17 Best YouTube Travel Vloggers and What You Can Learn from Them

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17 YouTube Travel Vloggers to Learn From

17 Top Travel Vloggers and What You Can Learn from Them

Learn the unique approaches of the best travel vloggers to help you make your YouTube travel channel a success.

February 19, 2021
10 minutes


Whether you’re an aspiring travel content creator or are just looking for some actionable travel advice, make a note of these travel vlogging names!

With all the mental health implications of FOMO, I for one miss seeing people’s holiday photos on social media. Travelling has such a positive impact on our lives, so naturally, in the recent absence of it, watching travel videos on YouTube or reading an engaging travel blog (even if it’s a bit dated) is becoming more popular with people experiencing wanderlust.

So, if you’re a budding travel vlogger or travel writer yourself, the good news is that although it might not seem so at first, this can be a good time to lift your channel off the ground. First, you’ll need an awesome blog name, and make sure that you know the basics such as the optimal YouTube banner size and how to create the perfect YouTube thumbnail. On top of that, it would be useful to learn the marketing basics that will help you lift your new business off the ground.

But if you need inspiration on what kind of content you can create for your channel now or in the future, we suggest you check out some of the top travel vloggers. In our list, we also suggest what you can learn from each one specifically.

1. Ben Brown: showing your personality

Ben Brown looks like the kind of guy whose picture you’d find in the dictionary next to the term travel vlogger: man bun, tats, boho jewelry - the works! However, his YouTube channel is a great lesson in producing different types of content to fit current circumstances.

He combines regular travel vlogs with videos about his daily life, pressing issues that are on his mind. This is a great way to connect with his audience (lovingly termed “Brownies”), which he also meets up with on occasion. On the other hand, this eclectic approach has also helped him to keep creating in the time when travel is impossible, or at least less accessible.

He also has a very unique vlogging style (you’ll see a lot of overexcitement and fast-talking on this social media platform); Ben’s demeanor is very soothing, as he often reflects on the spiritual and mental benefits of traveling).

2. Kara & Nate: having a great story

Kara and Nate Buchanan are a couple from Tennessee that have been full-time travelers for over 4 years, pursuing their goal of visiting 100 countries across 7 continents. Over that time they not only managed to reach their goal in January 2020 but have certainly accumulated a lot of great video material, including travel tips, reviews of places they’ve stayed in and daredevil adventures such as skydiving and flying helicopters.

So even in the absence of travel opportunities, they’re still able to repurpose old content and provide their wanderlusting followers with fun videos that promise adventures yet to come!

nate and kara travel vloggers.jpg

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3. Migrationology: Food and travel vlogging

This intriguing-sounding channel name belongs to a blogger called Mark Wiens. His fun channel is focused on food and travel, as the videos show him trying out delicious street foods around the world.

He is based in Thailand, where he regularly tries local delicacies “seasoned” with stories about the places he visits, food-related and other traditions.

4. Hey Nadine: well-curated content

If you’re not sure whether you want to become a travel or beauty influencer, then Nadine Sykora’s channel is definitely one to check out. This Canadian-Slovak traveler has some serious mileage under her wings, as she’s been actively on the road for over 10 years.

She has a strong following of over 400k subscribers and releases new videos every week. What’s great about Nadine’s channel is that she’s really focused on travel videos (although she recently uploaded a cute update on her pregnancy!), which is a great way to connect with people looking for actionable travel tips, rather than those wanting to procrastinate with something fun on YouTube (although each subscription counts!).

hey nadine travel vlogger.jpg

5. Vagabrothers: adding an artistic flair

Another creative channel name on the list, this one belongs to Alex and Marko Ayling, a photographer/filmmaker and writer travel duo, that’s been vlogging since 2014, and they’ve even gotten their own television show back in 2018.

These fun guys really have a knack for the arts, so you expect to see some gorgeous drone shots in their YouTube videos, from India to Northern Italy. But their content is not just about aesthetics. These vagabond brothers love to share unique insights into the culture of places they visit, from food to visiting sacred sites. In this fun video, they interviewed different groups of “locals” about their tourist pet peeves, which is helpful for anyone wanting to avoid the dumb tourist label!

6. Fearless & Far: embracing the adventure

Fearless & Far is the travel vlog name of Mike Corey, adventure traveler and TV host. Forget your everyday travel inspiration,** with Mike’s channel you’re definitely in for an adventure**! From trying out crazy foods to exploring abandoned Soviet military barracks and scuba diving.

mike corey travel vlogger.jpg

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7. Sailing La Vagabonde: a niche subject

It’s not easy becoming a big influencer or YouTube star these days… But one great route to take in this effort is to choose a niche topic. In the case of Australian couple Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu, it’s sailing. The two have started sharing their journey on YouTube more than 5 years ago, as they packed up their everyday life and embarked on a sailing adventure.

Although they started out as sailing rookies, since then they’ve traveled thousands of nautical miles from Europe to New Zealand, and everything in between. The charming couple has a storybook romance (they met on an idyllic Greek island and decided to go sailing together), which also comes across in their rapport and really makes fans and viewers invested in their content. If you need further proof of that, then you should know that they also have a Patreon page where they have over 3 thousand patrons helping them out.

