7 Reasons Why Unlimited Graphic Design Services Beats Freelancers

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Why Are Unlimited Graphic Design Services Better Than Hiring Freelancers?

7 Reasons to Choose Unlimited Graphic Design Services Over Freelancers

Unlimited graphic design services combine the affordability of a freelancer and the design quality of an agency. But how? We reveal all in this complete guide.

Graphic design
April 18, 2022
6 minutes


If you are a business that consistently needs high-quality graphic designs, then unlimited graphic design services can be the most cost-effective and time-saving solution.

In his NY Times Bestseller book Brain Rules, John Medina states, “vision triumphs all.” His statement is based on a proven statistic that people remember 65% of the visuals even after three days, compared to 10% of the written content.

Thus, in 2022, it is crucial that your marketing and advertising campaigns pay extra heed to visual communication.

But how do you get the best graphic designs that communicate your brand’s story to the customers in the most visually aesthetic way?

Most businesses use the most common solution, i.e., hiring a freelance graphic designer. Although affordable and convenient, this process comes with a tedious search for the right designer, interviewing multiple freelancers, quote negotiations, and many other drawbacks discussed further in this article.

The next best option is to go with a graphic design agency or hire an in-house design team. This solution promises premium quality designs, but their hefty fees can burn a hole in your profits.

So, what do you do?

Unlimited graphic design services like ManyPixels can be just the right solution for you.

What Are Unlimited Graphic Design Services?

Unlimited graphic design services are on-demand graphic design service providers who can design unlimited designs for you at a flat fee.

Yes, you heard that right!

Their subscription-based business model allows you to control your marketing expenses, put out high-quality designs, and strengthen your brand image.

Advantages of unlimited graphic design services:

  • Unlimited design requests
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Native source files
  • 1-2 daily outputs
  • Original and copyright-free designs

-1-Illustration.png Source: ManyPixels

Unlimited graphic design packages at ManyPixels are primarily categorized monthly, quarterly, and annually. You can choose as per your budget and requirements. Our flat-rate design services are popular among small businesses and Social Media Marketing Agencies (SMMA) as they get premium designs on a limited budget.

You can read our comprehensive article covering anything and everything about unlimited graphic design services to know more.

7 Reasons to Choose Unlimited Graphic Design Services Over Freelancers

Find out how and where to outsource your graphic design needs

Download our guide to find a solution that suits your business

1. Time-saver

Hiring a freelance graphic designer is the go-to option for most businesses for their design needs; however, the hiring process is time-consuming. Moreover, even after weeks of searching and interviewing a myriad of freelancers, you might not find the right fit for your needs.

You have not only wasted your time but also delayed your marketing plan.

With ManyPixels’ graphic design subscription services, you can be rest assured that you will get high-quality designs within 24 hours after you submit your design request.

Our vetted team of graphic designers will start working on your designs right away.

2. Quick Turnaround

A freelancer usually works for multiple clients simultaneously, leading to delayed delivery of design, multiple revisions, and late delivery of revised designs.

We at ManyPixels aim to save you from this time-wasting endeavor and instantly assign you a dedicated graphic designer to work on your designs when you submit your requirements.

As per the plan you choose, the designer can deliver 1-2 outputs daily. Your design revisions are also handled quickly by your dedicated designer only.

At ManyPixels, our projected output for one graphic designer in a day looks like this:

  • 2-3 social media graphics
  • 1 logo draft
  • 1-2 custom illustrations (more if the design requirement is not too complex)
  • 1-2 flyers
  • 2-3 display ads
  • 1 GIF draft (2-3 seconds)
  • 4-5 pages of a brochure, report, slide deck, or e-book

3. Authentic Work

Apart from delayed deliveries, some of the biggest challenges of working with a designer are low-quality work, refusal to do revisions, and delivering copyright-infringed work.

Of course, there are ways to [check the authenticity of the delivered work; however, it is time-consuming and might even lead to conflicts between you and the freelancer.

One of the pillars of assertive visual communication is authentic design.

See some of ManyPixels’ best design works

Get the ManyPixels Design Library 2022

The best unlimited graphic design services employ a team of talented graphic designers and invest in design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, and Figma. These tools allow them to create original works and share native files with you so that you have full ownership of the design.

