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Essential Facebook Ad Tips and Tricks

25 Marketing Hacks For Outstanding Facebook Ad Design

Dec 7, 2021
16 minutes


Discover 25 quick and easy design hacks that will help you produce effective ads on Facebook.

Do you feel like your Facebook ads are stale, boring, and not getting you enough attention? We all know how annoying this stagnation phase can be, but there is no need to fall into despair. Every problem has a solution; you only have to be creative enough to find it. Let’s go over some quick Facebook ads 101.

How to create an effective Facebook ad

It is needless to say that Facebook ad campaigns are one of the most effective tactics of paid media marketing. Well, that is if you know how to create a Facebook ad.

Ad structure is the key point of every Facebook ad, so if you want to improve your advertisement skills, it is logical to start from here. Depending on where your ad will be published, it can contain several characteristics from this list:

  • Your business name must always be prominently displayed.
  • The second most important thing is social information. It is crucial for users to see if their friends have engaged with your ad on this social media.
  • Your ad text must be interesting yet informative. It is mandatory to explain your ad to your users and catch their interest.
  • Nothing works its magic on your target audience like eye-grabbing media. A good graphic is a show stopper, a high-quality image or video ad will make anyone stop and stare. Use this to your advantage.
  • And last but not the least, a call to action. Use this to encourage people to click on your ad.

This is the typical structure that every Facebook ad should have, but it isn’t always enough to grab the attention of the potential customer while he or she scrolls through the news feed.

You must remember one golden rule—emphasize the visual aspect of your advertisement over the written one. Why? Since Facebook prioritizes visual content over written content, it is easier to conclude which one will draw more attention.

Make it artistic, make it bright, make it unique, and your ad will go from average to outstanding in no time.

25 Facebook ad design hacks that sell

1. Combine creativity, colors, and contrast

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the Facebook newsfeed? Endless rows of images and some boring ads (here or there). That seems sad, right?

Did you know that people form their opinion about other people and things they interact with within the first 90 seconds mainly based on the visual impact? So the first impression must cause the wow effect.

Play with colors and avoid ad fatigue by using contrast. Using highly contrasting colors on a landing page will draw more attention to your page.

It is proven that it boosts click rate by 75%! Don’t be afraid to experiment, use 3 to 5 colors, or even more. Take a little risk and it will pay off gradually, trust me.

2. Carousel ads are a must-try

This type of ad allows you to explore your creativity. Still, keep your ad simple, add precise ad descriptions, and consistent design.

To make people want to scroll more, make sure you choose the most attractive carousel video or image that will be displayed first. A carousel ad is a perfect way to tell a story through it and use straightforward call-to-action under every slide to motivate people.

3. Design an ad that will pop up on the entire newsfeed

You can create a contrast carousel ad where you will use one color combo on the left side and the opposite color combo on the right side, and that for sure will draw attention. But, sometimes you need more than simple contrast among the ad elements.

You need your ad to highlight the entire newsfeed, and you can do that by using light backgrounds and testing your ad to see the difference.

4. Place the main message of your campaign right in the image

Usually, the first thing people notice in your ad is an image, so use this in your favor. Place your slogan right in the middle of your image. Still, make sure it follows the technical guidelines and requirements of Facebook. No more than 20 percent of the full image should be text, so resize the text accordingly.

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5. Keep it short and simple

The important thing is to make your slogan short but effective. As I said, Facebook is all about visuals and it doesn’t like images with too much text in them. Heavy text ads have very limited reach on Facebook, so don’t make this mistake.

Making it sweet and funny will help seal the deal, and here is my favorite example of it.

It is short, straightforward, and it involves puppies, their message could not be more clear.

oh.my Source: Pinterest

6. Make it emotional

Like I said above, make your ad content sweet, emotional, and heartwarming. If the holiday season is near (Christmas is just around the corner now), play on that card. Match the emotional image with the adequate copy and you have a winner.

It is important to use the right kind of emotions, for example, don’t use melancholy when you advertise during the Christmas frenzy. Play it smart and use happiness, excitement, surprise. You get my point.

Studies have shown that campaigns that display purely emotional content perform twice as better as those that show only rational content.

7. Image size is vital

It is important to make your ad look good on every type of screen, and this includes choosing the right size of the image. Make sure you upload pictures that are at least 1200 x 628 pixels wide, and you can be sure your ad will look great.

8. Use popular brand logos and concepts in your ad

This one is as logical and simple as it can be. Our brains do recognize popular brands with ease. So if you collaborate with some popular brand, or if your work integrates with some of the popular tools, make sure you show this in your Facebook ad.

