Where to Find the Best Graphic Designer for Your Project

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Find an Outstanding Graphic Designer for Your Project
Graphic design

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Where to Find a Quality Graphic Designer

Graphic design
January 25, 2022
11 minutes


Many people are skilled in graphic design, but most of them specialize in particular fields of design, and understanding what type of graphic designer you need and where to find them is crucial if you want to make the best choice for your new hire.

Today, we can’t imagine running a company without using graphic design to illustrate the brand’s visual identity or design the company’s products. Graphic designers are specialized professionals who create visual elements to communicate with a target audience or the general public.

When hiring graphic designers, marketing professionals or business owners have to determine the scope and the specific aspects of the graphic design work.

What does a graphic designer do?

When you think of graphic design, do you think of visually stunning advertisements in magazines? Eye-grabbing graphics on social media? Or maybe the first thing that pops into your mind is a clever logo design?

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While these examples all fit under the definition of graphic design, the term covers much more. Graphic design includes a wide range of visual products: websites, printed materials, book covers and illustrations, mobile apps and icons, software interfaces, and much, much more. Even the road markings and airport signs we all take for granted can’t be imagined without graphic design.

oh.my Credit: Szilárd Szabó

Why do you need a graphic designer?

Graphic design is visual content that communicates ideas through imagery, typography, color, and form. There are different types of graphic design, each with its own area of application. Understanding the features and attributes of each type will help you decide what skills to look for in a graphic designer before you hire one for your project.

Before hiring a person to fulfill the graphic designer role in the team working on your project, it’s crucial to clarify why you need one. Choosing a designer simply because you find their style captivating doesn’t mean they will have the skills to create the specific graphic design elements you need.

Types of graphic design

It’s crucial to clarify what type of graphic design you need before you even dive into any graphic designer portfolio or designer platforms. Even though researching which talented professionals have placed their graphic designer resume online can help you find prominent graphic designers, it won’t help you determine if they are an excellent fit for your project’s requirements. A graphic designer is not a person who knows how to make a design in general, but a specialist in a specific field of graphic design, who can develop specific visual elements to play particular roles.

Do you need a website? Good, hire a web designer, not a graphic designer who is excellent at designing logos.

We’ve prepared a shortlist of various forms of graphic design and their fields of application to help you determine what to look for in a graphic designer, depending on your project’s visual and technical requirements.

Visual identity graphic design

A brand is a link between the company and its audience. The brand identity shapes the recognition and people’s perception of the company or how it identifies itself. Thus, visual identity is the general term that describes the brand’s personality and tone.

When designing a visual identity, the designer’s job is to create the elements that illustrate the brand’s personality through colors, shapes, and images. Once the visual identity graphic design has been established, these elements act as the face of the brand.

oh.my Credit: ErvaDesign

Where would you need visual identity graphic design?

  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Fonts and typography
  • Shapes and patterns
  • Brand book

Marketing and advertising graphic design

Graphic designers create different types of visual assets, essential to executing a marketing strategy. In the past, this type of graphic design was print-centered, while today, it includes digital assets for content marketing and digital advertising.

oh.my Credit: Ivan Zimmermann

Where would you need marketing graphic design?

  • Magazine and newspaper ads
  • Digital ads
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Banners and billboards
  • Infographics
  • Brochures
  • Vehicle branding
  • Menus
  • Social media graphics
  • Graphics for websites

User interface graphic design

UI design is the layout and all visual elements intended to help users interact with software or a device. This type of design is focused on the user’s visual experience that depends on the illustration of the elements seen on the screen or the product.

oh.my Credit: Natalia Veis

Where would you need user interface graphic design?

  • Websites
  • Software
  • Mobile apps
  • Physical products

Packaging graphic design

Virtually any product you buy needs some form of packaging. This type of design does not only protect and prepare the product for storage, distribution, and sale, but it also communicates with the consumers. Packaging design is a valuable marketing tool.

oh.my Credit: George Probonas

Motion graphics design

As the term suggests, motion graphics are moving images - essentially animated graphic design. Designers have created motion graphics since the birth of cinema, and today one can’t imagine any movie, TV program, or advertisement without motion graphics design.

Typically, motion graphic designers specialize in this form of graphic design, as they work with particular software used to create animated footage.

Opening title sequence for Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

Where would you need motion graphic design?

  • Animated ads
  • Presentations
  • Promotional videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Animated logos
  • Apps
  • Video games
  • GIFs

Publications graphic design

Traditionally, publications have been a print medium. However, today digital publishing is predominant for all long-form media. Although the media has changed, the essence of publication graphic design remains the same. A graphic designer works with editors and publishers to develop layouts, typography, and imagery for publications.

Where would you need art and illustration publication graphic design?

  • Newspapers
  • Newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Books

Art and illustration in graphic design

Fine art, decoration, or storytelling illustrations, typically are not considered a graphic design. However, these elements are so widely developed for commercial use that it’s impossible to think about one without the other.

Creating art and illustrations no longer mean just putting pencil to paper with today’s digital technology. Many hand-drawn illustrations and other art forms get imported and amended using digital and graphic design tools to create the final product.

oh.my Credit: Tim Probert

Where would you need art and illustration for graphic design?

