42 Woodworking Logos That Show the Artistic Side of Carpentry

Get inspired to create custom logo designs for a woodworking or carpentry business. From rustic to modern, these 42 logos show the artistic side of carpentry.

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May 12, 2024

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Woodworkers put a lot of skill but also immense creative talent into making their designs. A perfect woodworking logo reflects the artistic nature of this type of business and relates to the beautiful and versatile material these craftsmen work with.

If you ever got a piece of furniture custom made, then you can appreciate how beautiful and timeless these pieces can be.

Since authenticity is often the best selling point of these custom wood furniture pieces, a unique carpentry logo is a good way to show the artistic nature of your woodworking business.

Here are some lovely logo examples to inspire you!


Retro carpentry logos

Woodworking is a profession that’s been around for a long time, so going with an old-timey logo design is never a bad idea. Whether you want to use a retro typeface or vintage images and icons, these woodworking logo designs evoke a sense of tradition and trust.

1. Scotsman

You might know that Ben Napier, star of the show Home Town, runs this retro carpentry shop. The logo is a simple wordmark evoking that old Americana spirit. The classic blue-and-redd color combination is ideal for putting on a business card or t-shirt.

scotsman woodworkinng logo

Disclaimer: the artworks in this article are not the works of ManyPixels, and are only showcased in an educational capacity.

We hope these examples gave you plenty of logo ideas to work around and find one that fits your business best. Whether you want to spice things up with a playful name or make a reference to your roots, make sure you’re aiming for a beautiful logo design that will last a long time in this timeless industry!

2. JDL Woodworking

This North Carolina woodworking business has a great retro logo, reimagined for the 21st century. The design of this emblematic logo is quite simple, but reminiscent of old, 1940s and 50s uniform patches.

jdl woodworking logo

3. Bradford Carpentry

A small business that’s been around for 40 years is somewhat uncommon in our fast-paced times. Including the year this woodworking shop was established in really gives this simple vintage carpentry logo a real sense of tradition.

bradford woodworking logo

4. Appleyard Furniture

This wood furniture store opted for a beautiful logo in a Western style. It’s by no means simplistic, as there are several design elements that make this logo unique: the manual and mechanic woodworking tools, the ornaments, the shape of the emblem. However, they all work great as a whole in this monochrome design.

appleyard woodworking logo

5. Montgomery Woodwrights

Of course, a great way to achieve that retro vibe is showcasing some old-timey carpentry tools. This logo design is another example of a lot going on, but still making a powerful impact as a whole. The chisel and mallet, along with the subtle tree tell a story of this classic profession in a sleek, modern way.

montgomery woodwrights woodworking logo

6. American Glory Woodworks

Did someone say vintage Americana? This woodshop specializing in rustic wooden flags has a bold logo, which uses color and texture to really hone in the message of what they do.

american glory woodworking logo

7. Red Rose Reproductions

If you are looking for something retro, but a little more subtle than the previous example, then I recommend this logo design used by a carpentry tools retailer. The beautiful font is paired with a simple illustration that looks like it’s been carved in wood. Another wonderful design to put on a t-shirt or any printed material.

red rose reproductions woodoworking logo

8. Schmidt Creek Mill

This family-owned business has a great country-style logo, that includes a barn, some trees, and incorporates the outline of a tree trunk with the saw blade. It’s a rustic logo design that would look great imprinted onto wood furniture.

schmidt mill creek woodworking logo

Woodworking logos with trees

Unlike mass-produced furniture stores and automated sawmills, traditional woodworkers have a deep-seethed appreciation for the beautiful, natural materials they get to work with. That’s why including trees and textures that resemble wood are a great way to honor your craft and the natural beauty of wood.

9. The Carpentry Store

This business hasn’t got the most modern logo design or original name for that matter, but it conveys a sense of appreciation for the natural world. It’s almost fairytale-like (or Lord of the Rings).

carpentry store woodowrking logo

10. Humble Roots Carpentry

This logo design is both (appropriately) humble and pretty great. The earthy tones, the mirror-image tree trunk, and how a house grows out of it tell a really important tale of our dependence on the natural world (and perhaps our obligation to treat it with care and respect).

humble roots woodworking logo

11. Splinter Woodworking

This intricate illustration truly honors the beauty of the natural world. And it’s only fitting for this eco-conscious business that makes handmade wooden games since they plant a tree for every order made. Good job!

