The Most Powerful Logo Redesigns of 2021

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Biggest & Best Rebrands of 2021

The Most Talked-About Rebranding Projects in 2021

December 8, 2021
7 minutes


Take a closer look into some of the most talked-about logo makeovers that happened this year and grab some takeaways from the different rebranding strategies.

Makeovers are always fun. From Julia Roberts’s character in Pretty Woman to all “Pimp my Ride” cars that we saw on MTV - change creates excitement!

Brands are like living organisms. They too “feel” the need to change. However, for a successful rebranding, marketing teams need to put a lot of effort into analyzing, planning, brainstorming and testing, before they endeavor this quite risky but, if done properly, very rewarding task.

Before we dive into the list of the most interesting rebranding cases of 2021, let’s try to understand why brands jump into the rebranding process.

Most common reasons brands change their logo, or entire corporate identity are:

  • New name of the brand: This is a rare case, but it does happen. The most talked about rebranding project in 2021 was when Facebook changed its name into Meta.
  • Two companies merge: In 2021 H.J. Heinz Co. and Kraft Foods Group merged and created The Kraft Heinz Company. As the previous example, this doesn’t happen that often.
  • Repositioning: Brands evolve, and the old brand values, the company’s mission and goals become unfitting with the new brand identity.
  • Revitalization: This case of rebranding happens often, as we live in a very dynamic era and brands strive to be in line with the new trends and social shifts.

10 of the most talked-about rebranding projects of 2021

As the world changed amid the pandemic in 2021, so did the brands. Some of them made subtle changes, retouched their logo to give it a fresh new look, and some bravely reinvented themselves with an outstanding makeover. Take a look at some of the most talked-about rebranding projects in 2021!

Burger King

Burger King went under its seventh rebranding since its establishment in 1953. In their new brand identity, we can sense the minimalism and nostalgia that brings us back to the era of the 70s through 90s, when they used a quite similar logo design. The new logo of Burger King is simpler and with a touch of nostalgia. Credit: Looka

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Pringles modernized its logo with a flat minimalistic design, making its brand identity closer to the younger generation. The brand’s mascot Mr. P. had its first makeover after 20 years. You can sense that the inspiration behind the new look comes from the omnipresent emojis in today’s digital world. Compared with the old logo, the new look doesn’t have a single element with gradient color, no unnecessary lines or details. New simplified logo of Pringles. Credit: Domestika


Minimalism, simplicity and geometry. A subtle, but very effective design. The two lines symbolizing car wheels on the road are making the logo much more dynamic, opposed to the robust, ponderous look of the old logo design. The new, stylized logo of Renault. Credit: Domestika


It took 50 years for Peugeot to remove the lion’s body from their logo. The new logo features an extremely modern and aggressive lion head in the center of the brand identity. The new design, which is quite similar to the 1960s logo, represents the success of the brand.

After joining the Stellantis group, Peugeot renewed its corporate identity. The new font reveals the company’s aim to reinvent itself in the age of electric vehicles. This example shows how the change of the products or services can affect the new look of the logo. The aggressive new look of Peugeot’s logo. Credit: Under Consideration


When compared side by side, the old and the new logo of CIA have nothing in common, other than the circular shape. Obviously, the brand designers had the freedom and courage to depart from the old brand guidelines and to endeavour into this great change in the graphics design. They made a massive transition into simplicity and minimalism.

So, what does this rebranding strategy tell us about the agency? The new logo is simple, minimalistic, and it hints at digital and cutting-edge technologies that are the foundation of CIA’s operations. A significant change in the new logo of the Agency. Credit: Looka

The typography is simplified and the center of the logo is a field with a clean white and easy-to-read acronym, positioned on a contrasting dark background.


This is one of the most talked-about brands in 2021, which is understandable, having in mind their innovative new vaccine against COVID-19. The pharmaceutical company exploited its global life-changing success to transform its corporate identity with a fresh take on its logo. The redesigned logo is simpler, cleaner and modern. It abandons the old capsule design and ventures into a more fluid dynamism. The simple, clean and modern new look of Pfizer’s logo. Credit: Looka

The logotype is accompanied by a stylized representation of the DNA structure, while the familiar font holds on to the brand’s legacy. The color palette is enriched with a new nuance of the familiar blue.


KIA used to be known as a brand that offers bargain cars. That has changed dramatically in recent years. Actually, the company marked the best ever year in sales, in 2020. This was an excellent opportunity for the company to launch its new brand identity.

The new logo is taken out of the encircling ellipse and the three letters are transformed into one fluid line. The old and the new logo of Kia. Credit: Under Consideration

Did the brand strategy actually need a new logo? Someone might argue not. They achieved their success in recent years in spite of the old logo. But, with their shift as a global leader in car sales, the new look will draw more attention to the brand in the long run.


GM didn’t fall back on the race to promote its role in the new electric and digital era. The new logo preserves the brand’s heritage while adopting a more modern, clean and vibrant look.

The familiar square is still there, however, the letters are now in lower case and it is said to represent “clean skies of a zero-emissions future” and the “energy of the Ultium battery platform”. The new modern, clean and vibrant look of GM’s logo. Credit: Multiplegraphicdesign

According to the company, the underline of the “m” represents the battery range, which is in line with their Ultium platform that features a modular battery and drive unit combination.

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. changed the logo quite recently, in 2019 with a new, slick and elongated design, as pictured left. Later, maybe they thought they stripped away too much from the old design and in 2021, so the brand revamped the logo, adding metallic shine and 3D touches to the edges of the iconic shield and the letters inside. Warner Brothers’ new logo. Credit: Domestika

The new logo remains simple and striking and it doesn’t depart too far from the legacy of the brand.


The new Magnum logo has a subtle redesign, marked by a flat representation of their old look. The brand’s color palette is the same, just inverted. The gold background is the designer’s “trick” to point out the brand’s luxury status and to emphasize a premium product. The new, inverted logo of Magnum. Credit: Domestika

Sometimes, small changes have great results. Subtle, but effective.

Can you see the trend?

Brands move towards a more clean, simplistic representation of their brand identity. The fonts are unembellished and easy to read. The trend of vintage-style logo design continues this year, with a trendy and minimalistic style. In the examples of Pfizer, KIA and Renault, we see the fluidity that creates dynamic movement. Many brands are freeing their logo from the circles that used to entrap everything inside.

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Miodrag Magyar

December 8, 2021

An experienced creative talent with a demonstrated history of working in the advertising industry for more than 18 years. A strong creative writing professional with a special focus on creating content for marketing and social advertising projects. I have a Master's degree in Theater Directing. I love hiking, enjoy obscure music and European cinema. I am an avid fan of UFC!