8 Business Merchandise Items You Need to Have

Promote your business simply and cost-effectively with trendy merchandise items. Check out this list to explore the best promotional producer for your business!

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May 21, 2024

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Choosing the best marketing strategy for a business can be very challenging in this highly competitive market. However, the employment of merchandise products is one strategy that has endured over the years and has always proved to be effective.

So, when it comes to promotional marketing strategies, merchandise items play a crucial role. Therefore, we've compiled a list of the top 8 promotional items that every business can adopt for a steadfast brand reputation and happy customers.  

Let’s begin the countdown:

1. Hats & Caps

Nowadays, a lot of people wear hats, whether they are exercising, playing, taking the weekend off, or simply enjoying themselves. Making your own branded hat/cap might be quite successful as freebies at events.

Over the course of a 10-month lifetime, hats create an average of 3,400 impressions. This is a result of their daily wear both indoors and outside. This enables them to be seen by various audiences, at various times, in various locations.

Additionally, hats may be worn every day, which is not always possible with other branded clothing. Hence, always check to see whether the hat is acceptable for your line of work; a beanie, for instance, could be ideal for a sports company but not necessarily for a bank.

2. Customized Face Masks

Customized items have become popular since consumers nowadays want to stand out and want to wear them.

According to ASI research, 57% of customers would be more inclined to work with an advertising agency that provided them with a personalized face mask.

A stylish, high-quality mask has the potential to significantly increase the exposure of your brand. Over the course of its existence, each marketing mask is expected to receive 4,235 impressions, thus shoppers won't be discarding this item.

face mask.png
By Maxim Fringe

You can add your design to the masks and make it a walking and talking advertisement of your brand!

3. Tech Accessories

Tech devices are always a good choice for promotional goods that are quite helpful. Customizable items include mouse pads, USB chargers, flash drives, and phone covers. Giving these free at your next trade event can create a memorable impression.

According to research, USB sticks are the promotional item that individuals are most likely to use repeatedly.

4. Customized T-shirts

One of the most adaptable promotional concepts is branded clothing. There are several solutions available, and every kind of brand may benefit from them.

What more effective approach is there to advertise your company than by plastering your brand on a hat? T-shirts are also quite powerful and allow you a lot of creative freedom. You can check online for free t-shirt designs and create designer t-shirts for your brand.  

Nobody refuses a good t-shirt, trust us!

ManyPixels t-shirt design

Fun facts:

  • T-shirts have one of the longest shelf lives among promotional items since consumers keep them for 14 months.
  • Also, customers prefer to buy goods and services from businesses that have a cause, according to 63% of consumers.

5. Reusable Products

Recycled products, such as mugs, reusable canvas bags, key chains, and notebooks are some examples of eco-friendly giveaways. Reusable bags are becoming more and more popular as a result of new government laws requiring a 5p fee for plastic bags.

Since attendees will be looking for bags to gather other freebies during the day, these useful additions will probably attract conference attendees to your booth. Make your products stand out with your corporate name, brand colors, and logo!

tote bag.png

6. Pens & Other Desk Accessories

Pen branding is a time-honored method of promoting your company and is still in demand. Make a lot of these, and then distribute them as widely as you can.

If you're a tech firm, brand tablet stylus pens with your logo to attract your targeted audience. A key strategy for brand exposure is to get your desk items in offices around the nation.

Stationery design by ManyPixels

7. Healthcare Products

Using branded health products as promotional items is only sensible if your small business is in the wellness, fitness, or healthcare sectors. The two most often used products are hand sanitizer and lip balm.

Even branded first aid supplies or sunscreen might be given out. These products are ideal for tiny gift bags or trade exhibitions.

8. Stickers

The majority of companies enjoy giving away stickers as freebies at events since stickers may help them market their brands and featured goods. People are always excited by a sticker that is distinctive and intriguing.

You can also include your company's logo and contact details on it. As always, an attractive offer or message will increase the appeal and interactivity of your sticker.

How Merchandise Products Can Benefit Your Business?

You can substantially improve leads, customer loyalty, brand awareness, and sales by using promotional materials wisely. Check out our list of advantages of merchandised items to reap more profit from this incredible strategy!

Cost-Effective Advertising Tools

Promo items can help you establish your brand at a reasonable price. The majority of branded products increase the cost per impression by using word-of-mouth marketing.

Increased impressions will do wonders for your brand reputation as promotional items are frequently handed from one person to another.

Enhance Brand Exposure

Customers, both old and new can benefit from promotional products since they raise brand awareness and foster consumer loyalty. Promotional products provide a favorable brand image that gradually changes the perceptions of your customers.

Due to the promotional goods' high mobility and ability to reach groups you have never promoted to, your brand is exposed to consumers beyond your target market.

Build up Customer Loyalty

Branded products aid in fostering an emotional connection between consumers and brands. When a brand has emotional resonance, the customer is more inclined to believe in it and have a promising opinion of it.

In the PPAI Consumer Study, 71% of respondents reported that getting promotional goods made them pleased. More significantly, 83% said that as a direct result, their opinion of the brand improved.

Moreover, your target consumers will be more likely to recommend your company to their family and friends if you take the time to build great relationships with them.

You will not only create credibility in your field but also position your business as an expert. One of the most reliable ways to collect user-generated content and increase engagement is to provide promotional gifts.

Innovate & Intrigue

Advertising campaigns gain a distinctive and artistic character thanks to promotional goods. The goods that you may personalize have a wide range of choices.

They may be customized to your precise target market, will be utilized and shown for months to come, and will make your business stand out.

Make You Stand Out Your Competitors

Many customers appreciate promotional things because they feel as though you are rewarding them for being loyal clients. Promotional items like branded custom hoodies distinguish your firm from rivals and make it easier for clients to remember your brand.

After getting a promotional item, 85% of people conduct business with the advertiser.

Generate Leads Successfully

Six out of every ten people keep promotional items for up to two years! Promotional products provide an excellent opportunity to acquire high-quality leads.

A distinctive brand on a cup, writing material, or clothing (as discussed earlier) can turn potential purchasers into devoted customers. Customers do not always pay attention to the size of an item as long as it offers value to their life.

Boost the Morale of Your Staff

Promotional gifts are an economical method to appreciate employees and raise spirits. All employees may get inexpensive gifts, and top performers or significant milestones could be honored with high-end goods and trophies.

79% of respondents indicated they feel valued after getting a promotional gift, according to BPMA data from 2017.

Simplest Marketing Tactic

Giving away promotional branded goods is easy, unlike running television ads or other significant marketing initiatives that need a thorough and very well plan to launch.

Objectively Measurable Technique

Compared to a brief printed image or on-screen advertisement, a real thing is more enticing and makes a bigger impression. Haptic media fit well into the category of tactile things that people love to hold in their hands.

Although this aspect is more subjective than it is quantifiable, we can all agree that a physical thing leaves an impression.

Choose Your Promotional Gifts According to Your Business

It's essential to decide which branded products to sell based on the type of your business. In this manner, the free goods you distribute serve to remind your clients of your goods.

Different companies use various business models and provide various services and goods. Gaining clients' trust and providing them with products they can utilize can help you build your brand.

Whether you promote your business via pens, tech gadgets, t-shirts, or whatever thing you find suitable, the most important thing to consider is to keep make your message loud and clear. Your target audience should be able to understand the core of your brand through these products!


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