9. Include symbols in your ad campaign

I bet you are confused now, but this is a simple yet very effective hack. When our brains process information, they rely on emotions to help us make a decision. Use this to your advantage.

Simply include symbols in your ad and let people correlate your brand with the symbols’ meaning. This will also encourage people to buy your product since they can link it to the popular brand in which they trust. There are a lot of examples of this kind of advertisement.

But the best one in my opinion is this PayPal ad. It is so simple, yet it speaks so many languages, thanks to the icons they uploaded in the image. This is a job well done if you ask me.

oh.my Source: Pinterest

10. Instead of images, try using GIFs

This option was not available for a long time, but luckily for us now it is. Still, many people do not know about this great hack.

You might think that this will be a bit complicated, but in fact, the process is the same. Create an ad in Ad Manager and instead of an image, upload an animated GIF from the video section. If you have the skills, you can also create your own unique GIF.

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11. Replace the good old images with videos

As I already mentioned before, the first impression is crucial when you want to target your audience. If you are selling a product that is a more complex ad with an image just won’t do it well?


You need a chance to explain all the great benefits of using your product and video is a tool that will help you do this. But keep it short and simple, since the longer the video the less interaction with potential buyers.

One more hot tip—use captions. Captioned videos rank way better.

12. Use specific location images in your ad

The more relevant your Facebook ad is, the more targeted audience you will get. When you advertise your product or business on Facebook and you add images of the specific cities where you operate, this way you will enhance your relevance.

These types of ads do take some extra time to create, but they work like a charm.

oh.my Source: Pinterest

13. Make your ad design and landing page twining

How many times did you click on some ad and ended up disappointed since it does not sell what they advertised?

Imagine, you are hungry, and you see an ad where they display dancing sugary donuts, and you can almost taste them. Then you click the ad intending to buy them, only to end up on a website that sells bakery equipment for example.

It is easy to make people click on your ad, the problem is how to sell them the products you are advertising. Rule number one is, do not deceive them.

Match your ad design with your landing page design and your conversation rates will go up by at least 20%. A big plus is if you match your ad offer with your landing page offer, and this is how we come to our next Facebook hack.

14. Advertise your own product in action

I first like to see a product that I tend to buy advertised in real life to say so. That is why including your own product in your ad is a win-win situation.

There is science beyond this conclusion. Your brain prioritizes visual memory over your hearing memory, so you should design an ad that will make an impact on your potential buyer’s memory.

Impress them, make them want to buy your product immediately, and this is how you will do it. Make it look irresistible, but don’t sugarcoat it too much. They need to see what they will get in real life. Also, make them think about how they can use your product this way you will motivate them to purchase.

15. Point out the before and after

In case your product needs to be unpacked or prepared, you should think about engaging those phases in your ad. This way you will tell a short story about your product, help your customer prepare it (some will need help with it), and show them various ways how they can use it. This is a great way to promote your product and encourage buyers to make the purchase.

However, there is a little trick: not all before and after ads are approved by Facebook. I will quote Facebook’s Advertise Police here:

“Ads must not contain “before-and-after” images or images that contain unexpected or unlikely results. Ad content must not imply or attempt to generate negative self-perception in order to promote diet, weight loss, or other health-related products.”

16. Use hero shots to make your ads more personal

Various researchers tell us that seeing a sad face makes us feel empathy, seeing a smiling face makes us feel happy, and so on. So if you use an image for your Facebook ad that displays a smiling customer, your potential buyers will feel safe and comfortable using your services.

Don’t use old stock images, but find a real person that will associate with your product and watch how it rapidly enhances your conversion.

oh.my Source: Pinterest

17. Combine hero shots with straight-to-point ad copy

If you use an actual image of a customer they will use approximately half of your ad image, so what do you do with the other half? Well don’t leave it blank, that is the worst-case scenario.

Add some copy on the other side and make it meaningful, also you might think about including captions since they draw more attention than heavy text.

18. Be unique, be innovative

People are tired of seeing the same ad design over and over again across their Facebook newsfeed. I get that you probably work with tons of ad design at the same time, but keep in mind that you should always emphasize quality over quantity.

One high-quality Facebook ad will do so much more than ten low-quality ads. Make an effort, avoid using the same free stock photos, make your own, stand up in the crowded competition lane, be a leader, be a trendsetter.

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19. Create a branded look using colors

When I say stand out in a crowd, I mean differentiate yourself from the competition in an original way. Use a color overlay to create a branded look.

