30+ Best Social Media Design Templates

Social media design templates help businesses maintain a consistent brand identity, streamline content creation, save time and resources. Here are 30+ awesome templates you can use!

Social media design
July 3, 2024

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Social media design templates are pre-designed layouts, or frameworks businesses and individuals can use to create visually appealing social media content.

These templates often include placeholders for images, text, and other elements, providing a consistent and professional look. They help maintain brand identity, streamline content creation, and save time by offering a framework that can be easily customized for different posts and platforms. 

Using social media design templates is a practical way to ensure visual consistency and engage audiences effectively across various online channels.

You can use social media design templates for your ads, daily social media posts, and even banners. Depending on the social media channel you are uploading on, sizes and layout may vary. However, the color combinations, brand voice, and other aspect will stay the same.

Look at some of the best social media templates for ads, banners, and regular posts.


Post Templates

Posting informative content that solves your target customer’s queries is a sureshot way of boosting engagement and bringing in new sales.

Aesthetic Instagram Template Kit

For just $30 this template kit gives you 10 story and 40 post templates for Instagram and TikTok. It’s got a beautiful, gentle aesthetic, perfect for beauty and wellness brands. 

Colorful Playful Motivational Quote Social Graphic

Using illustrations and bright colors is one of the major elements of the best post designs, as they help draw 

This free Canva post is easily adaptable - simply place the piece of information you want to share in the speech bubble! 

Modern Line Shape Illustrations

The previous illustration style is definitely not suitable for every business. However, if you want to keep things creative with illustrations, but still stay on brand, line illustrations are a great choice.

Grab this free post template and make it your own!

Green Minimalist Real Estate Template

Don’t be fooled by its name - this Instagram post template isn’t suitable just for real estate. Thanks to its crisp layout, it allows you to share announcements and information in a visually appealing way.

Pinterest Image Templates

For a vibrant place like Pinterest, make sure that you use the correct Pinterest Pin templates that stand out from the crowd. Vertical pins work best on Pinterest and incorporate your brand colors into them.

Modern Gradient Marketing Tips Instagram Reel

If you wish to do video ads, the best platforms are YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels. Use this reel template to help you spread information and also invite users to visit your business page.

Bright Color Palettes Trend

Getting a great Twitter template is a good idea, since this platform has different post size requirements than Meta and Instagram. Here’s a cool template you can easily adapt with your brand colors and use to present data or share your lead magnets.

Surrealism Trend Linkedin Post

When we think about LinkedIn marketing the first thing that comes to mind is a basic corporate aesthetic (cold colors, sans serif fonts, minimal layouts, etc.)

However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have eye-catching posts on this platform as well! Here’s a trendy post done in the surrealist style, that will help you spread your message.

Purple Pink Carousel Post

Finding a great carousel post template can be tricky. But this modern and bright template can be used in virtually any industry and for any purpose!

It requires a paid Canva subscription, though.

Life Coach Instagram Templates

This huge bundle of templates (500 of them), can be a great investment for life coaches or influencers. You can get a discount on commercial licensing, so if you’re in need of templates you can reuse right a way, check it out.

Instagram Story Template

This is a great free social media template to grab if you sell physical products. Simply replace the image of the ice cream with whatever you’re selling and you’re good to go!

We Are Hiring Post

This can be a good social media design template for a number of different announcements, not just hiring ads. You can use the letter animation that comes with the template or opt for a static image.

Vector Church Template

This template has a beautiful modern design that can be easily adapted to fit any industry. Using black and white photos is also a good way to make sure your social media design is consistent. 

Blue November Instagram Post Set

This is another great Instagram post set, as it includes versatile post templates. You can opt the ones for images or just text and use them for any occasion to help you keep posting new content.

Beige Grey Minimalist Pinterest Pin

A collage layout like this one is perfect for Pinterest, and creating your brand’s moodboard. This template would work equally well with a whole different set of colors, just make sure they fit your brand identity.

Motivational Quote Twitter Post

Yes, they can be cheesy sometimes. But a motivational post can really help you boost engagement rates, especially if accompanied by crisp modern design like this one.

