Cool Pattern Designs to Use In Your Creations

Find cool and cute patterns you can download for free or buy, sorted into 3 categories: Art Deco & Geometrical, Abstract and Floral & Nature-Inspired.

October 1, 2020

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If your graphics need cool background design, check out these patterns that will make your art and ads quirky and fun. Whether you go for royalty-free patterns or designs you purchase, this selection has everything you need.

Pattern design is sometimes overlooked in the era of minimalism and simplicity. Still, cool patterns can add depth and playfulness to your creations, and make a stylish design out of a simple doodle.

Here are some free download patterns as well as curated patterns for sale, from abstract to retro ones.

Art Deco and Geometric Patterns

Ever since the early 20th century, Art Deco has been recognized as a classy, yet industrial style of painting, design and architecture. In terms of patterns, it is also one of the waves that relies heavily on them and geometric correctness. From pattern backgrounds in Parisian clubs to goldenrods in paintings, hexagon and cube patterns are very popular in this style.

1. Seamless geometric patterns (free)

Based on classic Art Deco traditions and ten different geometric shapes, these elegant seamless patterns are editable and easy to use. All of them have a vintage quality and will go great on wallpaper designs, packaging, branding and all sorts of marketing projects.

art deco 1.jpg

2. Art Deco patterns and frames (purchase only)

If you want more than just a retro pattern inspired by the 1920s, but also to include those luscious goldenrods of the Art Deco style as frames, this designer was generous enough to offer both in this bundle. They come in multiple formats, and the whole packages includes 20 seamless patterns (.AI, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG, and .PNG) and 20 decorative frames (.AI, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG, .JPG, and .PNG).

art deco 3.jpg
art deco 2.jpg

3. Art Nouveau-inspired (free)

Art Nouveau, Art Deco’s older sibling with more gentleness, floral elements and natural curvatures, is the base for this pattern. Inspired by Jasmine Friedl, current Director of Design at Intercom, it's an accessory to an eponymous font. It’s quirky and unordinary in comparison to the other patterns in this category since it’s not a typical geometric pattern.

jasmine freidl.jpg

4. Retro and geometric (free)

These groovy, 80s-looking patterns look perfect for wallpaper cool design but can be utilized in all kinds of graphic design creations. There are eight different designs and colors, from abstract to chevron-looking ones.


Abstract patterns

Abstract backgrounds can be very effective to attract attention and add some organic forms or creative elements to your designs.

Here are some vector patterns you’ll love.

5. Handmade vector patterns (free)

These cute doodled cute patterns resemble different styles and movements, from a Keith Haring-like background to one that can be easily mistaken for a Zentangle custom pattern. They look modern and piercing, and all eight of them will be a refreshing addition to cover designs, stickers, ads, or even packaging.

abstract 1.jpg
abstract 2.jpg
abstract 3.jpg

6. Memphis Space Seamless Patterns (free)

Get ready to be catapulted to the 80s, because these seamless backgrounds came straight from your childhood carpets and wallpapers. Featuring the spirit and playfulness of the Memphis style, these colorful seamless vector patterns will be enough for even the pickiest retro lovers. You can find them in both 3D and flat design style, and many, many colors.


7. Dotted circle patterns (free)

If you want patterns with a more simplistic vibe and need a white pattern with elements, this package of 16 different patterns on transparent backgrounds will make it easy for you to implement them in your design. All patterns are available in PSD, JPG and PNG format, and they are applicable for greeting cards, packaging, stationery and other things.

dotted circles.jpg

Nature inspired and floral seamless patterns

Who is a better designer of patterns, than nature herself? The natural world can sometimes provide the best background, and humans recognized this in design as well. From Boho style cute patterns to Victorian floral wallpapers, we’ve been seeing floral and nature-inspired designs for a long time.

8. Colorful and cute floral pattern (free)

If you don’t feel like this flower pattern is cute and elegant enough on itself, the designer made it for his mom. This should make you feel touched, right? It is flowy, colorful and perfect if you need a touch of feminine and romantic.


9. Orange Fruit Watercolor Collection (free)

This lovely watercolor pattern design collection consisting of nine cliparts and two patterns will make an amazing creation of anything you apply it to. It is suitable for product packaging, decoration, tote bags, stationery, and other projects.


10. Maritime elegance (free)

Cute fish, mermaids and seaweeds in gorgeous sea blue and white patterns. It might not be the most widely applicable design, but it’s elegant, simple and perfect if you are a fan of Azulejo tile designs or Greek island architecture. It would be great to implement in menu design for a fish or seafood restaurant, or tote bag and t-shirt designs as well.

maritime 2
maritime 3

11. Watercolor flower collection (free)

Finally, in our list we have this floral wallpaper pattern of handpainted flowers, wreaths and leaves. This seamless background collection is sure to look great on anything, from wedding invitations to t-shirt designs and even an actual white wall.



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