19 Creative Packaging Designs That Attract Attention

Get inspired to design your brand’s new food package with our list of amazing examples: from high-end to sustainable packaging, we cover it all!

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May 15, 2024

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The food industry is one of the biggest and most competitive in the world, so having eye-catching product packaging for your items is a must.

Creating a strong brand identity takes time and effort. You will need to develop your brand promise, values, vision, and of course, if you are in the food industry, your products. Once you’re ready to start distributing your food product to grocery stores and customers, you also need to think about creative packaging design that people will notice.

As with any other aspect of great branding, make sure that your food packaging design matches what your brand is all about. Your logo should be included in the packaging and label design, and be sure to use a color scheme and typography that are present in other branding aspects like social media or web design.

Here are some great packaging design projects to inspire you!


Modern and colorful product packaging

Color has long been considered the most important ally in creating effective food packaging design. People might notice an aggressive fuchsia product packaging design on the shelf, but if you’re a company that specializes in healthy food, they might ultimately turn to a design with a more natural color palette.

Use colors that match your brand’s visual identity and make sure that your packaging designer is attempting to create something truly new and original, rather than using a ton of bright colors for no obvious reason.

1. Little Melly Solids

We’re all used to seeing heaps of pastels with baby food brands, so this packaging design delivers an unexpected twist. The lovely bright colors are definitely eye-catching, but what’s exceptionally clever is that this design choice makes a lot of sense for this type of food packaging.

It’s proven that seeing bright colors and different shapes helps infants’ mental growth. This creative package design also uses texture to additionally make feeding time an opportunity to stimulate the baby’s brain.

little melly baby food packaging.jpg

We hope our list helped you find plenty of design inspiration! If you’re in need of packaging for your new products, or want to redesign your existing food packaging, remember that ManyPixels can help! Try our simple, inexpensive graphic design service risk-free!

By Mohamed Kamel

By Emily Enrica

By Yanko Design

By Martin Naumann and Andrias Martinaitis via Behance

By Monotypo Studio via Behance

By IWANT design via Behance

By Myles Cameron via Behance




By Giovani Flores via Behance

By Andrea Del Prete

By Muhammed Sajid via Behance

By I Am Riwan via Behance

2. Solid Gold Pet Food

If you’ve ever been lucky to have a pet, you know how these furry (or non-furry) friends truly become like family. It’s no surprise then, that many pet owners go out of their way to provide their pets with the best food possible.

This pet food company produces “holistic” food with a range of nutritious options for cats and dogs. The gorgeous packaging immediately shows that this isn’t your average pet food, found in any grocery store. It speaks perfectly to the target audience of people who want nothing but the best for their animals.

solid gold dog food packaging.jpg

3. Country Chocolates

Some chocolate purists might claim that 70% cocoa mass is the very least a good quality chocolate should have, but personally, I always preferred the rich milk chocolate which Switzerland and Belgium are famous for.

This creative chocolate packaging design celebrates the different cultures that are known for producing chocolate, with vibrant, colorful illustrations. The elegant logo design fits perfectly with the stunning packaging, as the typography adds a touch of class to the illustrations.

country chocolate packaging.jpg

4. Santo Stefano Water

Chocolate packaging might seem an obvious choice for playful, colorful designs, but how about water? It’s common for this type of beverage packaging to use minimalistic design, colors like blue and white and a crisp layout, so this limited edition packaging is truly an amazing piece of design inspiration.

The project was created for the company’s 50th anniversary and a series of activities related to spreading awareness on the more conscious use of water. So, this striking colorful design, yet again serves a double purpose: it attracts the customer’s eye, but also reminds us of more sustainability in water production and consumption with this gorgeous package design you are definitely not going to throw away!

san stefano water packaging.jpg

5. Milko

Since we’re on the topic of creative beverage packaging, here’s a milk package that’s anything but your traditional illustration of a cow happily grazing.

These funky milk bottles also match the different flavors that this milk can be found in. Interestingly, this packaging design project comes from a design student’s typography class project (and so created this very cool logo design). However, the overall design of these bottles is truly inspirational and definitely something that would catch your eye on the shelf of a grocery store.

milko beverage packaging.jpg

Food package designs with a twist

Getting your packaging design to look amazing and fit your brand isn’t an easy task, however, some graphic designers succeed in creating food packaging that’s both visually appealing and brings additional value to the consumer, with an extra cool or useful feature.

6. Pasta by the serving

We covered this example in our list of 15 creative packaging ideas, but it’s so unique that it’s definitely worth another mention. So many people struggle with portioning pasta, which is why this food packaging design is so ingenious.

By creating simple compartments, the designer turned this simple product packaging into a useful cooking tool. And although it’s got a minimalist design, this added value is definitely something that would attract a great number of buyers.


7. Boom Chips

If you grew up with siblings then you can appreciate how irritating sharing a can of Pringles can be when someone’s hand is blocking the way to the salty goodness for the others.

