15 Best Fonts for Packaging Design

If you're looking to update your old font book with some new and innovative type styles, consider this list a must-read before you start.

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June 13, 2024

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When designing a product, it is essential to pay attention to all the small details since all of them together will define if your packaging will become a success or disaster. Finding the best font for your packaging design is no exception as well.

Creating a visually appealing packaging design does not only blend users' needs with your business goals. It's more about fine-tuning between usability, user interface design, user experience design to create a product that will do consistently well in the market.

This can be demanding and intricate work since there are many details you need to pay attention to; one of the main details that can make or break your product design is font. Fonts have their own personality, and understanding this will help you convey a brand's message in the way it's meant to be received.


Top 15 fonts to use in your design

Choosing the right font is like choosing the right outfit for the occasion. Some fonts are more playful, casual, and laid back, while others are sturdy, classy, reserved, and buttoned up. Font describes your brand's personality and compliments the overall design of your product.

But in order to choose the most flattering font for your product, you need to understand the difference between the font categories.

Serif fonts

Serif fonts are classic and refined fonts with decorative tails at the end of the letter stems and are primarily seen in newspapers, magazines, and books. These fonts are among the most popular nowadays, even though they are conservative.

These fonts leave an impression of elegance, confidence, and trustworthiness; that is why they are a good fit for companies and brands that need to appear serious and reputable. Companies like VOGUE, ZARA, J.P. Morgan use them regularly.

Here you can find a few inspiring examples of these fonts.

1. Joliet

Consider using this ultra-thin and slender font if you’d like to achieve an elegant and minimalistic look. It is perfect for designing classy-looking headlines and will add a lot of sophistication and charm to your content. The font is suitable for your promotional invites as a fashion brand, financial company, as well as all your high-end advertising.

Stigma is a classy, bold, and modern font that features an extended set of 366 glyphs. The font is ideal for creating a wow effect in titles and headlines, and versatility is what makes this font special. You can use it for logo design, creative branding, blog graphics, quotes, social media, fashion, magazines, etc.

3. Stigma

2. Hazard

A modern, clean, bold-lettered free font with a casual vibe. It is instantly noticeable so it makes a great choice if your goal is to stand out and draw attention. This mix of features allows versatile use from t-shirt design to logo and brand design.

3. Tahu

Ambrosial is a delicate and feminine font with beautiful ligatures and a little hint of romantic style. This font gives us a vibe of hand-lettering and makes the typeface a more personal and warm text feeling.

2. Ambrosial

3. Slabien

Touchdown is a heavy, masculine, sporty, and dynamic slab font inspired by American football and baseball, meaning it is perfect for everything athletically related. Touchdown is a great choice if you are designing jerseys, caps, or college wear.

2. Touchdown

3. Mortend

2. Miamo

This thick, curved font brings a fun, retro, and stylish vibe to your content creation. The curves at the end add interesting visual appeal and create a powerful display that commands attention. It comes with many different glyphs and swashes.

3. Milk and Honey

2. Savoire

This is a very stylish and delicate font that you can use in thin and bold format. It is easy to picture this font on some all-natural luxurious cosmetic brand, isn’t it? Use this font to tell a story about your organic brand.

We can imagine this font on a handcrafted brand of chocolate.

Sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are a lot different from serif fonts. While serif fonts are old-fashioned and formal, sans serif fonts are casual, lightweight, friendly, and approachable.

These fonts are great for companies and brands whose targeted audience are younger generations. Sans serif fonts use simple, clean lines with sharp edges emphasizing readability. You can see this font being used by HubSpot, Facebook, Linkedin, Calvin Klein, Adidas, and Airbnb.

1. Monaco

The first impression you get from this font is pure, straightforward, and elegant. This font is really versatile and will make your body text or newsletter easy to read. It is also great for pairing with some eye-catching serif fonts.

It is not hard to imagine this font on minimalistic jewelry packaging, for example.

Miamo is a chic, contrasted, and modern font family that comes in seven different glyphs: thin, light, regular, medium, semi bold, bold, and script. The script option mimics handwriting well and it can be used for writing some inspiring quotes or motivational messages on your products and make them more personalized.

Mortend is all-caps, bold, and a strong font that gives you futuristic vibes. It comes in five different variables: light, regular, bold, extra bold, and extra bold outline. Considering the futuristic design of this font family, it can be a great choice for record labels and the gaming industry. It is easy to picture a video game cover written in this font.

Slab serif fonts

Slab serif fonts are rounded or angular. Characterizing a solid, heavy, and dramatic appearance; these fonts portray confidence, dependability, and creativeness. Brands that like to be simple but want to be recognized for effective and eye-catching design should use these fonts.

Best examples are companies like SONY, VOLVO, and HONDA.

1. Bondie

Bondie is a condensed, vintage, elegant font with solid and compact lines. With its bold appearance, it will easily draw attention to your brand. It’s retro-looking so for instance, it would be a cool choice for barber grooming products or craft beer labels.

Slab serif fonts are blocky and thick, and this font features a different take; it is a more rounded and angled variation. This is what allows more versatility and adaptability without sacrificing style and imagination. This type of font is something that you can picture on organic coffee packaging.

Script fonts

Script fonts feature natural-looking cursive style, and they are usually luxurious and feminine. They are designed to assemble handwritten calligraphy, and they come in two categories - formal and casual.

Script fonts describe elegance, femininity, creativity, and freedom. These fonts allow you to achieve a more personal approach to your business and let you show off the artistic side of your brand design.

The most popular brands that use script fonts are Coca-Cola and Instagram.

1. Zattoya

Zattoya is a signature handwritten font that will for sure attract attention. It is a beautiful, thin, and rounded font with a contemporary design. The letters are a well-balanced mix of long and short characters. Zattoya is a picture-perfect font for branded handcrafts like shoes, bags, belts, anything fashion-related.

As an illustration, fonts like this make a perfect choice if your field of business is designing anything wedding-themed.

Decorative/display fonts

Decorative or display fonts are usually tailored to fit specific companies and industries. They are rarely used for longer body text; they emphasize the logo or headlines and catch the viewers' attention at first glance. These fonts support carefree aesthetics, and they are all about fun, playfulness, and casual vibes.

They are usually used as brand fonts; you see them on LEGO and Fanta packages.

1. Brolimo

In short, this is a charming and luxurious font with vintage elements. This font family consists of 14 different glyphs, and it comes from thin to heavy style. It is very feminine and eye-catching, so it is best to be used for retail, beauty, cosmetics, or fashion companies.

A stylish and youthful font that catches viewers’ attention immediately. It features bold, thick marker-style letters that give it a unique identity. This font is most suitable for crafting attractive titles, logos, posters, or maybe hoodies apparel.

What’s your type?

When designing a product packaging, your main goal is to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. Choosing the right font for your design will bring you one step closer to achieving that goal.

Your product design will reinforce your marketing efforts and enhance brand awareness with the correct font type. The higher the brand awareness, the higher the potential customers' conversion. More conversion equals growing business, and that's what it is all about.

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