Best Social Media Design Templates You Can Use Right Now

Social media design templates help businesses maintain a consistent brand identity, ensuring a professional and cohesive online presence. They also streamline content creation, saving time and resources while facilitating quick and effective communication through visually appealing posts.

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February 5, 2024

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Social media design templates are pre-designed layouts, or frameworks businesses and individuals can use to create visually appealing content for their social media platforms. 

These templates often include placeholders for images, text, and other elements, providing a consistent and professional look. They help maintain brand identity, streamline content creation, and save time by offering a framework that can be easily customized for different posts and platforms. 

Using social media design templates is a practical way to ensure visual consistency and engage audiences effectively across various online channels.

In this article, I will share where you can find the best social media template designs and how to design social media templates as per your brand guidelines.

So, let’s dive into the article.

How to design social media templates?

Define your branding

Before diving into design, start from scratch by defining your brand guidelines and art direction. Consider your brand colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic. This foundation will ensure your social media graphic templates align with your brand.

Research design trends

Explore current design trends related to social media graphics. Look for inspiration on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Identify popular styles and elements that resonate with your target audience and are relevant to your social media strategy.

Choose design tools

Select appropriate design tools that match your skill level and requirements. Platforms like Adobe Express, Canva, Figma, and others offer user-friendly interfaces for creating professionally designed graphics. Familiarize yourself with these tools and craft your social media images efficiently.

Start with social media templates

Leverage existing social media post templates as a starting point. Many graphic makers provide a variety of customizable templates for different social media channels and purposes. This saves time and ensures a cohesive look across your content.

Customize for each platform

Tailor your templates for social media to fit the specifications of different platforms. For example, an Instagram story has a totally different layout than a Twitter post, so you will need to adapt the design accordingly.. This ensures your graphics appear polished and well-suited for each social media channel.

Incorporate design assets

Enhance your templates by incorporating relevant design assets such as icons, illustrations, or patterns. These elements contribute to the visual appeal of your social media ad templates and make them more engaging for your audience.

Maintain consistency

Consistency is key in social media content. Ensure your templates maintain a cohesive look, using consistent colors, fonts, and style. This helps reinforce your brand identity across all social media channels.

Test and iterate

Before finalizing your social media graphics, test them across various platforms to ensure they appear as intended. Gather feedback from your audience and use it to iterate and refine your templates for better engagement.

By following these steps and incorporating social media design templates into your content creation process, you can effectively enhance your online presence, boost engagement, and contribute to the success of your business.

Best social media design templates

You can use social media design templates for your ads, daily posts, and even banners. According to the social media channel you are uploading on, the post size might change. However, the color combinations, brand voice, and other aspect will stay the same.

If you have not done this already, I recommend creating a design brief and sharing it with your marketing team. A design brief can also help new team members absorb your content marketing strategy quickly.

Look at some of the best social media templates for ads, banners, and regular posts.

Post templates

Posting informative content that solves your target customer’s queries is a sureshot way of boosting engagement and bringing in new sales. You can either go with a square format or a vertical format, as most of the social media channels support these formats.

Here’s a square template for an infographic Instagram post. If you have a Canva Pro account, simply import and edit the post per your design guidelines. If you use any other design tools, simply replicate the template.


Using illustrations and bright colors is one of the major elements of the best post designs, and this social media design template incorporates all that. You can use this post template for carousel posts or a single-image post for your Instagram or Facebook channel.

You can use vertical templates for Instagram or Facebook stories. Vertical post designs give you a little more space to talk about your product or offers. So, use the extra space as a CTA to encourage users to contact you or visit your business page.

For a vibrant place like Pinterest, make sure that you use the correct Pinterest Pin templates that stand out from the crowd. Vertical pins work best on Pinterest and incorporate your brand colors into them to make people stop scrolling and click the attached link.

If you wish to do video ads, the best platforms are YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels. Use this reel template that can help you spread information and also invite users to visit your business page.

Ad Templates

There is a difference between graphic designing for posts and ads. A graphic for a post must be engaging and relatable, but a graphic for an ad must be able to bring in leads and sales. 

So, here are a few social media design templates that can help you bring in sales and conversions apart from just engaging with the audience.

If you want to design an Instagram ad in a square format, use this two-color template to help you add images, illustrations, and a little bit of text or numbers The images and illustrations capture the user, and the text/number help generate leads and conversions.

You can also use these square social media template designs on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

You can use a colorful vertical design template to promote your products or inform your customers about upcoming sales. Vibrant posts are a sureshot scroll-stopper. Again, you can use such design templates for Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

If you are doing eCommerce ads, then Facebook Ads are a great way to get your business bookings, leads, and conversions, mainly because there’s a mix of all the audiences that use Facebook even today. Use these Facebook ad templates to engage with your target audience.

Banner Templates

Banner templates are landscape graphic designs mostly used as cover pictures for LinkedIn or Facebook profiles. Your cover image tells the visitor what you do and why they should follow you. Hence, it’s important to design a banner image that speaks for your brand or personality.

The dimensions for LinkedIn banners are different from Facebook banners, so below is an example of a design template for LinkedIn banners. On your design template, use your brand colors, a smiling headshot of yours, your name, and what you do, and also blend in why someone must follow you and how to contact you.

If you are organizing a private event, conference, or webinar and are looking for a banner template for Facebook events, you can consider some of the templates below. You can use them as your Facebook cover images too.


An easier way to get social media templates

Social media is one of the most important marketing channels for your business. While, design templates can save time and cut costs, they come with a few downsides.

In most cases, it takes a lot of time and effort. First, you need to brainstorm the brand guidelines, then find and customize the templates to suit your brand identity and purpose. And don’t forget that you can never reuse templates as is. You’ll need to tweak them a bit for every type of post you want to create.

The best solution is to go for an unlimited design service like ManyPixels. We provide a team of expert graphic designers and marketers who create social media graphics, as well as any other type of design you might need (landing pages, print collateral, illustrations, and more).

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