The 17 Best Digital Design Agencies in 2024

Looking to elevate your digital presence? Here are some of the best agencies that offer digital design as a service.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. The right design, even in digital format can speak volumes without saying a single word. This is why brands put a lot of effort into digital design, and exactly why they seek the expertise of digital design agencies to help them fine-tune their users’ experience.

So, what does a digital design agency do? Which one do you choose? There are a lot of them out there, but there are a few that stand above the rest. Today, we’ll go over a quick list of 17 of the best out there in 2024. But first, let’s talk about a few fundamentals.

What does a digital design agency do?

In a sense, digital design companies are an extension of your team. They are a group of designers who specialize in creating digital products for brands and businesses to use online. This includes website design, app design, and even development.

In some cases, digital design agencies also handle illustrations, social media design, and a lot more.


1. ManyPixels

ManyPixels is a digital design agency that offers subscription-based services for the web, social media, illustrations, presentations, and more. Starting at just $549 per month, you have access to a team of expert designers who are ready to tackle any design project you can throw at them.

For just a fraction of the cost of many others on this list, you can have a website or landing page designed. This includes comprehensive UI/UX designs created by some incredibly talented designers.


BASIC/DEPT is a digital design agency that heavily focuses on global brand identity creation. It is very much a culture-centric approach that they take to design, and have worked with some big names like Google, KFC, and Wilson to help transform their digital appearances. 

B/D could be considered more of a digital design firm, as they offer direction/consulting as a central part of their services. Because of this wide approach, they don’t offer prices online.

3. UX Studio

UX Studio is another digital agency that emphasizes branding and strategy. At the core of this offer, however, is UX/UI design and digital design.

They do not offer much in terms of pricing, but they do specifically mention that they service real estate, travel, SaaS, retail, and edutech businesses. 


DHNN is another agency that focuses on UX, but they’re slightly different as they also offer app and website development services as well as blockchain services. This sort of puts them in the digital product agency category.

There aren’t any prices to speak of, but they do a great job at categorizing their services in a highly specific breakdown.

5. Nclud

Nclud is one of the top digital design agencies, boasting some impressive collaborations like Tesla and even NASDAQ. They’ve even worked with Bethesda Studios in UI/UX design and development for video games like DOOM.

They label themselves more as a strategic creative agency, stepping outside of the box and offering strategy, branding, user experience, and software development alongside design.

6. Noomo Design Agency

Noomo is a boutique digital design agency that’s garnered multiple awards for its sharp designs and strategic team. They can also be considered a digital product agency, as they’ve helped numerous brands leverage design for product growth.

7. Digital Masters

Digital Masters is a German-based web agency that specializes in marketing and project management, which also includes digital design. Their website is in German, meaning that they mostly cater to that specific market. However, being one of the top digital design agencies in Germany means that they still have an impressive list of clients like Yamaha and Hornbach.

They offer product development as well as ads and social media marketing. They even throw SEO into the mix to really boost themselves up as a well-rounded digital agency.

8. Mandelo

Although they’re mostly known for branding, Mandelo is one of the best digital design agencies. Based in both the Netherlands and South Africa, they help clients from all over the world elevate their brand in as little as three phases.

Those three phases are strategy, branding, and digital. The former two are pretty self-explanatory, but the digital phase is where it gets interesting. According to their website, the digital phase is where they build whatever it takes to start and maintain a brand online.

9. Duck Design

Duck Design is another subscription-based digital design agency. They are a relatively large team, with over 50 team members worldwide, and have an average project turnaround of only 9 hours.

Starting at 999€/month, users get access to unlimited, custom graphics specifically for day-to-day marketing. Things like banner templates, blog graphics, and product packaging design are included in this package. For more options, they do offer additional packages, ranging all the way up to 1699€/month.

10. Eatcaviar

Despite its name indicating otherwise, Eatcaviar is a San Diego-based digital agency that has designers stationed all over North America and Europe.

They’ve worked with some impressive clients like Spotify,, and Cannify, Eatcaviar, leveraging design to help brands build value. Although they are global, they don’t have a team as big as some of the others on this list.

Nonetheless, Eatcaviar is unique and definitely worthy of being labeled as one of the top digital design agencies on this list.

11. Wild Digital

Wild Digital is a digital product agency that helps strategize, build, and design brands. The small, 6-person team works out of Rotterdam, Netherlands, and is very well known for its creative and hands-on design process. 

12. Matic Digital

Based in the heart of Colorado, Matic Digital is a digital design firm that focuses on product strategy, design, and development. They help imagine, design, and develop software and systems for some major players in the SaaS, fintech, healthcare, and tech industry.

13. Propane

Propane is a San Francisco-based brand, UX, and platform consultancy agency that helps brands bring visions to life through creative strategies and design. They’ve been around since 2003, and have worked with some notable brands, including big car brands like Audi and Volkswagen.

14. Swenson HE

Swenson HE is a Texas-based digital strategy, development, and design agency that offers services for mobile app development only. From beginning to end, they help build applications for startups to strengthen their business.

15. Indicus

Indicus Agency is known for its branding solutions and co-creation workshops, labeling it as a big contender in the world of digital design. They specialize in building user-centric digital interfaces for products and applications alike, working with some big names like Samsung and Red Bull.

16. Arounda

Arounda is a massive web design and development agency that offers roughly 18 different solutions, only 5 of which are design-related. They have a special audience focus, providing services mostly for Web3, blockchain, and AI companies at the moment. 

17. Halo Lab

Halo Lab is a product-focused digital design agency that offers everything from research to growth services. Based in Ukraine, they boast some impressive achievements such as ranking #1 on Dribbble, a 100% success rate on Upwork, and being a top 100 global services provider on Clutch. 

What’s unique about Halo Labs, is that not only do they provide development services, but they offer open-source code for collaboration projects on GitHub. 


There are a lot of digital design agencies out there, but not all are created equal. Some top digital design agencies, even some of the ones on this list, charge thousands and thousands of dollars for a project.


That said, if you’re looking for an efficient, budget-friendly way to level up your digital design strategy, then look no further than ManyPixels. With the help of expert designers, you can dramatically transform your brand’s digital presence with web design, graphic designs, motion graphics, and video editing services.

Zach is a content and SEO strategist with an affinity for cars, tech, and animals. He runs a SaaS content agency, and when he's not typing, he runs his small-scale farm at home.

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