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Create a Blog That Will Make People Spend Time on

How to Create a Unique Look For Your Blog

Dec 6, 2021
7 minutes


Learn simple tips that will make running a blog an easy experience, and bring new readers to your well-structured guest posts.

Are you thinking of starting a blog? We highly recommend it! Especially if you run an online business. Or simply, you have something to say to the world.

Blogging is a great way to provide information to your target audience, create a stronghold on particular topics and most importantly, generate more business for brands.

However, in today’s world, virtually every company, artist or activist has a blog. The market is already getting so saturated, that expecting readers to find yours can be compared to searching for a buried treasure in a dark, dense forest. In this forest of the internet world, you want your blog to fire up like a signal rocket so everyone in your target audience can find it and keep returning! That signal rocket is your blog design!

A good designer is worth every penny. You need someone who understands your vision and can enrich it with their visual style and artistic touch. When you find the perfect partner in design, maintain good rapport and don’t forget that your collaboration should be a two-way flow of ideas.

First impressions matter

Let’s assume you already bought a custom domain name, you found a unique topic, you are an expert in that particular field, you know all the tips and tricks on how to make your content interesting and engaging… Creating content of high quality is important, but is it enough?

Let’s paraphrase: Would you pay over $1000 for the latest iPhone if it looked like the cheapest phone on the market? How you present your content is very important.

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The design is the first impression readers have about your blog and that determines whether they will stay on or leave your blog in the first few seconds.

Your blog needs to look fresh, elegant and easy to navigate. If the looks meet and exceed their expectations, you may even get your visitors to sign up for email updates! That’s the point, right? Building an audience!

On the most basic level, make sure your content is easy to read. Break long paragraphs into smaller, “easy to chew” bites of information. Best tip: process just one idea per paragraph.

Develop your visual identity

Creating a visual identity for your blog is important. When you open a blog post and step back to see the big picture, you don’t want to have conflicting graphics, images and colors.

Brands put extremely high effort into their visual representation with a reason. It’s what distinguishes them from the rest. Your blog should stand out with a well-thought design that’s consistent with a clear visual identity.

The four pillars of your visual identity

  • Choose up to 3 fonts that work well together and use them as styles for headings, subheadings and body text. Use the same fonts for your designed graphics as well.
  • Design a logo that represents yourself
  • Pick up to 3 primary colors compatible with your visual identity and use them for background and your fonts. Pick up to 4 secondary colors for your links, buttons, etc. -** Determine the style of the photos, graphics and videos** you are going to use. It’s best if the style is consistent throughout all your blog posts.

Now, this is your guide for your blog which will help you stay true to your visual identity. Of course, you can always revisit it in the future and reconsider segments or everything in your visual elements, but try not to do it too often.

Use tools for graphic design

Here’s a list of helpful tools where you can find everything you need to work on your blog design.

Image editors

  • Canva: Easy to use tool to create quality images on your posts quickly and without a lot of graphic design skills.
  • Photopea: a web-based graphics editor, a photoshop alternative
  • PicMonkey: great for adding text to images


  • Easel.ly: infographic creator
  • Piktochart: infographic creator
  • Infogr.am: chart and graph creator
  • Beacon: content upgrade creator. Convert more website traffic into leads

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  • Death to Stock: authentic stock photos and videos
  • Stocksnap: an assortment of good quality photos
  • Unsplash: artsy and documentarist photos
  • Freepic: plentiful of resources—photos, vectors, PSD, icons
  • Startup Stock Photos: startup, office, and tech stock photos
  • Getty: best photo library if you are prepared to pay for the resources


  • Noun Project: if you don’t have a Pro account, you have to give credit to them on their site.
  • Iconfinder: a search engine for icons


  • CSS Author: high-resolution backgrounds and textures

Good blog design gives your blog a boost

When you open a blog, you’re not starting to read immediately, right? One look at the layout, the typography, the colors and the images, and you are half-convinced if you want to start reading or not. That’s the power of blog design. Without that appeal, without that instant attraction, you are condemning your blog to failure.

But a good design is much more than just a good first impression. Put effort in the presentation of your content, use visual stimulants in the form of videos, photographs and tasteful graphics, and the readers will know that you value your work, and therefore they can expect high-quality content on your blog.

Using appropriate images in your content will generate 94% more blog views. A blog post with relevant images is rewarded with 50% more shares than those without appealing graphics.


We’re living in the era of Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter. Most internet users scroll faster than they can read. If you want to hold their interest until the last paragraph of your blog post, and then hopefully share it on their social media, your blog has to have mixed media.

Make it mobile-friendly

Mobile phones generate 54.25% of the traffic. Your blog is in that same flow. If your reader stumbles upon your blog not optimized for mobile and has to zoom in on their phone screen to read your content, be sure, the frustration is imminent.

Furthermore, optimizing your blog will have a huge effect on your Search Engine Optimization metrics.

Think navigation

Take your reader’s point of view. Complicated navigation can be frustrating! If they want to see a post with a specific title, would they know where to go?

How about posts on a particular subject? Does the navigation feel intuitive to your readers?

Keep it simple

Finally, try not to overcrowd your blog with everything you can think of. Keep it simple and elegant. And most importantly, whatever your preferences are when it comes to designing your blog, first you need to question them with the eyes of your target audience. Always have in mind their taste and needs before deciding on the looks of your blog

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Miodrag Magyar

December 6, 2021

An experienced creative talent with a demonstrated history of working in the advertising industry for more than 18 years. A strong creative writing professional with a special focus on creating content for marketing and social advertising projects. I have a Master's degree in Theater Directing. I love hiking, enjoy obscure music and European cinema. I am an avid fan of UFC!