splinter woodworking logo

12. LA Woodshop

This gorgeous logo prominently features a majestic tree silhouette and uses a font that’s a great fit for the location of this woodworking business: Los Angeles. It’s cinematic and very old Hollywood, which helps this logo design deliver quite an impact!  

la woodshop

13. Wood Thumb

A layperson may not immediately think of a wrench as a classic carpentry tool, but woodworkers probably know this comes in handy when assembling shelves and other pieces of furniture. This modern design uses this tool as a stand-in for a classic tree trunk and really brings a unique look to woodworking logo design.

wood thumb woodworking logo

14. Impact Precious Wood Studio

Another awesome modern take on the traditional tree image is this shop’s wonderful logo design. The three stylized trees together make a house: another clever choice since this business specializes in custom-made doors and windows.

impact precious woodworking logo

15. Wild Wood

If you’re a Cat Stevens fan like me, not only will you appreciate this business’ clever name, but also the gentle, romantic design. The letters look like vintage print. Doing something crazy with the letter O is pretty common, but I absolutely love how subtly it works to prop up this pretty tree illustration.

wild wood woodworking logo

Modern logo ideas for hip woodworkers

Millennials are especially fond of all things custom-made, so it’s no surprise that many of them are increasingly becoming customers of small woodworking shops. The following logo ideas are fresh and modern. Make sure to consider a similar design if you’re trying to impress or reach people on social media: that’s where these slick logos can really help you stand out!

16. Charlton Woodworks

Emblematic logos are notoriously old-timey, but this carpenter logo does a great job of modernizing a simple crest. Paired with an exciting sans-serif font that makes great use of line thickness, these wood furniture manufacturers logo is one you’re not likely to overlook.

charlton woodowrking logo

17. Wertz’s Works of Wood

This gorgeous design is actually business owner Steve Wertz’ monogram. The simple wood texture fits in nicely without being overpowering (a simplified version of this logo without the texture also looks dynamic and elegant).

werts works of wood

18. Lovett Custom Woodworking

There are many logo templates that use wood cutting tools as a design element (axes, chainsaws etc.). However, few achieve a style that’s both elegant and modern like the following example. The simple shape can be associated with wood cutting tools, but also the outline of an evergreen tree. This carpenter logo also utilizes a gorgeous font that fits perfectly with the geometric icon.

lovett woodowrking logo

19. Kathryn Kelly De Witt (KKDW)

You may have noticed that few carpenter logos use a more romantic style. That’s why the following example is a truly exciting one: from the playful font to the gentle plant, it’s beautiful and artistic just like this design studio’s gorgeous furniture.

kkdw woodworking logo

20. Hungry Mortise

Geometric elements like this one look great on social media posts and can help you establish a strong sense of brand identity.

hungry mortise woodworking logo

21. Allied Woodshop

Want something even simpler? Then use this idea as a logo template: this great logo design with clean lines represents the timeless and minimalist design of the wood furniture made in this shop.

allied woodshop

22. James and James

Another sleek monogram logo is this one, featuring the initials of the custom furniture specialists. If you want to look the part and create professional business cards, we recommend a minimalist, modern logo like this one to show that you take your carpentry business very seriously.

james and james woodworking logo

23. Shaun Boyd Made This

From the daringly simple name to a logo that is all about the line, this wood furniture designer’s brand truly stands out. The complementary colors are beautiful and would make an awesome t-shirt print.

shaun boyd made this

Playful carpentry logos with images and characters

It’s a visually rich industry: from trees and animals to woodworking tools and sawmills. There are quite a few company logos that use different imagery for representing this traditional professions. Let’s explore some of the best examples!

24. Bandit Woodsmith

Animal characters make versatile logo templates, but if you opt for something like this it’s never a bad idea to use an image of a furry friend that isn’t “too obvious”. This cute raccoon makes a memorable brand ambassador.

bandit woodsmith

25. Foxwalk Sawmill

The round woodcutter found in sawmills makes a wonderful element for graphic design, as it creates a beautiful frame for your logo. If the name of your business also includes an animal then an outline like this one could make for a pretty logo design.

foxwalks sawmill

26. Birch and Brush

Although you’d expect these guys to go with images of, well, a birch and a brush, this awesome logo design represents the specific type of carpentry that they do: beautiful wooden bowls. The elegant simplicity of this soft grey logo reflects the look of the sophisticated products.

birch and brush woodworking logo

27. Connor Chairs

Another awesome example of representing the physical product on your logo is this elegant chair. No frills, no drama, just a high-quality piece of wood furniture that promises to last a lifetime.