  • T-shirt design
  • Graphic patterns for textiles
  • Stock images
  • Graphic novels
  • Comic books
  • Album art
  • Infographics
  • Technical illustration
  • Concept art

Environmental graphic design

A custom design can make a physical space more exciting or easier to navigate. Environmental graphic design shouldn’t be confused with interior design as it only focuses on the visual elements displayed on the interior or exterior.

oh.my Credit: Mobi Okoro

Where would you need environmental graphic design?

  • Office branding
  • Retail store interior design
  • Event and conference spaces
  • Murals

Is a jack-of-all-trades the best choice?

Even though the different types of graphic design sometimes overlap, each type relies on a specific set of techniques, skills, and in some cases, tools. For a designer to develop specific know-how to be successful and on-demand takes years of learning and experience.

Working with a single talented graphic designer with diverse skills to fulfill multiple tasks can be valuable as it can save you money. However, in most cases, specializing in one segment allows the designer to develop more advanced skills, resulting in high-quality designs.

On the other hand, a jack-of-all-trades type of designer will most likely be trained and experienced in only the basics of each type, technique, and specific software for graphic design.

Another drawback of working with a single graphic designer for multiple disciplines is that it will take more time to finish the project. Multitasking is not an option when you need a logo, business cards, a new website, or when you want to put your corporate visual elements on the walls of your offices. You need different graphic designers to work on these tasks.

Where to find a quality graphic designer?

Yes, yes… we all have that friend of a friend that has a cousin who can design like a pro. However, even if the cousin excels in graphic design, it’s good to know where to look for top-quality graphic designers for your particular project.

In today’s world of the internet and social media, there are so many places to look for a graphic designer that it’s almost impossible to cover them all.

Freelance graphic designer

You can check the numerous social media design platforms that showcase graphic designer portfolios, such as Behance, Dribbble, or even Instagram. If you don’t find the perfect designer there, at least you’ll see a variety of designs used across many industries that will help you create a design brief for your project.

Don’t forget to ask for recommendations. No graphic designer resume can guarantee a person’s punctuality or even if the projects showcased in their portfolio are authentic. Working with a perfect stranger, sometimes thousands of miles away from your hometown, is… well, they are a perfect stranger and are maybe thousands of miles away.

Here are some pros and cons of working with a freelance graphic designer:


  • Freelancers are cost-effective
  • They have flexible working hours
  • You can expect personal attention


  • The costs can rise in the long run
  • Nothing can guarantee you a quick turnaround time
  • They can disappear without prior notice
  • It’s possible you would have to hire more than one designer if you need multiple types of design
  • Can’t guarantee you agility and precision
  • No money-back guarantee

Design agency

Another option is to hire a design agency. While it will undoubtedly cost you more, the advantages of having an entire team of graphic designers and art directors at your disposal are invaluable.

If you have an established business and are looking for outstanding professionalism and quality service without having constraints on your budget, you can hire a design agency.

Here are some pros and cons of working with a design agency:


  • You can rely on multiple designers specialized in different types of design
  • Even if the assigned designer becomes unavailable, you have the assurance that your work is being carried on


  • Short-term costs are higher compared to working with a freelancer
  • Long-term costs are almost unaffordable for a startup or small business
  • Can’t guarantee you agility and precision
  • No money-back guarantee

What if you could get the best of both worlds?

Yes, you read this correctly. You CAN get the professionalism and versatility of a design agency while saving your financial assets for other expenses your project certainly has.

ManyPixels has an innovative business model that combines the low cost of freelance designers and the professionalism and high-quality customer service of a design agency.

Learn how to get started with our unlimited graphic design service

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We work with our custom platform that allows you to:

  • Submit and manage requests
  • Create multiple Brand Profiles
  • Communicate with your designer
  • Leave feedback directly on the graphics
  • Invite your team and collaborate together

If you know what type of design you want and can provide us with a creative brief, you can get quality designs in no time!

Here are some of the most popular requests we get on a daily basis:

  • Social media posts/ads
  • Custom illustrations
  • Banners and display ads
  • Presentations, ebooks
  • Simple landing pages

With our subscription-based system, you can take advantage of working with highly professional graphic designers at highly competitive rates. Here’s how we compare with freelance designers or design agencies:


Final thoughts

Finding a quality graphic designer can be a hassle. However, if you can distinguish the specifications of your graphic design project, you can at least understand what kind of graphic designer is best suited for the task.

Whether you decide to work with a freelance graphic designer, hire a design agency or subscribe to a design service, consider it a type of work where you need top quality.

Remember, graphic design is how your business communicates with your customers. Striking design will improve the perception of your brand and can have a significant impact on the development of your business!

In the end, no matter whom you work with, communicating ideas and expectations is a crucial factor for getting exceptional results. Do your research, define the goals, set the standards, write a concise brief and enjoy the journey of creating the best design for your project.

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Miodrag Magyar

January 25, 2022

An experienced creative talent with a demonstrated history of working in the advertising industry for more than 18 years. A strong creative writing professional with a special focus on creating content for marketing and social advertising projects. I have a Master's degree in Theater Directing. I love hiking, enjoy obscure music and European cinema. I am an avid fan of UFC!