Pick out a color from your brand logo for example, and use it all the time on your images, this way you will create a unique overlay that people will recognize and relate with your product every time they see it.

20. Always stay true to your ad design

This one is my favorite—consistency. Nothing will work in your favor as much as consistency will.

This does not mean you shouldn’t make some small changes. Evolving your ad design is an important part of your campaign but do it gradually. Use a new color variant, use a new font, include some new symbols, include new faces, replace the image with a video, but stay true to your original ad design that your customer can recognize and relate to your brand.

Consistency will make your brand easily recognizable which will pay off in the long term. Follow the upcoming link to learn more about how to stay relevant in the marketing yet true to your brand design.

21. Discount offers are your best promoters

Everyone loves discounts, period.

So why not use that as your advantage. If you run a discount campaign make sure it is visible to your customers. Make it bold, make it scream "DISCOUNT". Place the sign in the middle of your ad image and use some contrast color, make sure no one misses out on this.

You can also place the discount in your ad headline, but as stated visual effects are better than written ones.

When you run a discount campaign it is important to use clear dates, such as, "Today only", or "Offers ends in a week", play on the urgency card.

oh.my Source: Pinterest

22. Clear call-to-action

Unfortunately, you are limited when creating a call-to-action part of the ad since there’s a limit to Facebook choices, and they are straightforward to avoid the mess. However, there are still some things you can change to spice it up a little.

If your product is digital, if you run an app, for example, don’t use learn more, or sign up, try using download now, and see how that will affect your conversion. Add CTA into your ad image, make it visible.

A great example of this hack is Wallaby. They combined bright colors, simplicity, and straightforward call-to-action.

oh.my Source: Pinterest

23. Be strategic use statistics and graphs

People always prioritize meanings over the hard facts, and that is a fact. So when you display a graph or a statistics number, they won’t care about the actual numbers that are shown, they will be interested in the meanings of it, leading them to read your ad.

This is the effect you want to cause when using statistics.

24. Take the psychology of colors into consideration

Don’t underestimate the importance of the colors you use in your Facebook ad. Color psychology is a real thing. You might think that flashy colors will draw more attention to your ad, but sometimes this is not true.

For instance, younger people do prefer flashy bright colors, but if your product targets an older population you should consider using calm and neutral colors such as grey, blue, or purple.

  • Each color represents an emotion:
  • Yellow describes optimism, clarity, warmth.
  • Orange is related to being friendly, cheerful, and confident.
  • Red is a fierce color, it represents excitement and youth.
  • Purple is a magical color that describes someone wise, creative, and imaginative.
  • Blue is a color of trust, dependability, and strength.
  • Green reconnects you with nature, makes you peaceful, and associates you with health.
  • Gray is great when you want to represent balance, neutrality, and calmness.

So if you are selling a hot sauce you won’t use grey or green, you will combine red and orange, for example. Link the colors with the emotions you want to trigger in people.

25. Design for mobile

A mobile device is something we can’t imagine our lives without. So what is the point of your ad if it can’t be accessed over a mobile device properly? It is estimated that almost 80% of Facebook users log in to their accounts over the mobile.

This means only one thing: your ad design should be optimized for Facebook as much as it can be to achieve the best results. There are some easy tips and tricks you should follow. Create vertical videos to fit the mobile screen perfectly, full-screen videos are the best since they talk for themselves so keep the text to the bare minimum.

Make people interact with your ad in a unique way, how? Well, you know how you can tilt your phone up and down, left or right? Bingo! Create an ad where people can change the Facebook ad images by tilting the phone.

oh.my Source: Pinterest

In the end, it Is all up to you

There are a lot of marketing hacks that will help you step up your advertising game, but undoubtedly an eye-catching design is what will make or break your campaign.

Each of the hacks I shared here with you will help you tell a story about your product in an original way, but this is only up to you now. You are the one who needs to put them together and make the winning combination.

Keep in mind that design is not the only thing that delivers the best results, you must pair a great design with an interesting straightforward copy.

If you are stuck and you have a creative blockade why not let us take care of your business? Our team of experts will make their magic for you in no time. Contact us today and let’s start a new and improved chapter in your business together.

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Teodora Rauh

December 7, 2021

Privileged to be raised in the most beautiful city in the world, Novi Sad. Studied biology and ecology at the University of Novi Sad. A creative soul, travel enthusiast, passionate writer, and crazy dog lover. Proud mama of (for now :) ) one stubborn English Bulldog.