connor chairs woodworking logo

28. Club Wag Swag

With a playful name like this, you can’t really let down expectations and leave your customers without a truly good boy on your logo! While the Alsatian is the focal point of this logo, it’s still made industry relevant with simple ax and hammer icon design incorporated into the finished logo.

club wag swag woodworking logo

29. James Martin Vanities

Bears, deers, wolves, even raccoons, all the woodland creatures make a more obvious choice for logo ideas. That’s why this Roman-style lion delivers quite a surprising twist (it reminds me of something you’d see in a spa, which is very fitting for these woodworkers specializing in custom vanities!)

james martin vanities carpentry logo

30. Babic

The freelance designer behind this logo wanted to showcase a sense of tradition and timelessness and this elegant logo does it quite well. The stylized B with the addition of a simple oak leaf makes a timeless logo to put on business cards or company hats and t-shirts.

babic carpentry logo

31. Mokuchi

While we’re on the subject of leaves, here’s another great logo that utilizes this timeless symbol. This woodworking shop specializes in traditional Japanese woodworking and has an elegant logo to match. A simple maple leaf and a sharp serif font make it a wonderful and versatile logo (it would look perfect on any business card).

mokuchi woodworking logo

32. Boreal Carpentry

With so many images to choose from, a real art design is one that seamlessly marries several elements into one cohesive whole. The sketch of evergreen trees which are native to Canada (also where this company is based) replaces the saw blade’s teeth, which gives this sometimes daunting design element a softer look.

boreal caprentry logo

Elegant wordmarks for sophisticated woodworking shops

Another type of clientele for many contemporary wood furniture shops are people looking to spend a little more on a piece of custom-made, high-quality design. That’s why an elegant logo like one of these examples can help you impress a sophisticated audience.

33. The Lumberjack Woodshop

With a name like this, you’d certainly expect this business to have a cartoonish lumberjack or handyman character in their logo design. However, they successfully subvert all expectations with this high-end elegant logo.

lumberjack woodshop logo

34. Richwood

Moving on to some more monochrome examples that surprise with simplicity. This woodshop has another name that lends itself to obvious associations with wooden textures and trees, yet they opted for art design that appeals to stylish customers in their native New York.

richwood woodworking logo

35. Burl and Grain

This salvage hardwood and furniture business also offers sawmill services, so a simple wood cutting element works very well in their logo. Their designs are really quite unique, so this sharp, clean logo makes a nice contrast.

burl and grain woodworking logo

36. Benchmark

The lines in this logo might represent a tree trunk or more specifically a birch tree with its distinct marking. Or it could represent wood splinters. Whatever the design inspiration behind it, it looks incredibly professional and is very versatile which is important for this business, as it is actually used for three different company logos.

benchmark woodworking logo

37. Baur

This carpentry logo perfectly encapsulates how cool simple design can be. The five squares look great in an array of colors and make an amazing little detail on their modern wood furniture.

baur woodowrking logo

38. Maketory

These designs are all about showcasing a different, custom-made approach to creating furniture. And this woodworking business makes a playful twist by subverting the generic, boring factory into a place of creation and inspiration (where things are made). The logo itself is a clever way of combining the image of a factory with that of a wood saw and would make a wonderful sticker!

maketory woodworking logo

Woodworking tools for powerful logo design

A craftsman is only as good as their tools, so we’re rounding up this list with a few examples that showcase the tools needed for carpentry and woodworking. It’s possible to find vector illustration of these tools on many online logo maker platforms. However, a beautiful custom-made illustration will always help your business stand out.

39. Schitz Custom Carpentry

Hammers like these are a go-to tool for any handyman. However this unique design incorporates a textured background to make it a little more relevant to woodworking. The simple hexagon also makes for a crisp layout to include on business cards.

schlitz carpentry logo

40. Ørnbak

This fine logo shows a portion of any handyman’s tool set, however with great and very effective simplicity. The year this business started working is also seamlessly incorporated however focus is put on the craft itself (the tools).

hammered inc woodworking logo

41. Hammered Custom Carpentry

I love when a company logo delivers a little bit of a surprise. This one that uses nails instead of the expected hammer has just such an effect. They’ve also achieved a more dynamic look combining several different fonts that compliment each other well.

hammered inc woodworking logo

42. Miroslaw Kuka Woodworks

If you want something a little more intricate than a hammer or chisel, this logo concept can be a terrific source of inspiration. It includes a simplified sawmill which could be a great element to include on business cards and even engraved on your wood furniture pieces.

miroslaw kuka carpentry logo

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