Last year, they’ve also welcomed their first baby which has joined them in their adventurous lifestyle.

sailing la vagabonde travel vloggers.jpg

8. Lost Leblanc: keep creating content

If you’re looking for a YouTube success story, then Christian Leblanc is definitely one that’s going to inspire you. After finishing business school, this Canadian decided the 9 to 5 grind wasn’t for him and gave it up to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time digital nomad. Three years later, he had over a million subscribers and a six-figure income.

Of course, if there’s one thing to remember about making it as a YouTuber, it’s that you have to keep working. Apart from regular weekly videos, Christian is also offering courses to aspiring content creators. Although you’ll find plenty of luxury travel insights on his channel, he’s demonstrated a good degree of being able to adapt to current circumstances. For example, last year he took a road trip around Canada and made several videos about what van life is really like.

9. Fun For Louis: making sponsorships work for you

Personality is everything when it comes to creating a successful YouTube channel, and UK vlogger Louis Cole certainly doesn’t lack in that department. This adventuring backpacker has heaps of travel experience but also does a great job at creating quality content while cashing in on sponsorships. This video sponsored by OnePlus 6T is an equally engaging instance of filmmaking, as Louis delivers a review of the phone’s features.

10. Kristen & Siya: Writing a travel blog

Many of the aforementioned influencers focus their attention on building a strong online presence on YouTube, but if you’re looking for some writing about travel inspiration, then this fun-loving family is definitely a good starting point.

They have a beautiful travel blog website, and everything from their travel logo to high-quality images is impeccable. They have tons of useful blog entries written by themselves as well as guest bloggers, and a few useful travel guides for those wanting to dive deeper into a specific topic.

Their YouTube travel channel features videos of their adventures, and their insights on connecting with the natural world, as well as practical tips such as traveling with kids (they have a young daughter).

kristen and siya travel blog.jpg

11. Homemade Wanderlust: the joy of backpacking

This very cute travel blog name belongs to Jessica “Dixie” Mills. This backpacking pro shares her experience and travel tips. All of her videos as well as her travel blog are focused on this type of traveling.

12. Psychotraveller: providing actionable travel tips

As an aspiring travel vlogger, it might be difficult to find a way to get started. Well, a good person to learn from is Ally, a British YouTuber known for her channel Psychotraveller. Her content is really geared towards the average traveler with helpful travel tips, reviews and advice on planning your travel budget.

During the covid-19, she continues to share new videos that recycle old content (the “reacting to” videos any avid fan will love), as well as honest vlogs on her daily life updates.

13. Drew Binsky: documentary filmmaking meets YouTube

Drew Binsky is a travel blogger and documentary filmmaker, with a YouTube channel that really stands out from most travel vloggers. His videos feature interesting challenges (such as surviving a day in a different country on 10$, or documentary snippets about people from a certain country and their lives).

This type of content is definitely a little more ambitious than the average daily vlogs, but if you can find the right audience, then the work will certainly pay off. Just look at Drew’s impressive 2.35 million subscribers!

drew binsky travel vloggers.jpg

14. Jon Olsson: luxury travel experiences

If you’ve visited the channels of the people on this list, or even watched a couple of videos featured here, you will have noticed a trend of the rugged, boho aesthetic. Well, this top travel YouTuber takes a slightly different approach.

This Swedish technology and mechanics enthusiast is known for his content showing the life on lavish yachts which he regularly sails on, often across the Côte d’Azur in France (he’s based in Monaco currently). His luxury lifestyle is definitely not for everyone, but I can see why over a million people wouldn’t mind daydreaming with his videos!

jon olsson travel vlogger.jpg

15. Devin Supertramp: awe-inspiring content

Devin Graham is an American videographer and YouTube rockstar. He is by no means your average travel vlogger: his videos are carefully edited bits of artistic filmmaking, meant to showcase the beauty of different countries, but also his adventures on the road (there are a lot of extreme sports involved!)

16. Max and Lee: embracing new adventure as they come

Sadly, not all YouTuber romances last forever. Max and Lee’s channel started out at the time when this couple from Australia was still together, traveling the world with their Australian sheepdog Occy. They were active on other social media channels as well, most notably Instagram, where they shared their decision to split (quite amicably it seems) in January last year.

As a couple Max and Lee were both committed to the “van life”, and separately they are still committed to the idea, as they both have their own channels (and Lee is still using the old one, sharing on taking time to do some DIY repairs and improvements to her van.

max and lee travel vloggers.jpg

17. Exploring with Josh: something completely different

A lot of people will expect that exploring in the title of a YouTube channel is just another word for walking around historic cities and creating aesthetic social media posts.

But Josh didn’t get to over 4 million subscribers by being ordinary! From abandoned pyramids in Egypt to filming in an abandoned prison, this videographer truly brings his viewers something thrilling!

The more recent videos found on his channel have taken an exciting, spooky twist, as he explores abandoned mansions, a sea fortress and even a visit to UK’s Area 51!

We hope that this brief list of the best travel vloggers helped you brainstorm some ideas on how to kickstart your own career as a digital nomad or perhaps pursue a lifelong dream of traveling. If you need more design tips specifically related to YouTube, make sure to read up on the best YouTube thumbnails, banners and fonts.

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Danica Popovic

February 19, 2021

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.