Well, the team of designers behind this creative food packaging design project found a way to solve that with a can that transforms into a bowl ideal for sharing.

boom chips pacakging.png

8. Wine bottle packaging with two glasses

This unique packaging design is perfect for picnics or even as a small housewarming gift to your friends who haven’t had the time to buy glasses yet. The minimalist design also makes this unusual idea quite versatile and a game-changer for beverage packaging.

wine bottle glass packaging.png

9. Gawatt coffee

The best food packaging often involves a degree of humor. Creating a design that people will want to share on their social media is a great way to increase sales and connect with your customers!

These fun coffee cups were created by Backbone branding agency for the opening of Gawatt coffee shop. By twisting the cup around the outer layer you can easily change the expression of the character, which makes for a cool instagrammable gimmick. The cyberpunk aesthetic matches the brand design perfectly, making these cups a lovely promotional asset!

coffee cup packaging.jpg

High-end package designs

Not every food brand is meant to be widely distributed and available for purchase in every supermarket. If your brand strategy is aimed at attracting a select number of high-end customers, then you should take extra care that your product packaging reflects the exclusive nature of your brand.

10. Liberty London Shortbread

Great food packaging can transform a simple food product into a beautiful gift. This design concept was made for a designer department store in London. The package design is therefore appropriately classy, reflecting the long tradition of this historic building in London.

biscuit packaging.png

11. Niche Tea

Tea and coffee packaging certainly has some of the most stunning and intricate product packaging in the industry. Oftentimes, these detailed designs are meant to reflect the layers of the taste that these high-end products offer.

Niche wellness tea is definitely one such example since these stunning tea containers are definitely something that you will keep once you’ve used up all the tea. The design studio behind this branding project created a unique design for each type of blend that the company has created. The designs are abstract and totally unique without being overly reliant on traditional imagery of flowers and plants.

niche tea packaging.jpg

12. Mies honey

As a food product, honey really lends itself to a luxurious high-end package design. The stunning gold color of this healthy food often makes a gorgeous background for great graphic design.

This corporate design uses a simple, yet exceedingly elegant label design to signal the luxurious nature of the product itself. The elegant logo design, which is the company name in elegant typography, stands out against a range of different honey hues.

mies food packaging.jpg

13. Laroche Chocolate

Chocolate can be a fun children’s treat, but also a lovely gift for someone special. This food packaging mockup transforms simple bars of chocolate into amazing artwork.

The pastel colors immediately draw the eye, but also make a perfect wrapping for these unique chocolates sprinkled with fruits and nuts.

laroche cholocate packaging.jpg

14. Gelato Fiasco

Ice cream is also often packaged in brightly colored containers with playful characters that appeal to kids. However, ice cream is enjoyed by many adults, so creating a more exclusive food brand with this product can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

This gorgeous ice cream shop packaging was created by Louise Fili design studio. The new look is a major step up from previously used takeout-like containers. This gorgeous food packaging fits much better with the brand identity that prides itself on bringing high-quality ice cream from the best ingredients.

gelato fiasco ice cream packaging.jpg

Sustainable packaging materials

Sustainability is a major design trend right now with a big shift towards reducing plastic waste and using more recycled materials in package design. In fact, 67% of Americans prefer paper or cardboard packaging to other materials.

Whether or not sustainability is part of your brand strategy, giving this cause some thought isn’t just the responsible thing to do; it could also help you win over potential customers.

15. Butter better

Plastic is a useful and versatile material that isn’t always easily substituted with more eco-friendly alternatives. However, this creative design demonstrates how sustainability is often tied to thinking outside the box.

Not only did the designer substitute the usual plastic butter knife with a pretty wooden one, but it also acts as the lid for the single-serving box ideal for travel and picnics!

butter packaging.jpg

16. Paper noodles packaging

Instant ramen can be a real lifesaver for people who don’t have time to cook. But the reality is that the convenience of this particular food product means it’s often packed in plastic packaging.

This design concept envisions using paper pulp that’s biodegradable and microwave safe, so that it still retains all the convenience and functionality of this popular instant meal, with the added value of being environmentally friendly!

noodle packaging.png

17. Gurmedenal

This online organic food store shows you that sustainable packaging can also look great! Their mission is to connect consumers with the source of the food and bring the freshest, organic produce.

Creating packaging for recyclable and reusable materials is an intrinsic part of their brand strategy, but the graphic designer behind their branding also made sure the food packages also looks sleek and professional and matches their fresh and colorful brand.

organic food packaging.jpg

18. Gather coffee

Coffee packaging usually involves paper or even plastic foil, but in our homes, we usually keep coffee in some sort of an airtight container.

So this design company had the brilliant idea of cutting out that extra step and creating a coffee packaging that you can simply take home and use immediately. It was created for Almanac Coffee and envisioned as a special holiday blend that you can also share as a nice present.

gather coffee packaging.jpg

19. Momen

Sandwiches are often packed in cheap, plastic wrapping; however, paper which is much more eco-friendly makes a great alternative.

This great food packaging project was created for the launch of new products for a chain restaurant called Momen in Cairo. The funny characters are appealing to younger audiences including kids, but the nice graphic design (which takes inspiration from cubism) is something that older target audiences would probably like to share on social media.

momen sandwich packaging.jpg

Get inspired to design your brand’s new food package with our list of amazing examples: from high-end to sustainable packaging, we cover it all!

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