16 Burger Logos Designed to Perfection

From creative burger icons to quirky mascots, our list of logos will give you plenty of ideas for creating a modern and cool logo for your burger bar.

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May 16, 2024

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Medium or rare, these burger logos are all really well done and a great source of design inspiration for your own burger joint.

The world’s most famous sandwich has a very distinctive shape that’s certainly inspired a number of logo designs and burger icons. This might even be something you can find with free logo templates online, but remember that creating something custom and original is a must for any good fast food restaurant branding.

Here are some wonderful examples to get your creative juices flowing (warning: some of these big burger PNGs might also make you very hungry!)


Retro burger logos

The famous American burger is of course most often associated with the 1950s aesthetic, rockabilly and classic diners serving the best burgers you could ever wish for. Of course, this retro style is a big favorite in the fast food industry, but there are a few more interesting options you can consider.

1. Burger zone

Let’s start with a burger logo design that’s very on the nose: the first thing you’ll notice here is this chubby cheeseburger that immediately makes you crave this famous sandwich. It’s done in a cool 1950s retro style, but with a modern twist since the details on the burger icon are minimal. The pop of color is also another great contemporary nod with trendy purple and salmon pink.

2. Burger Brother

This retro logo is incredibly cool since it doesn’t use too many elements to deliver that old-timey feel. It’s a great testament to the simplicity of good design since you could easily imagine this vintage-looking burger logo on a classic American diner, as well as the contemporary hip burger shop in Seoul to which it belongs. The simplicity of this logo makes it very easy to incorporate into almost any business card or menu design (which is always helpful if you want to save up and use some free design templates for these kinds of materials).

3. Zeplin Burger and Wrap

Not all retro burger logos have to stick to a mid-20th century aesthetic. This cool burger restaurant logo uses an illustration of a zeppelin which is commonly associated with the turn of the 19th century. It’s very cool and vintage looking and would also make a wonderful hipster craft beer logo.

4. Crush Burger

This burger branding project is heavily influenced by the 1960s aesthetic. The groovy lettering paired with a simple burger flat icon is given a more modern twist with this trendy purple and orange color palette. If you like all things retro, make sure that your logo idea isn’t just a copy of old designs but a hamburger logo that will appeal to modern audiences as well.

Crisp and modern burger house logos

Burgers are timeless food for young generations, so it’s no surprise that some burger restaurants have particularly modern logos. These are often characterized by a minimalist aesthetic that’s appealing to modern audiences but maintaining the casual nature of a good fast food logo. Here are a few examples to give you some design ideas.

5. Bem Bom

A combination of typography and simple flat icons is something that you’ll find with royalty free online logo maker templates, but doing it right means that the logo design will fit your brand perfectly. This burger house has a cool name that fits perfectly between two burger patties to create the image of a rather big burger and a tasty logo design.

6. Carnivale Burgers

The lovely illustration found on this burger logo is present throughout the branding concept. The simple, pencil illustration style is lovely and versatile, appropriate for a range of different uses from social media to creative food packaging. (If you’re a fan of illustrations, make sure to check our free gallery with vector illustrations; you can always go through every next page or use filters to find something specific!).

7. Samo Burgers

This modern company logo design uses the beginning letter of the restaurant name to create a burger icon. It’s simple, yet very unique and something you definitely couldn’t achieve with royalty free logo maker templates. This logo design enforces the brand identity and really makes you crave a delicious, big burger.

8. Fries & Guys

Since french fries are such an integral part of a great burger-based meal, they can also be a great source of inspiration for burger shop logo design.

This burger logo design is actually a simple wordmark accompanied by simple lines and shapes that represent the many variations of simple french fries (curly, crinkle, or chunky). The brandmark is two simple shapes that incorporate these geometric elements and line art and would make a great detail to include on business cards or custom stickers for this burger shop.

Cool logotypes

Sure, Burger King’s burger logo is terrific and memorable, but don’t forget that the granddaddy of them all (McDonald’s) opted for a simple logotype. Wordmarks and lettermarks can make great choices for restaurant logos, including burger restaurants since even these usually don’t serve just one type of food (at the very least, you’ll offer sides like french fries or alternatives like hot dogs).