Black and Red Instagram Story

This free Instagram story pack includes 8 different designs that you can reuse and play around with. Thanks to a three-color palette, it’s pretty versatile and you can easily swap out the photos with those of your own products.

Instagram Post Template Holiday

Do you like bright colors? Then this beautiful Instagram post template kit can be a perfect choice! Grab it for free on Freepik!

Photo Collage Instagram Story

This is a great template for influencers and content creators. But it’s also a good idea to add pics of your most recent posts and invite people to explore your Instagram profile.

Warning with Sun Rays Instagram Story

Insta stories only last 24 hours, so you should make sure to leave a lasting impression. A bright and bold story template like this will encourage people to act as soon as they’ve viewed your story.

Infographic Post Template

Here’s another versatile post template that you can use for just about anything. You can also edit it directly in Venngage’s online design editor.

Teal Abstract Color Reel

A good Reel template is pretty hard to find, as it’s more difficult to adapt videos to suit your branding and marketing purposes. However, something modern and abstract like this free Canva template is a great asset to have on hand!

Ad Templates

There is a difference between graphic designing for posts and ads. A graphic for a post must be engaging and relatable, but a graphic for an ad must be able to bring in leads and sales. 

So, here are a few social media design templates that can help you bring in sales and conversions apart from just engaging with the audience.

Orange & Black Agency Instagram Post

If you want to design an Instagram ad in a square format, use this two-color template to help you add images, illustrations, and a little bit of text or numbers The images and illustrations capture the user, and the text/number help generate leads and conversions.

Orange Gradient Promotion Instagram Post

Use this template to promote your products or inform your customers about upcoming sales. It would work best if you work in the apparel industry. Otherwise, you can simply swap out the stock images for something more appropriate. 

Cosmetics Store Facebook Ad

This ad template comes with a crisp layout, with an eye-catching CTA button section. Swap out the image and colors however you like - this ad will still deliver!

Digital Marketing Methods Facebook Ad

This ad template is perfect for promoting your lead magnets. If you have a SaaS business, virtually all you’d need to do is add your text and change the main color as needed.

Social Media Pack

This pack includes ads for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Thanks to a simple black background it’s truly versatile. It also uses a free font, so you can easily edit the template in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Travel Story Template

Although people will need to click on a link or swipe up to open links in your stories, adding a button to your social media template design is a good idea. This is another reminder for users to take the desired action.

Banner Templates

Banner templates are landscape graphic designs mostly used as cover pictures for LinkedIn or Facebook profiles. These social media images tell the visitor what you do and why they should follow you. 

So, although they may look unimportant, this type of template should definitely be a part of your social media strategy.

Green LinkedIn Banner

The dimensions for LinkedIn banners are different from Facebook banners, so using templates is advisable. This professionally designed banner template is a perfect way to give your LinkedIn profile a polished and professional look.

Facebook Banner Event

If you are organizing a private event, conference, or webinar and are looking for a banner template for Facebook events, you can consider this beautiful template created by ManyPixels designers. 

You’ll need a professional design program from the Adobe Express suit to edit it.

Sale Facebook Cover

If you think a Facebook banner ad is a design asset you’ll only need once, think again! Changing your banner to reflect the ongoing season or promotion is a great way to increase conversions during busy times.

Yellow Lemons Facebook Cover

When thinking about how to design social media templates, you should consider two things: branding and style. A template like this without any photos can easily be adapted with your branding colors. And if this cute and romantic style fits your industry then it can be a perfect choice for your Facebook page!

An easier way to get social media templates

While social media design templates can save time and cut costs, they come with a few downsides:

  • A lot of time and effort: Finding the best template from thousands of options will inevitably take time. And imagine having to do that every time you need to update your social media content calendar.
  • You may lack the right design skills. Even the best social media templates need to be tweaked to fit your purpose. Without proper design tools or knowledge, you can end up with an unusable design. 

Of course, if you want to start from scratch and learn how to design social media templates yourself, the process will be even longer with, potentially, worse results.

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