10 Types of LinkedIn Banner Templates for Your Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms globally, with over 1 billion users across 200 countries. So, how do you make your profile stand out? Use these LinkedIn banner templates to make your profile speak for you.

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February 5, 2024

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Ever wondered how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out in the crowded professional space? Well, it all starts with that first visual impression. 

Your profile picture and LinkedIn banner are the only visuals clients see when they land on your profile. So, it’s best that you make the most of that space.

Using a professional headshot in the profile picture is enough, but having a professional banner for the LinkedIn profile is equally important.

You might have questions like: “How to make a LinkedIn banner?” “What is the LinkedIn banner size?” “Are there any LinkedIn banner templates that I can use?”

In this blog post, we'll explore the role of LinkedIn banners in crafting a compelling personal brand and 10 impactful LinkedIn banner templates that you can use today!

Everything about LinkedIn banners

Before we dive into LinkedIn banner templates, there are a few things that you need to know about LinkedIn background images. So, let’s take a quick look at the essentials.

What is a LinkedIn banner, and why does it matter?

A LinkedIn banner, also known as a LinkedIn cover photo or background image, is a large image that spans the top of your profile page. It serves as a visual backdrop, and creates an immediate impression

Why does it matter? Your LinkedIn banner is a critical component of personal marketing. It's an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the crowd, convey a sense of credibility and attention to detail, and even suggest what industry you’re in. 

Recommended size for a LinkedIn banner

To ensure your LinkedIn banner appears crisp and professional, it's essential to adhere to the recommended dimensions. The optimal size for a LinkedIn banner is 1584 x 396 pixels (maximum file size is 8MB).

Source: Creatopy

Following these dimensions ensures your banner looks seamless on various devices, maintaining a polished and cohesive appearance across desktops and mobile devices.

Necessary elements to include in a LinkedIn banner

1. Calls to action (CTA): Whether it's inviting them to explore your latest projects, visit your website, or connect with you, CTAs add a proactive dimension to your profile.

2. Personal branding elements: Integrate elements that reflect your professional identity, such as showcasing your expertise, highlighting your industry involvement, or featuring key accomplishments.

3. LinkedIn background photo vs. stock images: While stock images can be tempting, a personalized LinkedIn background photo is recommended. It adds authenticity and uniqueness to your profile. If incorporating stock images, ensure they align with your professional narrative.

4. Company logo: If applicable, include your company logo within the banner to reinforce your association with a particular organization. This enhances brand consistency and communicates your professional affiliation.

10 eye-catching LinkedIn banner templates

You can create a LinkedIn banner using any photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Figma, or Canva. In fact, Canva LinkedIn banner templates are the best place to start if you do not have any idea about creating amazing LinkedIn banners.

1.Logo banner

A logo banner type for LinkedIn is a template with a designated space for incorporating your logo. This template emphasizes your personal brand or professional association with a specific company.

This template gives you placeholders for a title, an image, a CTA, and a prominent placeholder for a logo. This gives your LinkedIn profile a touch of professionalism and also tells your visitors what your brand is all about.

Download Here

Look at this monochromatic logo banner template. It prominently highlights your logo as a central visual element. This adds a touch of professionalism to your profile and creates a recognizable and consistent brand image. Such logo-based banners are perfect for MNCs or luxury brands.

Download Here

The template above blends shades of grey and black to represent a corporate look that will be a great choice for global companies.

2. Abstract

An abstract banner type for LinkedIn represents a template that embraces modern design principles, incorporating geometric shapes, lines, and abstract elements. 

Download Here

This LinkedIn banner template style aims to provide a contemporary and artistic look for your LinkedIn profile. Using triangles, circles, squares, and other abstract patterns creates a visually engaging and unique aesthetic that captures attention.

Download Here

The appeal of abstract LinkedIn banner templates lies in their ability to infuse a sense of creativity and modernity into your profile. These templates are versatile, often allowing users to personalize colors, shapes, and arrangements to match their individual style or brand identity.

These kinds of LinkedIn banners are perfect for SaaS, technology, and AI businesses.

Donwload Here

Our designer’s template is a perfect blend of creativity and chaos. The text placeholder lets you put your or your company’s name against a contrasting background. The contour-like lines add more depth to the banner.

3. Illustrations-based banners

Illustration-based banner templates are an excellent choice for individuals in creative fields or those looking to infuse creativity and uniqueness into their LinkedIn profiles.

