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5 Reasons Why Powerful Graphic Design Goes a Long Way

5 Reasons Why Powerful Graphic Design is Important for Any Business

Graphic design
January 26, 2022
11 minutes


Little did you know that powerful graphic design can help your business grow exponentially and convey a strong message of uniqueness to your potential customers.

You have all heard how first impressions matter the most, and you should apply that statement to your business strategy. If you are about to start building your business, you must first pay attention to your brand image.

Your main goal is to build a reliable and reputable brand identity. Effective graphic design will provide the credibility your company needs, and it will also make you look more professional, which is the best way to gain your targeted audience’s trust.

Gaining and keeping the trust of your current and potential customers can make or break your business. Therefore I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to invest in high-quality graphic design.

How does graphic design contribute to your business success?

High-quality graphic design is crucial in the competitive business world. Your business needs the services of graphic designers to create stunning marketing deliverables that will help build brand awareness.

To promote your business and enhance brand recognition, you will need an impressive amount of marketing materials. These include - logo, flyers, business cards, website, landing page, leaflets, etc.

If you are still unaware of how graphic design can contribute to your business success, here is the answer: it helps expand brand reach and turns more profit. Investing money in graphic design services is investing money in your future. If you need more reasons, I’m about to give you five!

5 Reasons why powerful graphic design is necessary for your business growth

Graphic design is present everywhere. From newspapers, product packaging, and books to websites - it provides personality and visual presentation to your business. There is no successful advertising campaign without a good graphic design to back it up.

Most of us can understand that outstanding design is important for a business, but do you understand how and why?

Exactly how graphic design contributes to your business success?

Primarily, graphic design is here to enhance the visual communication of your brand. It effectively bridges the gap between your business and your audience. Let me explain this to you with a simple example.

You had a hectic day at work, and there are a lot of chores waiting for you at home, so naturally, you won’t have time or energy for a proper home-cooked meal. On your way home, you stop in your favorite supermarket to take something from the ready-made meals section.

Bingo! you spotted lasagne (crowd of people doing a Mexican wave)!

You narrow down the choice to two products: one that is cheaper and has a not-so-appetizing picture on the container’s cover, and one that is a bit more expensive but the lasagne on their cover photo looks mouthwatering!

Yup, the one that looks scrumptious. Thanks to the tasty graphics, some lucky company wins over your trust (and money) from the competition.

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Make a strong first impression

What your brand looks like and how it’s represented in the digital and physical world is how your potential clients will perceive it. People make snap judgments, and it takes only about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website! Scary, right?

Graphics must grab an audience’s attention almost instantly since, in many cases, this will be the first time potential customers interact with your brand. It would help if you had an engaging homepage that reflects your brand identity in the best way to make a strong first impression.

Most of your potential customers will hear about your brand via the web, social media, or from their friends and family, and the first thing they will do is search for your website. The landing page design must be flawless!

Suppose you have a hard time brainstorming an idea about how your landing page should look. Why not take a glance at our comprehensive guide, or even better, give us a quick buzz and some of our awesome experts will take this matter into their hands and help create magical design deliverables in absolutely no time.


That’s where they will make the first judgment of your brand and decide if they want to give your product or services a chance.

Powerful graphic design increases sales

People are attracted to aesthetics; just how many times did you purchase something simply because it looks beautiful even though you knew you didn’t need it? I’ve done that countless times, and this is proof of how carefully planned graphic design benefits your business.

The golden rule is that high-quality design represents the magnitude of brand quality and vice versa. In summary, powerful graphic design equals high-quality product; high-quality product improves brand recognition, and as a result, we get to transform leads into buyers.


Brands that feature an outstanding logo design or original banner ad will likely generate more sales.

Establish brand identity

As stated above, a vital part of your brand’s lasting image is logo design. Yes, a good first impression will help spread the word about your brand, but the logo design is responsible for raising brand recognition. Your logo design must be created with your target audience in mind. And while logo design is important, this is not the only visual element that helps represent your company aesthetically and professionally.

Fonts, colors, and placement of images also contribute to creating your corporate identity, and they need to be carefully considered to target a specific audience. Create a recognizable and memorable brand by using adequate colors and fonts.

Did you know that you can convey your brand’s voice and message as serious, reliable, friendly, or fun just by the right choice of font? A good graphic designer can create a custom font for your brand to represent you in the light you envisioned.

Putting effort into choosing the right colors for your brand is not a waste of time. The right choice of colors will attract the right type of customers, promote your brand values, and help your customers remember you. Colors are generally more memorable than font, imagery, or text, so use them wisely.