4. Specializations

There are types styles of graphic designs like web design, print design, advertising design, UI/UX design, etc.

A freelance graphic designer might be a specialist only in one or two particular types of design. Thus, you might have difficulty hunting a freelancer specializing in your area of need.

Unlimited graphic design services take the pie here. They employ a talented pool of team members who specialize in various design areas. This availability of talented designers enables them to function faster and produce ideas through creative collaboration.

So, if you want a large design project completed on time with the best quality, then an unlimited graphic design for a monthly fee can be your best bet.

5. Cost-effective

Do agencies offer unlimited graphic design services?

No, they don’t.

Do freelancers provide unlimited graphic design services?

Absolutely not!

These service providers charge you for each project, each design request, and sometimes even for each revision. Below is a cost breakdown of what you will have to pay to a freelancer vs. a design agency. The calculation is based on average hourly rates.

Since these services often charge on a per-project basis, we’ve also included the average price for individual projects.

pricing Data Sources: Business2Community, Beaconmm, Website Builder Expert, Crowdspring, Witty Kitty Digital, Looka

If you hire a freelance graphic designer in the US on a full-time basis, you’d have to pay a whopping salary of $50k/year. The rate varies as per the geographical location. And we are talking about just one designer.

The below comparison chart shows how ManyPixels can help you save up to $44k/year even if you choose the mid-range subscription plan worth $549/month. If you choose to pay yearly, you save another 20% on your expenses!

salary Data Sources: Payscale, Glassdoor

6. Reliability

Hiring a freelancer might be an outright bad idea in some cases. There have been reports that some freelancers have ghosted their clients midway through the project.

The responsibility lies with you to hire a credible and accountable graphic designer.

The best unlimited graphic design services rely on their ability to provide the best customer experience and premium quality of work. Hence, they are more reliable.

These companies have a physical location, verified team members, and reputable client testimonials; this makes it easy for you to track them in case of any unpredictable scenario.

7. Professionalism

The best unlimited graphic design services have well-established guidelines and protocols that act as their standard operating procedure.

They usually have a project manager that will also communicate with the designers about their ETA and ensure that the deadlines are followed. Also, a Quality Control department will do quality checks of your designs before they are delivered to you. This professionalism ensures quick execution, quality work, and fewer revisions.

Freelancers lack this professionalism as they mostly work alone and, at times, with several different clients; this might result in poor quality of work, slower communication, and multiple revisions.

Where Can I Find the Best Unlimited Graphic Design Services?

Right here, at ManyPixels!

We are considered a pioneer in the unlimited design space. In fact, many of the businesses were introduced to subscription-based graphic design services when they met us.

What makes us the best graphic design service?

We have completed more than 45,000 design requests for more than 3,000 clients, making us one of the industry’s best unlimited graphic design services.

We have worked with clients from different industries. Our work has always been praised for its premium quality, timely delivery, smooth communication, precise execution, and affordability.

Do you still have your doubts? No worries, see for yourself what our happy customers say about us.

Learn how to get started with our unlimited graphic design service

Download the ManyPixels User Guide — you’ll find all the useful information there

We also provide you with a simple custom platform that lets you manage all your designs in one place. With our platform, you can:

  • Submit and manage requests
  • Invite your team and collaborate
  • Create multiple Brand Profiles
  • Communicate with your designer
  • Leave feedback directly on the graphics

See the below image that encapsulates how ManyPixels compare with other design service providers.


Final Word

Hiring a freelance graphic designer is an affordable option but definitely has its set of shortcomings. On the other hand, hiring a design agency comes with some limitations and accumulated costs over time.

Building an in-house team of full-time graphic designers will surely burn a hole in your pockets.

This is where an unlimited graphic design service can be just the perfect solution to all your worries. You get the best of both worlds.

The affordability of a freelancer and the premium quality work of a design agency. No need to hire a full-time team either.

So, book a free demo call today and get your design needs sorted.

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Guest Writer: Rohit Mane

April 18, 2022

Rohit is a novelist (not a NY Times Bestseller!), an avid reader, a passionate content writer, and does YouTube on the side as a hobby! When he is not researching and writing content, he loves to read books and watch movies, TV shows, and anime.