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How to Find the Best Logo for Your Company
Graphic design

#Logo design


How to Find the Best Logo for Your Company

Graphic design
February 23, 2022
10 minutes


First impressions matter, and your logo is one of the earliest things a potential client will notice. So obviously, you want your logo to be the best logo you can possibly get. Starting the design process of your new logo may sound daunting, but don’t fret. An amazing logo design is well within reach with this article on hand.

At the top of your business card, set as the profile picture of your socials, in presentations - your logo is everywhere. It represents your brand, so naturally, you want it to be good.

Designing a logo is no walk in the park. It requires specific skills and experience. Let’s unpack what defines a good logo and, more importantly, how you can get one.

How to create the best logo for your brand

With the do’s and don’ts imprinted in your mind, it’s time to get real and start the process of designing your new logo. Great logos don’t just come out of anywhere. We’re here to guide you through the steps to make it as foolproof as possible.


Know your brand

If you’re unsure about what exactly you stand for as a brand, your logo will tell. So the first step towards the best logo for your brand is getting to know your brand.

You may think you already know your brand very well since you’ve been there from the beginning. But being too close to something may blur your vision. Take a step back and be as subjective as you can.

Find out how to build a strong and unique brand

Download our guide to learn all about branding and visual identity

There are a million questions you can ask yourself to get to the bottom of your identity. Involve your employees as well as your target audience to get different perspectives. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Why did we start this company?
  • What can we do better than anyone else?
  • In which three words do we want to be described?
  • What makes us unique?
  • Who is our ideal customer?

Do your research

Now that you’re fully acquainted with your brand identity, it’s time to lay the groundwork. Of course, you should research colors, fonts, and all the other fun stuff. Pinterest is a great tool to build a mood board that captures your vision.

In addition to your mood board, you should also do some digging and find your competition. Your competition is the best place to get inspired. About what works well, and more importantly, to avoid ideas that don’t work at all. We don’t want any copyright issues, nor do we want a design fail.

Make a mood board of your design preferences before spying on your competitors. If you see your competitors’ logos first, it can be difficult to erase these visuals from your memory and be objective about your design.

Combining your mood board and inspiration from competitors will lead you to the best logo design for your company.

Find a designer

Once you have your vision established, it’s time to bring it to life. Before you hit Google with a ‘best free logo design site’ search, you might want to read this bit.

A professional graphic designer specializing in logo design can make all the difference.

Finding a quality graphic designer to design your logo for you will save you a lot of time. Sounds expensive? Bear in mind; a well-designed logo can become a priceless asset to your company. It can be the difference between consumers choosing your brand or your competitor’s.

From a freelance graphic designer to a subscription-based service, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a designer. Not sure how to get this show on the road? Our guide on how to find a quality designer might help.

Launch your new logo

Got your fantastic-looking logo? Congratulations! Now there is one final step, which is to integrate your new logo.

Nailing your logo launch needs to be a carefully executed operation like designing the logo in the first place. Spending extra time to think things through is recommended.

Send high-quality versions to your employees, change your profile pics, or go all out and throw a reveal party. Follow these steps for a successful logo change:

  1. Make a checklist of every place you can find your logo. Carefully think this through, as not changing your logo everywhere at the same time can result in confusion.
  2. Make the logo changes to any stationery and other material items first. This may take a little longer, so it’s best to put this in motion straight away.
  3. Don’t rush the launch. Make sure you drop plenty of hints to grab your audience’s attention.
  4. Get creative! Ask your designer to make a flashy video that introduces your new logo or host a sharing action on your social platforms.

A well-thought-out launch can mean the difference between creating excitement or just a lukewarm acceptance.

After going through the rollercoaster of carefully crafting the best logo for your company, it deserves all the cheer it can get.

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Guest Writer: Simone Timmers

February 23, 2022

Simone is a writer, dividing her time between native Netherlands and 'home away from home' Malawi. Whenever not stringing words together, she's either on her yoga mat or exploring any off the beaten track she can find.