The Importance of Professional Graphics for Your Business

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How Professional Graphics Can Boost Your Brand’s Growth

7 Ways Professional Graphics Will Help Your Business

Graphic design
February 11, 2022
10 minutes


Nowadays, having professional graphics and an impressive logo design is essential for every business that wants to stay relevant in its niche. If you want your business to grow and become a recognizable brand, then you need to invest in high-quality graphic design.

Start with yourself.

Yes, you are a business owner, but at the same time, you are a consumer as well. Take some time and answer these questions:

  • What draws you in when you see a new brand on the market?
  • Why do you stay loyal to your favorite brand?
  • How many times has the visual appeal made you do a double-take, and why?
  • How many times did a business sign, logo, or banner ad catch your attention and make you think, “oh, what a fantastic product I need to try this!”?

I’m sure that happens pretty often.

This happens consciously or subconsciously, considering that our brain constantly recognizes and creates an emotional response to images we encounter. Trigger my emotions, and you will get my brain’s attention.

That is the point of investing in quality graphic design, and that is how you create brand appeal.

Find out how to build a strong and unique brand

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How can graphics increase business value?

I am sure you all have heard that the design of your company’s promotional material needs to be seen as an investment rather than an expense.

Some changes are very noticeable and give fast results. For example, the effects of a new email marketing campaign can be seen in the number of new subscribers, event attendees, social engagement, product sales, new clients, etc.

On the other hand, some changes are subtle and slightly slower; however, they still highly impact your business evolution. Some of these elements’ contributions can’t be measured or tracked. For example, can you honestly say what the value of a redesigned logo is?

So, how can graphics increase the business value when it might not translate into immediate dollars and cents? High-quality graphic design will enhance your company image and promote brand recognition, translating into customer loyalty and sales in the long run. But more on that a little later.

As for now, let’s dig into how outstanding graphics can contribute to your business growth.

7 ways high-quality graphics will help your business and improve your company image

Creating a memorable brand is not as simple as it seems. You might not realize it, but graphic design plays a significant role in your business. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to reach out to your customers or build a brand identity.

Here’s why it’s time to start investing in new graphic design initiatives or update your existing graphic design approach:

Professional graphics can mean the perfect balance between customer retention and customer acquisition

  • Let’s cut to the chase:
  • You want your brand to thrive.
  • You want your brand to expand.
  • You want to increase sales.

What do you need to make those things happen? The simple answer is customers.

You will retain old customers and acquire new ones by constantly evolving your marketing campaigns and graphic design, but at the same time, remain faithful to your brand’s message and quality.

You simply need to think about the last ad you clicked on or the brand you’re following on Instagram to know what we’re talking about.

Impeccable graphic design improves the readability of your content

Whether the content is on your product packaging, poster, leaflet, social media post, blog, or website, a straightforward and concise design will improve readability.

People don’t like reading copy-heavy texts. It makes them feel overwhelmed with information, so they quickly lose interest.

Use only the essential words that will pique their interest. And implement as many graphics, infographics, bubble charts, illustrations, or whatever visual element you think is suitable to simplify the user interface and make the user-experience more enjoyable.

Professional graphics compliment your advertising efforts

Creative and quality advertisement is everything nowadays. If your advertising doesn’t have eye-catching graphics (no matter how creative your campaign copy is), it just won’t yield the required results.

The best way to advertise your business is by combining traditional advertising (flyers, brochures, posters, leaflets, etc.) with social media marketing. Your social media presence is vital but not enough for quality advertising, so focusing solely on that medium is a big mistake.

Printable and digital advertising deliverables require catchy graphic design that will serve as an attention-grabber and increase visibility and brand recognition.

How do I apply brand appeal in advertising?

Everyone is chasing the “Wow!” factor in their marketing. But what really makes my brand more appealing than the next?

One of my favorite examples of brand appeal in advertising is Coca-Cola. In this advertising campaign that ran under the slogan “A classic never goes out of style,” they implemented famous music artists, actors, movie scenes, and cars. These classic and evergreen icons were used to outline an old-fashioned Coca-Cola bottle.

That there is advertisement done right! They used nostalgia to attract the attention of a targeted audience (subtly aiming at the older generations). At the same time, the slogan tells us how Coke is evergreen, just like the famous icons on the bottle.