Here is a quick and simple overview of the most common colors used in branding design and the messages that they are associated with:

  • White - This color is a spokesperson for something simple, minimalistic, gentle, clean, pure, spacious, high-tech, lightweight, economical, or clinical. White color paired with silver details will symbolize grace and elegance.
  • Black - Opposite white, black represents luxury, style, sophistication, power, expensiveness, modernity, slickness, formality, precision, strength, seriousness, and reliability. Combine black with some gold or bronze details, and your brand will scream luxury and prestige.
  • Grey - If you want to portray your brand as serious, balanced, neutral, calm, mature, mysterious, with a hint of elegance and sophistication, then this is your color.
  • Brown - This is a natural color that instantly reminds you of earth, nature, and stability. It is also related to the feeling of wholesomeness. Combine it with green to capture that organic feeling.
  • Red - The first thing that comes to my mind when I see red is energy. It is also related to action, passion, romance, warmth, love, danger, excitement, youthfulness, or something dynamic and can actually stimulate appetite.
  • Orange - A color of happiness, friendliness, joy, creativity, playfulness, health, and enthusiasm. Use this color if you want to boldly stand out from the crowd.
  • Yellow - The color of the sun symbolizes optimism, warmth, brightness, happiness, progression, hope, nature, and life.
  • Blue - Blue is a serene and calming color that is great for representing intelligence, trust, calmness, dependability, professionalism, honesty, and peacefulness.
  • Purple - This is the royal color that associates your brand with prestige and luxury, spirituality, magic, and wisdom.
  • Green - This is the most versatile color. It is linked with nature, harmony, rebirth, progress, movement, growth, and wealth. It also symbolizes action (getting the green light means going ahead).

Brand identity sets you apart from the competition and connects you with your target audience. To develop and maintain a recognizable brand, you will need a consistent design with a clear message you want to voice, and this must be applied across all communication channels.

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Remember that the best logo designs worldwide are simple. A carefully designed logo will help you pique the interest of your potential consumers, influence their opinion and decision, and serve as a ubiquitous communication tool across all your products and promotional material. People are more likely to forget a logo design that is too complicated, so keep things clear and straightforward.

People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, but 80% of what they see and do! Use this information to your advantage and gain their trust and establish credibility by using specific visuals and infographics to present relevant facts about your product. This will strengthen the relationship that you already have with your customers and draw the attention of new potential customers.

Convey a message the right way

In a world overwhelmed by so much confusing information, being the one that sends clear and concise data is what you strive for.

If your brand has a lot of information that you want to share with your audience, long words and lengthy texts are not the best options since they might seem tedious and time-consuming.

However, the same information presented through striking imagery, infographics, charts, illustrations, or other engaging visuals can simplify the message.


Visuals are a great way to retain information. Also, they are highly shareable, so they can quickly become valuable content for your social media platforms and promotion material.

While each visual has a different purpose and look, they must still resemble each other to contribute to brand consistency. The most important thing is that people can recognize your brand at a glance.

Creativity as a main differentiating factor

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with so much information at once that it is hard to keep up. There are many similar brands today, and it seems like they are copying each other. They all send the same message in the same way, which is a big mistake.

To set yourself apart from the competition, you need a powerful graphic design that immediately differentiates you from the others. Use creative custom graphics and videos to make your brand’s story memorable. That should not be hard to do with so many tools available today.

The only challenge is to make sure that the images you want to use are high-quality and communicate the brand’s message.

The included copy must creatively demonstrate how a brand’s products or services can solve a specific problem of your potential client. Implement innovative ideas, constantly evolve your brand, and show your audience you empathize with their struggles and will do your best to make their troubles go away quickly.

How to build and improve brand recognition?

Become the best brand you can be. But how? Two simple words: brand awareness. There are many different ways to build and establish brand awareness, but here are a few that you can start implementing today:

  • Writing guest blogs for other websites
  • Creating shareable imagery, infographics, and charts
  • Implementing SEO campaigns with the right user-intent related keywords
  • Offering referral programs
  • Developing a unique brand voice
  • Increasing your organic social media presence and running ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  • Forming partnerships with influencers

Did you know that almost 94% of the population recognize the Coca-Cola logo? That is a crazy stat if you ask me, and yes, Coca-Cola is an iconic company, and the point is not to compare yourself with them - it’s about learning from them. So what did we learn?

Screenshot (182).png Designed by Akira Habu

We learned how to build and improve brand recognition, and we learned that without brand awareness, all our efforts would fail. With the right people in your creative team, you can build a brand that is easily recognizable and unforgettable. Great design converts, don’t forget that.

Need help with your creative process?

Powerful graphic design is essential for any business, and getting it right is a long and complicated process, especially if you are a newbie in the design world. Luckily, we at ManyPixels understand that, and we are here to offer you help from the experts. We are just one email away – contact us today, and let us bring your design vision to life.

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Teodora Rauh

January 26, 2022

Privileged to be raised in the most beautiful city in the world, Novi Sad. Studied biology and ecology at the University of Novi Sad. A creative soul, travel enthusiast, passionate writer, and crazy dog lover. Proud mama of (for now :) ) one stubborn English Bulldog.