. Yes, this church’s name also sounds a bit like a Christian rock band, but that’s why this bold, modern logo makes an amazing impact!

northrock church logo

36. Trinity Church

Another wonderful play on the distinctive look of church windows and ornaments is Trinity Church’s logo. It’s fresh, modern and very relevant to Christianity: the Holy Trinity is clearly represented through this logo.

trinity church logo

37. First Presbyterian Church Oklahoma City

The historic church updated its brand identity and opted for a sleek, modern logo design. The beautiful warm color palette gives a more welcoming feel.

first presbyterian church logo

Eclectic logos: characters, symbolism and more

The tricky thing about religious logo design is that it usually involves layers of meaning. A great way to achieve that is using religious (and nonreligious) imagery that fits your message (for example, dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit and peace).

38. Sutton Place Synagogue New York

On the other hand, characters can be a great way to represent either a specific saint and enforce the community formed around a church, like this example from a New York synagogue which includes a visualization of the menorah.

sutton place synagogue logo

39. Renewal Church Memphis

This church has a wonderfully colorful logo (although it also looks very interesting in black and white). It resembles a rose window with the letter R incorporated into this colorful mosaic.

renewal church logo

40. St. Rita Catholic Community Dallas

If the church’s name includes the name of the saint, this character can be a great choice for a logo. The relative simplicity of the character design is paired with a gothic custom font.

st rita catholic community logo

41. Saint Mary of the Lake Chicago

This church’s logo combines several different elements: a cross, a star, the letter M and the water representing the lake. All the elements are very well combined to make a coherent whole.

saint mary of the lake church logo

42. North Bay Hindu Temple

This eclectic logo from North Bay Hindu Temple is not just pretty, but also carries a lot of meaning. The three elements, lotus flower, swans and trident actually represent three goddesses —Lakshmi (prosperity), Saraswathi (wisdom) and Durga (power).

north bay hindu temple

43. Eid Orlando

This Orlando-based Muslim organization brings together families in this city. Their logo uses beautiful orange tones and incorporates three symbols related to Islam: crescent moon, star and the shape of the mosque.

eid orlando

44. St. Peter Church Ohio

This one uses the well-known symbol of keys which is associated with St Peter (he has the keys to heaven), as well as the Vatican (keys like this are also the official symbol of the Holy See).

st peter church logo

45. St Aloysius Church Detroit

This logo uses a wonderful color contrast between the gold and dark green. This logo design is quite simple, but very elegant. The emphasis is put on establishing the local presence (the city’s skyline around the church).

st aloysius church logo

46. The First Bible Church Madison

Another key religious symbol is of course the book (Bible in Christianity). The First Bible Church understandably uses this symbol as the focal point of the logo. The golden color shading gives the logo a more festive look.

first bible church logo

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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