Is Fiverr Legit? Look Out for These Red Flags to Avoid

Sounds too good to be true? Upfront payment required? Learn how to spot legit Fiverr gigs from potential frauds with these 5 unmistakable warning signs.

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August 23, 2023

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The internet is filled with scammers looking to make a quick buck, and freelancer platforms are no exception. So is Fiverr legit? For the most part yes, but here are 5 warning signs to help you spot potential scams. 

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular. There are manz good reasons to outsourceesign. But when it comes to finding the right person, it’s where things get tricky. 

Firstly, there are tons of potential candidates you’ll need to wade through. Next, even the most popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork attract their fair share of scammers.

So, is Fiverr legit? Yes, and there are 3 main reasons why it is.

1. FIverr has a vetting system.

Although Fiverr is free for anyone to join, it doesn’t mean that there’s no vetting system in place. First of all, identification verification is required, which includes submitting personal IDs or sometimes even video identification. Next, freelancers can also take skill tests to prove their aptitude in a certain discipline. Finally, the Fiverr has a tiered system that rewards freelancers with high job success rates and many completed gigs. 

2. Fiverr handles all payments and possible disputes.

If you’re wondering “how legit is Fiverr”, this will provide some comfort. Even if you fall prey to a scam, there’s a good chance Fiverr will prevent/reimburse any financial damage. Still, that doesn’t mean you won’t end up wasting a lot of time (and therefore also money) and not get any work done. 

3. Fiverr reviews provide additional credibility.

While it’s not impossible to fabricate reviews (friends and family members, reviews are generally a decent indication of how legit a Fiverr freelancer is. 

So, while for the most part you can rest assured that your Fiverr is legit, it’s worth looking out for some common warning signs of Fiverr scams. Let’s go through them one-by-one.

5 Red flags of Fiverr scams

Although Fiverr freelance jobs are, for many, a great way to make some extra cash, some people use it to scam you out of your money.

It’s never a guarantee, but you can try to avoid getting scammed if you tread carefully. Here are some red flags to look out for when going through advertised gigs on Fiverr:

1. Too good to be true

If you stumble upon a gig that promises simply unattainable results, it’s wise to move along. Think about a promise to double your social media followers in 5 days or a video that will go viral.


2. Wiring money upfront

When your Fiverr freelancer starts asking you to wire money upfront or bypass Fiverr as the middleman, it’s time to get wary. This is a great general rule to go by when doing business online.


3. Generic gigs

The first step in vetting your Fiverr freelancer is zooming in on the ad. You should check for false promises, as we mentioned earlier. But you should also check for the overall genericness of the ad.


If the language of the gig sounds a little too generic, try typing the first few lines into Google and see if anything comes up. Found the exact same gig advertised by a different account? Look for another seller.

4. Negative reviews

Luckily, most freelancers on Fiverr are tried and tested, meaning that others have left reviews. Always go through the reviews of a freelancer before hiring them.


5. Sketchy results

We’ll finish our list with the worst kind of scams: the ones where the real scam is the results. Unfortunately, these are the most difficult to identify upfront.


How to handle Fiverr scams

You may think you have all the armor so as not to get scammed. But the harsh truth is there are plenty of people out there who will do anything to make a quick buck. Scams are evolving, and scammers have become more and more clever with their ways.

Luckily, Fiverr is a legitimate platform, so there are a few steps you can take to either get your money back, or help ensure this particular person doesn’t run the scam on someone else again. 

  1. Gather evidence: Collect all relevant evidence of the scam, including messages, files, and any other interactions you had with the seller. This documentation can be valuable when trying to resolve the situation.
  2. Contact the seller first: Before you assume a Fiverr freelancer is a scammer, it’s best to approach them. 's possible that there might have been a misunderstanding or miscommunication. Give the seller an opportunity to address your concerns and rectify the situation. More often than not this will work out to everyone’s advantage.  
  3. Use the Resolution Center: Fiverr provides a resolution center where you can communicate with the seller to attempt to resolve disputes. This platform can be used to discuss issues, request revisions, or negotiate solutions.
  4. Request a revision or refund: If the work delivered by the seller does not meet your expectations or if you suspect a scam, you can request revisions or a refund. They might want to charge extra for additional revisions. You’ll need to decide whether this is a fair request, depending on the quality of the work submitted, and the quality of your briefing. 
  5. Contact Fiverr Support: If you're unable to reach a satisfactory resolution with the seller, you can contact Fiverr's customer support. Explain the situation, provide evidence, and ask for their assistance in resolving the matter.
  6. File a dispute: If the issue remains unresolved, you might have the option to file a dispute with Fiverr. This can lead to a more formal investigation into the situation. Fiverr's support team can guide you on the steps to take.
  7. Report the scam: Fiverr takes scams and fraudulent activity seriously. Report the incident to Fiverr's support team so they can take appropriate action against the seller if necessary. 
  8. Contact the payment provider: If you paid for the service through a payment provider (such as PayPal or a credit card), consider reaching out to them if you're unable to resolve the issue through Fiverr. They might be able to help with disputes or chargebacks.
  9. Learn and be cautious: While Fiverr is legit, it's important to remain cautious and informed when hiring freelancers. Look for sellers with good reviews, complete profiles, and clear communication.

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