13 Free & Professional Google Docs Business Card Templates

With these 13 business card templates you’ll find something designed for businesses in almost any industry. Take your pick and grab your free card!

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October 3, 2023

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Nothing says business is going great like a snazzy new business card! But before you just slap your logo onto a piece of white cardboard, consider these fantastic business card examples—and use our Google Docs templates to create one for yourself!

You want your business card to stand out, but not so much that it looks inappropriate. You want something cool but aren't entirely sure what design route to take or how to make your business card look good.

If you have no experience in design software like Photoshop or InDesign, a great alternative can be Google Docs.

If you don't know how to make business cards in Google Docs, we’re here to help. We got some talented designers on board and created these 13 professional business card templates that you can use. Follow these simple steps and create your new professional cards today:

  • Click on the image or in-text link to open a non-editable Google document.
  • Make a duplicate of the document that you can edit with your info.
  • Download a Microsoft Word of PDF file and send it off to the printers!
google docs business cards how to.jpg

Not sure how to make business cards on Google Docs? We hope you will use one of our free templates to make a fabulous new professional card for yourself today. Share with us how you’re using these design templates to network and improve your branding!

Happy browsing!

1. Elegant and sleek

If you're a business coach, financial consultant or have a high-end product or service (anything from cosmetics to boutique hotels), make sure your business cards look luxurious and classy.

It's a good idea to use two to three colors, and one of them should be a basic color like white/black/navy. A little bit of silver or gold can look very tasteful and add that exclusive feel. That's why we've created an elegant gold pattern to help your business card stand out. Put in your information in Google Docs using this clean outline on the front and include your logo if you like.

1_Elegant and sleek card mockup.jpg

2. Geometric

Using a simple geometric element can be a fantastic way to make business cards in Google Docs. Even better, the universality of these shapes makes this type of design a terrific business card choice for almost anyone!

Anything to do with IT, architecture, or science will fit very well with this bright, sharp card. Also, make sure you consider this option for hip startups and tech companies; or become the coolest accountant on the planet with this awesome business card template.

2_Geometric card mockup.jpg

3. Romantic and frilly

Bet you didn't know making business cards in Google Docs could look this good!

Florists, fashion designers, wedding planners: feel free to use this beautiful design to give your business that je ne sais quoi all your competitors are after!

If you're a life coach or massage therapist, these designs can create a sense of relaxation and serenity. Pick a gentle, cursive font like this one to make your cards really dreamy.

3_Romantic and frilly card mockup.jpg

4. Black and white

No messing about with this one! If you're a lawyer or a doctor, this black and white Google Docs template could be a great option to show how seriously you take your work.

On the other hand, black and white simplicity is quite popular with visual artists. The idea is that your art speaks for itself on a different platform, while your business card is very matter-of-fact, like a description card in an art gallery.

If you're a music, movie, or TV producer, you can lift this simple design with a cool font—this one makes me think of Captain America.

4_Black and white card mockup.jpg

5. Simple and Timeless

Simplicity can be a great route to take, especially if you're looking to create business cards that you will be able to use for a long time.

Clean lines, negative space and a simple outline are an excellent way to make your business cards in Google Docs. We've created a template that will work equally well with your logo or without it.

If you're an engineer or an accountant, use this design for yourself or encourage everyone in your company to use this Google business card template. If you're a doctor, dentist, or pharmacist, make sure you stock up on these clean, timeless business cards.

5_Simple and Timeless card mockup.jpg

6. Illustrations

Nothing says you're fun and confident like a great illustration. If you are a marketing or PR specialist or event planner, this card will help you come across as approachable and creative.

Anyone who receives this pretty, yet elegant illustration business card from you will likely store it in their wallet. This design isn't one you forget easily!

Pro tip: remember that you can always use artworks from our free illustration gallery to give your business cards and other visuals a more interesting look.

6_Illustration card mockup.jpg

7. Minimalist

Minimal design actually covers a wide range of ideas and naturally, can fit very well with pretty much any profession.

If your business is all about honesty and transparency, convey this message with minimal design. However, it works equally well if you want to give out an air of mystery and get your clients wondering what you're all about!

If you're a coach or consultant, download this awesome white and grey Google Docs business card template, in case you use your name for your brand. And again, a clean, white card such as this one would make a stylish choice for architecture studios or designers.

7_Minimalist card mockup.jpg

8. Photos

This type of business card is certainly one to be careful with. You don't want to seem like the weird person handing out pictures of yourself to strangers!

That said, this wonderful design can help add a personal touch to networking. Just add your most professional looking picture (perhaps the one you use on LinkedIn) and contact information, and you're ready to make some professional connections!

These business cards would work well for consultants and community managers. Of course, actors and models can also pop their best headshot onto this Google Docs business card and make a lasting impression.

8_Photo card mockup.jpg

9. Artistic

Cards that resemble mini artworks are, of course, a terrific choice for artists of any kind, but can also work really well for innovative nonprofits.

It can also be a marvelous option for restaurant owners and sommeliers—your classy clients will probably be more impressed with beautiful artwork than a boring glass of wine. If you're a psychologist or therapist, make your clients feel at ease with a beautiful example like this template.

9_Artistic card mockup.jpg

10. Bold

If you're in a line of work where it's essential to be there for a client, bold design can truly hone the message in.

Security and PR professionals, website hosting services, funky startups—a bold design is quite diverse. Don't overdo it, though; using a bold font on a very bright background could turn out to be a tad too much for the eye.

This is why we paired a bold font and bright green color on a simple white background to make this business card design in Google Docs.

10_Bold card mockup.jpg

11. Nature-inspired

Most of these designs can fit your color palette, but this one works particularly well with earthy tones.

If you're a fitness/yoga instructor, have a wholefoods or gardening brand, then this is definitely a route to consider. Add a nature-inspired detail (like tree, bird or leaf) that will kick things up a notch and help your business card stand out from the crowd.

Use our Google Docs template if you want this boho pattern to represent what your brand is about.

11_Nature inspired card mockup.jpg

12. Abstract

If you have a top-level job in the creative industry (producers, marketing managers/consultants, creative directors), abstract design on your card is both fitting and incredibly impactful.

Think about lines and how they create a sense of movement (or business agility). Play around with colors and hues to make this template a perfect fit for your small business. Purple is a very hip color currently, which is why we opted for using it to make this modern Google business card template.

12_Abstract card mockup.jpg

13. Retro

Make your card a blast from the past with vintage fonts/designs/prints. Goes without saying that these cards make perfect handouts for vintage and record stores. They're also a fantastic option for caterers and restaurants—think old diners and French bistros!

Of course, it can be a wonderful choice for graphic designers: after all, there are really few professions that are as cool and quirky!

If you're looking for the approval of nostalgic hipsters, we guarantee this creative business card is one you should get your hands on!

13_Retro card mockup.jpg

With these 13 business card templates you’ll find something designed for businesses in almost any industry. Take your pick and grab your free card!

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