9. Burgermeister

This Berlin burger bar’s name is a clever wordplay since the German word Burgermeister also means mayor and well… “burger master”. They use the gothic script typography, which was characteristic for official documents in Germany in the old days. This design choice makes a terrific contrast to their low-key and very casual dining experience (one of their burger shacks is located in what used to be a public toilet).

burgermeister  burger logo

10. Patty & Bun

Before burger bars became the “next hot thing”, Patty & Bun had already had an established reputation of “pop up” burger shops and food trucks at festivals, events, and the like. The sleek logo design together with a brand mark featuring the letters P and B is the foundation of the brand’s fresh new identity. As the design agency behind this project states, “The neat circular graphic device serves a myriad of applications that include social media avatars, menus and packaging, all produced in an intentionally ‘lo-fi’ way that aids the communication of the craft element of the product.”

patty and bun burger logo 1

11. Rango

Another way to spot a custom logo over an edited version of a free template file is custom lettering. Sure, you can try to experiment with downloading an editable EPS or PSD of a free logo template and adding your own choice of typography. However, ultimately this might not make the best logo (your choice of font might not match the graphic portion of the logo), and secondly, the end result might not be very original if you opt for using a very common or widely available font.

This concept is a very simple wordmark with stunning custom lettering that feels just right for this company logo. The color palette is youthful and would make a perfect match for a casual burger restaurant or food delivery service (imagine the excitement of getting such colorful food packaging with a tasty cheeseburger waiting on the inside!)

12. Call Me Burger

The development of the food and restaurant industry often means creating a new twist on popular dishes including the simple hamburger (I feel like everything was “deconstructed” for a while). That’s why this burger house logo and branding concept is a great example of making a statement with your hamburger logo. It’s not gourmet or hamburgers, it’s a plain old burger and this funky and bold sans serif logotype is here to deliver the message.

Mascot logos

Although McDonald’s doesn’t have their mascot Ronald on the logo design, everyone is familiar with the yellow and red clown (which always creeped me out a little bit and still does). The thing about mascot logos is that you need to strike the right balance between something too intricate that might not look good across all uses, and something way too simple that fails to achieve that fondness and relatability effect, which so many good restaurant and food logos do (for example KFC and Pringles).

Here are a few contemporary examples that you should take notes from.

13. El Chancho

This cool redesign of a Brazilian fast food restaurant logo is a great example to start with. Their new logo replaced the previously side-facing pig with a “portrait” of a piggy looking just a little bit badass. This is an obvious choice since they specialize in pork sandwiches, but the overall aesthetic really fits the urban and hip nature of this street food restaurant. They paired the mascot with a cool, Western-style font.

el chancho burger logo 1

14. Libardog

This Colombian fast food restaurant specializes in traditional variations of burgers, hot dogs and french fries made with the owner's original salsa recipe. Their modern logo has a retro feel fitting to the long-standing tradition of this restaurant and the smiling face of the owner, Libardo Suta.

15. Amassadinho

Ok, so for most of us fast food is somewhat of a guilty pleasure. You can claim that your burgers are somehow healthier than the rest, or fully embrace this “naughty” side of the popular dish.

This is exactly what the graphic designer behind this logo concept had in mind when he created this playful little devil, looking ready to serve up the best burgers. It’s a terrific mascot logo since it’s still fairly simple (only 2 colors are used) but has a very distinct expression and creates a very believable character. The typography is also terrific since the funky retro font fits perfectly with the overall playfulness of the design.

16. Botero Burger Lab

This burger restaurant logo has a very simple vector illustration for their logo, that is inspired by the work of Fernando Botero, a famous Colombian artist (and if you’re not familiar with art history, you definitely know his work from the y tho meme.

The chubby creations of this artist make a perfect source of design inspiration for any food logo. The great thing about this burger joint’s unique logo is that it’s still modern and minimalistic, but delivering the “cute effect” of a chubby-cheeked person munching on a large burger (the closer I get to the end of this article the more I wish that person were me).

It’s a great example of celebrating the cultural heritage of your country while creating a sleek fast food logo that modern audiences will respond to!

Want more fast food restaurant design ideas?

If our selection of burger logo designs tickled your fancy for more delicious ideas, make sure to check out our article on pizza logos.

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