A memorable logo helps your company stand out from the crowd

Your company is most likely part of a large and crowded marketplace. Your CI (Corporate Identity) or company image is crucial when establishing your company name amongst the competition. One of the essential elements of a CI is an outstanding logo design. Why a logo? A logo is a branding element always present on your brand (website, product packaging, promotional material, business cards, etc.).

Find the best fonts that will make your logo stand out

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People remember your brand by your logo. Look at how Pepsi did it, and their competition is none other than Coca-Cola itself. Talk about bravery! They entered this cold-soda war, and they are slaying on the battlefield.

pepsi can ad.png Designed by: Nelson Guimarães

Using consistent professional graphics based on your CI can help build a loyal customer following

Custom professional graphic design based on your CI will help your business stand out from competitors and create a loyal following.

It’s become increasingly crucial for brands to build long-lasting relationships with consumers. Suppose you manage to establish a jaw-dropping CI and deliver professional graphics accordingly. In that case, your audience will recognize your product anywhere and at first glance. Even if you implement small changes (for instance, you redesign your logo), they will still be able to identify your brand among competitors.

A good example is one of our favorite snacks. I can guarantee you that a lot of people recognize Pringles without hesitation. Yet their iconic can packaging has had numerous slight changes throughout the years.

pringles can.png Designed by: Osama Abdelmoez

Quality graphic design triggers emotions and enhances employee productivity

Many people take this for granted, but a healthy workplace has a strong core of brand identity. Engagement may seem like a nebulous concept to you, but you want your employees to be productive, right?

Suppose your employee is proud to be a part of your company. In that case, he will be more committed, leading to enhanced productivity. Keep them happy and make them feel connected to the company’s culture. Positive brand identity triggers a feeling of community (Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” plays in the background).

Just imagine the following scenario - you are working at a company whose poorly designed website is challenging to navigate. Not only does it look like someone threw the entire thing together based on a YouTube tutorial, but the site also makes purchases almost impossible. If you were one of the employees, how would you feel? Probably annoyed and frustrated - just like a myriad of unsatisfied customers.

Hiring a professional graphic designer that can provide professional graphics saves you time and money

Changes, delays, and redesigns cost time and money; that is why hiring an excellent graphic designer is a must. I get that your marketing budget is tight, but investing in a professional graphic designer will pay off in the long run and contribute to the business value.

I will explain with a simple example. Imagine this: you DIY-ed your company’s newsletter. Then you send it for printing only to find out that most of the content is being cut off by the bleed, and the colors won’t translate to the printed version. You just spent a lot of money and time on a marketing deliverable that you can’t use!

This can never happen when you hire an experienced graphic designer. They are educated to know things like:

  • when and which file format to use,
  • paperweights and uses,
  • color models and contrast,
  • how to scale your website or magazine properly,
  • how to adjust the contrast so your content will be easily readable when published.

Don’t do these things on your own without the proper knowledge and education. Cheap design often means poor design, and unfortunately, poorly designed graphics are the most expensive.

Did you know that the hourly wage of a professional graphic designer starts from $31 per hour? And while freelancers are a bit more affordable, paying per project can accumulate in costs.

But there’s a better way to get all the creative help you need - a subscription-based workforce. This option offers you the following:

  • the best designer for your specific needs.
  • a subscription-based model that allows you to stick to a predictable budget. It guarantees you transparency (and cost-efficiency) without any possibility of getting shocked by a surprise bill coming your way. When you subscribe to a plan, you pay a flat rate no matter how many design requests or revisions you require.
  • you don’t have to invest in additional, innovative (and expensive!) technology to stay in the game.

If you feel like a subscription-based model that gives you the creative help you need at an affordable monthly wage might be the solution for you, check out our plans and find the plan that suits you best.

If you feel like a subscription-based model that gives you the creative help you need at an affordable monthly wage might be the solution for you, check out our plans and find the plan that suits you best.

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Going professional is the only way!

It’s very clear why that “easy” graphic design YouTube tutorial or the friend’s cousin’s daughter “that’s good with computers” is probably not the route you should take when it comes to your business. Invest in professional graphics at affordable rates and enhance your business value! We are just one click away!

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Teodora Rauh

February 11, 2022

Privileged to be raised in the most beautiful city in the world, Novi Sad. Studied biology and ecology at the University of Novi Sad. A creative soul, travel enthusiast, passionate writer, and crazy dog lover. Proud mama of (for now :) ) one stubborn English Bulldog.