These templates offer a high degree of personalization and expression, allowing users to select illustrations that resonate with their professional identity. For instance, an HR professional might use illustrations of diverse people to convey inclusivity and teamwork like the one below.

Download Here

Download Here

ManyPixels designs premium illustrations-based banner templates for your LinkedIn profile. Look at these two templates our designers created. The one above perfectly blends bright colors, and catchy illustrations and gives you the space to display your logo prominently.

On the other hand, the template below has a more minimalist approach. The illustration is simple and is a perfect banner for a digital marketer, an email marketing expert, or even a freelancer.

Download Here

4. Photo banner

A photo banner type for LinkedIn is a template specifically crafted with a designated placeholder for a prominent photograph. You can display one photo or multiple photos related to your industry, like in this template.

Download Here

The key advantage of using a photo banner template lies in its ability to serve as a visual storytelling tool. This template allows you to reinforce personal branding by choosing an image that effectively communicates your professional achievements, projects, or any narrative you wish to convey.

Download Here

In fact, personal photographs are a great way to do emotional marketing and build a connection with your audience and clients. Due to this, such LinkedIn banners are perfect for specialized professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Web Developers, etc.

Download Here

The banner above addresses a pain point with a poignant question and then gives you the space to showcase your face, your logo, and most importantly, what you deliver via your LinkedIn profile. You can change the question and tagline according to your service/profession.

Download Here

This template lets you prominently display your face on the right, along with your business logo. Such banners are very beneficial in establishing trust with your new audience.

5. Simple banner (monochromatic)

A simple LinkedIn banner template looks professional and clean, creating an uncluttered visual impression. The use of a single color scheme contributes to the simplicity of the design, fostering a focused and streamlined look.

Download Here

You can even use a simple handwritten banner like the one above. This banner type is perfect for individuals who want to add a touch a luxury and professionalism to their profile.

Download Here

A simple white text on a black background is a great choice for a LinkedIn banner if you want to keep it as simple as possible. You can simply insert a powerful tagline or promise you’ll deliver to the audience when they follow your profile.

6. Charts & graphs banner templates

This template type is a compelling choice for industries where quantifiable results play a significant role in demonstrating expertise and success. You can show just some graphs or numbers to show that you’re a data guy, like the template below.

Download Here

If you are a freelancer or do a data-related job, you can showcase your results for previous clients with this template. For example, if you are a LinkedIn marketing solutions expert, use this template to signal a goal-oriented mindset to potential clients.

Download Here

7. Icons-based banner template

This template is similar to illustration-based banners but simpler. Icons allow you to convey multiple concepts or attributes straightforwardly. You can use colored icons with a fill to connote creativity and enthusiasm, like the LinkedIn banner template below.

Download Here

You can even keep it minimal and use one or two icons like this template. This will let you bring out the other elements - name, job title, professional, or tagline - to more prominence.

Download Here

Download Here

Here’s a funky LinkedIn banner template from our own designers, with icons against a contrasting background color. This template will surely add a fun vibe to your LinkedIn profile.

8. Landscape banner templates

A landscape-based banner type for LinkedIn utilizes visually captivating landscape images, such as skylines or scenic views, to create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your profile.

Download Here

You can even use symbolic landscape banners like this streetlight photo banner. It gives a sense of hope in a calming manner.

Download Here

You can even add a touch of majesty to your LinkedIn profile with a banner template like this. It is not just captivating but also gives you the space to tell people what you do.

Download Here

Download Here

The above landscape banner displays a skyline that looks amazing at the top of your LinkedIn profile. It symbolizes that you like living ahead of everyone. The mountains in the banner below show that you love to live a momentous and free life. You choose as per your personality.

Download Here

9. Watercolor background

One of the most underrated LinkedIn banner types is the watercolor aesthetic background. It is eye-catching, adds a vibrant touch to your profile, and makes your profile pop out in the midst of professional profiles.

Download Here

You can even add a little floral touch to the banner or add some illustrations in the shade of the background colors. This will add more depth to the banner and look elegant with a nice profile picture.

Download Here

10. Minimal Aesthetics

Some people, including me, love minimal aesthetics, and various LinkedIn banner templates blend minimalism with professionalism. For example, this banner template blends various hues of pink with golden glitter. This kind of banner will look excellent on female content creators' LinkedIn profiles.

Download Here

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