Why Do Businesses Need to Have a Logo?

Find out why a small business should have its own memorable and distinctive logo.

Brand Design
October 3, 2023

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Beyond credibility and visual distinction, having a logo for your business has many benefits. Here are the most important ones.

A great logo has a formidable power in helping a business be memorable and recognizable. It can greatly help a company create and improve its branding image.

Famous logos from favorite brands around the world, like Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas and Apple have created logos that are impossible to separate from their story and vision now, helping their brand loyalty greatly.

But, how does a logo help a business? Here are the five most important reasons why a logo will help your business.

Builds trust

How would your business cards look without the company logo on them? What about packaging, or your website?

Companies that don’t have a logo seem unprofessional, and potential customers lose trust in their product if it isn’t branded.

Contrary to that, companies that do have a logo have an easier time helping their current and potential consumers feel loyalty towards their brand. This is because of constant repetition and memorization of the company signage.

At the same time, by using the right colors, shapes and symbolism, you can help customers form a positive image of your company because it relays the right emotions.

For example, bank logos are often sharp, clean, use a lot of basic colors and classical fonts. That means that they are positioning themselves as modern, approachable, professional and trustworthy.

bank logos.png
Finance Reviewer

Helps with brand recognition

Similar to trust-building reasons, some companies attract new customers to their product or service mainly because of the logo. Logos, and graphic design in general, can positively influence the business success of your company.

Let’s assume we are using a small business, like a cafe, as an example. People might pass by and see an open shop, but without a logo to insinuate that it is a coffee shop, they might not be attracted to get in and make a purchase.

At the same time, if you decide to create a business logo (and complete coffee shop branding) that insinuates that your business is a coffee shop, and include the logo in coffee cups, stickers, totes and packaging, you help people memorize and recognize your business.

Reaches new potential customers

Now, put yourself in the shoes of a customer. You are browsing through shelves in a supermarket, and a logo design catches your attention. There are plenty of similar products, but you pick that one because of the creative packaging and branding.

A logo can help you attract the attention of new people, and through consistent branding and marketing, you can earn their loyalty and trust. This might sound like a bloated statement, but it’s true. Just think of all the times you purchased a piece of clothing simply because of its logo.

louis vuitton.jpg
Louis Vuitton logo on a bag: always reaching new customers

It attracts attention

By adopting a logo that is modern, bold, creative and unique for your industry, you can raise some dust and gain the attention of many people. Of course, you would want the good kind of attention, not the bad, unless you want to be the laughing stock of all social media and design communities by making epic design fails.

Bad kind of attention: the logo of the Institute of Oriental Studies, now changed

It’s a base for further development of the branding and packaging

Any branding designer will have the same starting point when developing a visual identity: the first step is to design a logo.

The logo is the face of the business, and the character, colors, typography, symbols, imagery, etc., will all revolve around it.

At the same time, a logo is also a great base for packaging, and many benefits come from repetitive and consistent usage of logos and brand marks used in packaging.

From Apple’s sleek packages to the omnipresent red and white on Coke cans, everything stems from their business logos and keeps growing forward. Of course, small businesses aren’t the same as Coke and Apple, but they all started from somewhere. And the similarities between these titans are that they both have amazing logos and branding!
Plastics in packaging


From marketing, branding, advertising and sheer distinguishment from competitors, having a logo is a must for any company.

It will help your business be discovered, help users build trust and remember your brand, serve as a base for your branding and marketing efforts, and simply reflect your company's identity.

If you don’t know where to begin, here at ManyPixels we can do that for you. From the research, conception and creation of your logo, all the way more complex projects, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some of the logos our designers have created for clients.

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